February 25, 2015

Oiling it up with V05

If there is one thing I can’t express enough is the importance of hair care. Hair, just like our skin, plays a big role in our overall health and appearance. As a stylist I understand it can be hard to get to the salon as often as we would like so I have a solution that will help in between salon visits.



V05 Hot Oil Therapy is a product I recommend for those last minute treatments. The beauty of the V05 treatment is it only takes 1 minute. That’s right 1 MINUTE!!! Only thing, just make sure you do not over go one minute. (be sure to always read the instructions) This is a treatment that will help restore brittle, dry over processed hair in just one use. Just like the oils in our skin, hair has natural oils but in times need a little added boost. Another plus side with the V05 Hot Oil Therapy is it will add incredible shine and manage those pesky split ends.

Ever wonder what V05 stands for? I just found out that V05 stands for 5 essential vitamins.

So if you need that one minute to yourself, do something you will love with V05 Hot Oil Therapy treatment. Check out www.V05haircare.com to find were you can get your own.

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