September 26, 2014

Attention Nail Art Lovers! ​The Nail Art Gallery App is Here!

Nail Art Gallery

If you are looking for a user-friendly, virtual way to display your nail art, here is a solution you need to check out. The NAILS team created the Nail Art Gallery app, a portal to upload and share your work where you can also browse the art of others in search of inspiration and networking opportunities.

Currently available for iPhone users via the App Store, the Nail Art Gallery app is not only a social network for nail techs and nail art aficionados, it also serves as a tool to showcase your best manicures.

Join in on the fun by creating a profile, following other artists, and uploading all your nail art designs in one easy-to-share place. The app features a share tool which automatically adds your user avatar and a watermark to your designs when your image is shared by others.

Get it here:


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