October 29, 2014

KMS California for Hair Your Way


Whether your hair is curly, thick, thin or frizzy, KMS California is up to the challange. With several different  hair types in my family, KMS California has something for each of us. I recently visited my daughter in college and noticed KMS California products on her bureau. I asked her what she thought about  the products, knowing that she is very fussy about the products she puts in her hair. I was relieved to hear that she loved them especially  KMS Tame Frizz. She likes products that control frizz and KMS Tame Frizz is working like a charm.

IMG_0245 - Version 3

KMS Tame Frizz does a great job controlling her uncontrollable frizzy hair especially when it’s raining, that’s when she needs it the most.  Tame Frizz also helps protect her hair from heat caused by her  blow dryer and flat iron. Tame Frizz is definitely a win win. She likes that you can apply Tame frizz to dry hair for extra control over those frizzy hair strands. She can’t wait to try the other KMS California frizz control products.


My daughter also told me I have to pick up more KMS Medium Hold Spray. “I really like it and I am using it all the time”. “It’s a great spray for the humidity and you don’t get that stiff  feel to your hair”. Your hair will feel extremely manageable and brushable. KMS Medium Hold Spray (in the blue can) also protects your hair from the heat. That is a big issue for her so she is happy with KMS California.
There are several Salons in New York City where she can pick up what she needs and to find a location near you, or simply get more information on other KMS Hair Care products, visit kmscalifornia.com
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