July 28, 2014

Blend those Grays just a touch with TouchBack Plus

unnamedunnamed-1Thanks to TouchBack Plus Non Stop Color System, there is no need to panic when those pesky grays start to show.   Don’t have time to color your hair? Don’t have time for a salon appointment?  Relax, as long as you have your TouchBack Plus products on hand, those grays will be under control in no time.

The beauty behind TouchBack Plus is that  you choose your desired shade level, whether it be a Maximum Color Boost, or just a  Maintenance Treatment.  At TouchBackplus.com  experts will help you  choose the product that will work best for you.

I have been using TouchBack Plus Color Shampoo and Color Conditioner for a Maximum Color Boost, and I am achieving wonderful results.  I use the shampoo and conditioner right in the shower.   TouchBack Plus contains no amonia, peroxide or sulfates so there is no smell or messy cleanup, it’s the easiest way to touch up your hair and blend away the grays.

Another great feature TouchBack Plus offers is that their products help avoid color damage.   They contain  UVA/UVB sunscreens and antioxidants which help protect hair color.   I won’t be avoiding my pool this summer.  With TouchBack Plus, I can maintain my hair color and avoid color changes that can be brought on by chlorine damage.

Did I mention that TouchBack Color Leave In Conditioner can be applied to dry hair for an instant color boost, which is a great plus when there’s no time to shower.

TouchBack Plus also offers fade protection and  tones down the grays while leaving my hair vibrant and silky smooth.  TouchBack Plus will be a staple in my beach and travel bag.

Don’t let those grays ruin your summer….Enjoy your summer,  with a touch of TouchBack Plus!

visit www. Touchbackplus.com for complete product details and shop on their online store.


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