September 30, 2014



Picture this:  I am walking down a corridor to my boss’s office, slowly my thigh highs are creeping down my legs with each step I take. Embarrassing right? It gets worst! Trying to casually hold the band of the thigh high over my dress fabric while juggling a lap top computer and some files in hand, a co-worker decides to stop me and ask me a question. Yes, I am standing there, totally uncomfortable, sweating, holding on to my belonging and my thigh highs for dare life!  Question answered …. I ran as fast as I could into my boss’s office. Now my stretched-out, thigh high, elastic bands are resting just above my knees. Not a good look. Noticing my boss was not in his office yet, thank goodness, I figured it would be a good time to pull up and reposition my thigh highs.  So I stepped behind my boss’s desk, adjusting the stretched out thigh highs with my dress hem under my chin. Well, guess who walks in?  Needless to say, I was not fired but I left work early that day with bare legs and a mission to find a reliable pair of thigh highs!  AND I DID…. VienneMiano thigh highs!

After purchasing VienneMilano thigh highs, I decided to try them out before I wore them to work. They are very, very comfortable!  The double or triple silicone bands hold the hosiery in place on your upper leg, of course without the need of garter belts. The silicone bands work great for a gently fitting which adheres to your skin without pinching or squeezing your thigh, making it look like an unflattering “muffin top” effect. The silicone doesn’t let go unexpectedly so you have total confidence and don’t have to worry about embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, like you would with elastics thigh highs. I can vouch for that!  VienneMilano thigh highs are so reliable!   I love them!  The luxury, silky-to-the-touch feeling of the hosiery makes your legs feel sexy! Whether you want a silk, smooth look for a warm weather outing or you need an colorful, immaculate touch to your outfit, both are a truly sensational feeling on the skin. VienneMilano are better than pantyhose because the thigh highs have no uncomfortable waistbands to cut into your waistline like pantyhose or tights.  I hate the feeling of panty hoses because of the twisting, tightness around your upper thighs and stomach area. Vienne Milano stockings give your legs a flawless, smooth finish.  They shape your legs for a sexy, beautiful look. They actually make you feel sexy wearing them! I had never owned a pair of thigh highs or panty hose that lasted through three wears without running or sagging never mind falling to my knees.  My VienneMilano are still going strong even after several wears.

VienneMilano stockings are made from warm cashmere, silky soft microfiber and other luxurious, exquisite, Italian materials. VienneMilano thigh highs are not made with nylon!  I hate the nylon scratchy feeling on my leg and my feet.  Also you will love the packaging…..  VienneMilano stockings come in a sturdy, purple box, which is a great touch of elegance. I was impressed!  After using my stockings, I just returned my thigh highs to their box for protection from my wooden drawers where they might snag. An easy solution to organizing my collection of VienneMilano hosiery too!  VienneMilano products are made in Italy and they have some adorable and sexy thigh highs to choose from, not just the basic, sheer black.  So many styles and colors to choose from. They have sheer and light for every occasion wearing in late spring and early fall, perfect for work all year long (ISABELLA for example).  High denier which is medium for a thicker and warmer feel (CLAUDIA for example).  Then the very high denier which are for the coldest winter to keep your legs super warm (VIOLA or OLIVIA for example).  Thigh highs are not just for the bedroom anymore, you can wear them to work, a party, or to spice up a casual outfit.  VienneMilano are the best thigh highs you can buy!   A must-have!   Finally, I can walk into my place of work with confident, no embarrassing moments of losing my thigh highs!  To purchase VienneMilano thigh highs:  ONCE YOU TRY THEM, YOU WILL NEVER WEAR PANTY HOSE OR ANY OTHER THIGH HIGH BRANDS AGAIN.

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