December 31, 2014

How you can transform your skin, wardrobe, hair and wellness in just 72 hours

All of us look to the New Year as a time to make changes in many aspects of our lives.  We’re giving you a twist on traditional New Year’s Resolutions.  We call this New in 72 – ways you can transform your skin, wardrobe, hair and wellness in just 72 hours.  It’s a beautiful and exciting way to kick off your 2015!

Skin care expert and Founder, President/CEO of Vertere Skin Care, Bethany Hilt, offers the following tips to see a visible difference in your skin within 72 hours:

Drink coconut water daily – Coconut water is not just a great hydrator due to its electrolyte content, but it also contains cytokines and lauric acid which are used in the process of cell growth and their regulation. Coconut water has significant anti-aging, anti-carcinogenic and anti-thrombotic properties which helps to minimize skin aging, balance PH levels and keep connective tissue hydrated.

Add a facial loofah to your cleansing routine – Regardless of the cleansing modality you’re currently using, whether it’s your hands or a Clarisonic, use a facial loofah gently once a day.  This boost of manual exfoliation can quickly eliminate dead skin cells and polish your skin to perfection.

Vertere’s Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF 15 – To build on the tips above and see a visible difference in your skin within 72 hours, use Vertere Skin Care’s Dramatic Transformation Cream SPF 15 daily.  A consumer test panel, beauty editors, bloggers and testimonials like this consistently report seeing a visible difference in their skin within 72 hours.

Celebrity wardrobe stylist Newheart Ohanian, who recently styled singer Estelle as well as spreads for Interview Germany, Vogue Taiwan and Elle Mexico, offers these pro principles for refreshing your wardrobe within 72 hours:

Create ‘uniforms’ in your closet

Organize your closet according to the staples of your ‘uniforms’

Make these items the staples of your ‘uniforms’ to create go-to look:

A little black dres

A crisp white shirt

Black blazer(s)

Cashmere sweaters

Tux trousers



Pencil skirts

Refresh your wardrobe with new key items and accessories such as a cashmere camel coat, ankle booties, a good military boot and stackable bracelets.

Celebrity hairstylist, Kozmo Fahringer, who has perfected the tresses of hundreds of models as well as celebrities such as Brooke Shields and Isabella Rossellini, relies on one go-to product to create a blowout that lasts 72 hours –  Phytovolume Actif.  Just spray it into damp hair, blow dry and style.  Your style will last for 72 hours without being crunchy.  Use dry shampoo on day three if necessary.

Marcia Camino, yoga expert and founder of Pink Lotus Yoga Studio, recommends three types of meditation that are lesser-known to create improved emotional and spiritual health within 72 hours.  These practices have shown to have a positive affect even after just one session, so practice one, two, or all three for three days straight and note the profound shift in your psyche:

Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep) – Yoga Nidra helps your mind and body relax deeply because your subconscious comes to the forefront and your analytical, judgmental mind falls away.

Yin Yoga – Here, we investigate postures held for several minutes each that not only open the body  for greater flexibility but also clears the mind by training the brain to ‘stay put’; necessary in our stressful world.

Freeform movement  –  At Pink Lotus Yoga Studio, we sometimes get out of our yoga minds and just shake it!  We turn on danceable music for several minutes and ask students to explore creating movement from the heart rather than the head and to enjoy themselves while moving. Moving/Dancing is one of the best meditations in motion around; it can bring on “ananda” (happiness).

Here’s to you making visible improvements to these aspects of your life in just 72 hours to kick off 2015 in a powerful way!

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