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January 5, 2015

HSB baby basket

Baby Basket

Baby Basket

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January 5, 2015

Mongram your New Year

It’s a New Year, Make it all about You with monogram stationery and home decor.  Monogram is a centuries old art that adds a special personal touch when writing a letter or thank you note to someone that you love or by using monogram pieces around your home. This segment for IndyStyle TV is all about how to utilize Monogram items to personalize your home or to write a heartfelt handwritten note. I would love to hear your feedback and any creative ideas that you have to share. Enjoy and Happy New Year!

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 10.20.30 PM

Click Photo to view Monogram show segment with It’s a Glam Thing Host Julee Ireland

Thumbprintz Square Monogram Pillow $25

  1. Pillows are an inexpensive way to update and add color to any room in your home.
  2. Reversible double sided print for indoor and outdoor use.
  3. Chic pattern available in most letters of the alphabet
  4. 100% polyester
  5. Water repellent and mildew resistant
  6. Easy to spot clean

Monogram Metal Wine Cork Wall Decor $15

  1. Unique Wall Décor
  2. Ideal for wine enthusiast
  3. You can purchase other letters to spell out a word on your wall
  4. Ready to hang, no assembly required
  5. Makes the perfect unique gift for any occasion

Jonathan Adler Monogram Lucite Block Initial $195

  1. Monogram Lucite Block Initial by Jonathan Adler
  2. Modern update to the traditional Monogram style Lettering
  3. Available in all 26 letters of the alphabet
  4. Unique screen print artwork that is suspended between two blocks of Lucite
  5. Beautiful decorative piece of art for your home or as a special gift for family or friends!

Monogram Kate Spade Correspondence Cards $24.95 (set includes 10 cards with lined envelopes)

  1. Everyone should have a set or two of correspondence cards at your fingertips for times that call for a handwritten thank you card or heartfelt note.
  2. Classic design with Gold Monogram initial on the front and Kate Spade polka dots on the back.
  3. Chic lined envelope in black and white stripes
  4. Makes a great gift
  5. Available online and in over 180 Papyrus locations in the US and Canada

 Monogram Punch Studio Pocket Notepads $4.95

  1. The pocket notepads by Punch Studio are available in a variety of fun colors and patterns.
  2. Small and compact so it easily fits in your purse or bag
  3. Perfect for reminder notes or lists
  4. Makes a great gift or party favor
  5. Available online and in over 180 Papyrus locations in the US and Canada

DIY for Under $20

No Sew Monogram Burlap Table Runner

supplylistburlaprunnerStep 1. Purchase pre-cut Burlap table runner and a Black Sharpie Pen from your local craft or fabric store

Step 2. Print your initial of choice scaled to your desired size from your printer

Step 3. Tape your initial to a flat, dry surface and lay your burlap fabric on top. Tape sides to keep it from moving.

Step 4. Use your black sharpie pen to trace your letter onto your Burlap Fabric

Step 5. Enjoy your beautiful new table runner.


Tip: You can also purchase pre-made burlap decorative ribbon and use a glue gun to adhere it to the sides of your table runner for an added touch.

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January 4, 2015

Pictures on the Set of Good Day Carolinas

Good Day Carolinas

Good Day Carolinas

With model

With model

Model on Good Day Carolina

Model on Good Day Carolina

With the models on Good Day Carolinas

With the models on Good Day Carolinas

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January 4, 2015

2015 Fashions on Good Day Carolinas

Today I presented my 2015 Forecast for Men and Women’s fashions.
On Good Day Carolinas
Watch the segment here:

Models Hadleigh Painter, Katie Bacon and Stephen Mull showed this year’s clothing and accessory trends including designs from:

Lace and Whiskey (women’s clothing)

Lola Shoetique (women’s shoes)

SILVERFLY (men’s fashion), Charlotte’s destination for polished & reinterpreted menswear classics, including clothing, shoes & accessories. The specialty shop opened up in 2012 at The Metropolitan in Midtown. SILVERFLY offers a sophisticated take on urban living.

Here’s what Stephen wore:

Light Blue Stripe button up dress shirt –Sand of Copenhagen– Clean look, sophisticated, blue buttons blue stitching ribboning from the collar to the hem & on cuffs. The buttons & ribbon really dress up a shirt. It has a very flattering athletic fit. ($180)

Jacket –7 Diamonds– Patch Pocket unstructured Blazer Sophisticated but yet polished and versatile. You can wear with slacks or dress down with jeans. ($275)

Grey Slacks – 7 Diamonds – Modern fit grey slacks. No pleats, fitted, more tapered and better fitting around the legs. A steal at $89

Brown Wingtips –Dahlin– Italian Leather wingtips, Brown is in no matter what color you wear. Match brown belt with brown shoes. ($325)

Socks –Happy Socks– A way to show a little style and dress up the shoes. Another way of stepping out of the crowd and having some fun with style. You can get as crazy as you want with socks! There are a lot of different colors and patters for everyone!

Beaded Bracelet –Charming by Camille Marie– accessories for men are a great way to complete an outfit and show some style. Can be very masculine and lots of options for jewelry. ($55)

Thanks to all of the suppliers and models!

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January 3, 2015

The Perfect Travel Partner from Down Under


By Lisa Gal

Did you know that low humidity and pressurized cabins on airplanes can make for dry, flakey skin? Aviation Hydration to the rescue! Their unique blend of ingredients brings up to 8 hours of hydration in a handy pocket sized tube. This multi-active moisturizer contains anti-oxidants, nut, seed and plant extracts with 16 certified organic ingredients including Jojoba, Mandarin Orange and Lemon peel oil.  Your skin will be sure to thank you. As a special bonus, Airline staff receive a 30% discount on any purchase of 4 or more tubes. The travel weary 2016 Golden Globe Nominees and guests staying at the Four Seasons Hotel will all be gifted a tube in their Hollywood Swag Bag, so they can soften and hydrate their face and hands so they will be award show ready. Also available now, Aviation Hydration Lip Balm! Click here for more information.

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January 3, 2015

Be “mad” at your skin with Mad Hippie

2015 is fast approaching and that means its time for a new year new you! Am I right? Well as we all know it is very hard to stay true to some new year’s resolutions but I have one ideal resolution you simply will not be able to get enough of. Recently added to my skincare routine is the Mad Hippie Face Cream and Antioxidant Facial Oil which my skin cannot get enough of.

mad hippie

mad hippie

In the short 2 weeks I have used Mad Hippie Face Cream and oil, I noticed a great improvment in my skin. My pores are closed, its smoother and more toned. On top of that before Mad Hippie I never noticed how much my skin actually glowed. Neither one made my skin feel like there was any greasy residue. Mad Hippie is Genuine Flower Power to the max!

Mad Hippie is made with all natural antioxidant ingredients to help fight off free radicals and has no chemicals or synthetic fragrances. It is an all vegan line made in the USA and no animal testing. Your skin will just drink in the love and affection put into every product. Check out my video below on more info and how I use the product.

Learn more here:

Subscribe at:

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January 2, 2015


It’s the second day of 2015 and what can I say?

Happy New Year to all you beautiful people! 2014 was a wonderful year filled with change, experimentation, new friendships, learning and more. 2014 was definitely the biggest year of change in my life thus far. I graduated high school, my parents sold and moved out of my lifelong childhood home, I started my freshman year of college, moved to Santa Barbara and got straight A’s for my first quarter, I filmed “Spare Parts” in New Mexico, finished writing and producing my “Gravity” EP, created a Kickstarter project to successfully fund my “Gravity” music video, went on a big family vacation for the first time in years….just a few things on the list. 2014 was a wild adventure where most of the steps I took involved chance and learning along the way. The best thing that 2014 taught me was that change is okay and maybe even great for the soul! It challenges you to let go of a comfortable routine, step out of your comfort zone and forces you to reinvent your strategies, reinstate your confidence and allows you to be okay with possibly failing. There was no way for me to know how 2014 would end up, all I could do was truly live through every moment and find something new to excite me everyday. Change is inevitable as we all know and I was scared to let go of my childhood home, my close friends from high school, my usual daily routine, the safety net of a high school campus and everything I was used to! Living in a new place whilst at college, coming home to a different house and neighborhood than I had come home to for the past 18 years, changing up my daily routine, dipping my toes into new areas and putting 100 percent of myself in whatever it was I was doing, helped me realize what life is all about. It will always be scary to change up your so called “normal” lifestyle and try something new, but it truly is a magical thing. I have learned so much this year and accomplished some goals I had been passionately trying to conquer and I cannot wait for what 2015 has in store. More change, more learning, more experimenting and finding out what sparks my vitality as a human being. Not that I am the voice of reason, but don’t be afraid to allow for change to occur. It is a natural part of living that can enhance your life and show you what it means to be alive! I mean come on, I even tried coconut water and drank an entire bottle on the first day of the new year–crazy stuff is happening! HA

But seriously, allow yourself to explore and you will truly be experiencing life!

Love you guys! My movie “Spare Parts” comes to theaters in 14 days!!! JANUARY 16th CHECK IT OUT, it’s a wonderful true story that reaches a large audience! 🙂

MUCH LOVE and happiness for the new year,


Gravity Release Party :)

Gravity Release Party 🙂

On set of "Spare Parts"

On set of “Spare Parts”


My lovely manager and I!


Best family and vacation I could ask for <3

Livin' that college life

Livin’ that college life

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January 2, 2015

Smooth hair at home with Tahe

If you know someone in your life that has extremely frizzy, dry curly hair and are in need of a simple Keratin treatment then they need Tahe Botanic. Tahe Botanic is a Kerafusion Keratin Treatment you do in the privacy of your own home. Tahe Botanics comes with 5 treatments, shampoo and a deep conditioner.

Tahe log

Tahe log

Since the beginning, TAHE has been the leading force in the hair industry. Owned and operated by husband and wife team José Magaña and Purificación Pardo. These two hairstylists take took the business to the next level for the hair industry.

The TAHE Botanic Kerafusion treatment is applied to wet hair from root to end. When thourghly saturated do not rinse and style hair as desired. Enjoy beautiful smooth, straight anti-frizzy hair.
For more info on TAHE kerafusion visit

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January 1, 2015

New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year! How Exciting! This is the first day of the start of a new beginning. Here are some of the things that I live by and words that I hope will serve as inspiration for those who need it. Make it a great year. You deserve it!new year menu2

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