May 21, 2014

Freshen up with a Fresh Tip

Fresh Tips

Fresh Tips


Did you ever have one of those days when you want the world to see how happy you are and your breath prevents you from doing so? I know, we’ve all had those days. I assure you, all you need is a Fresh Tip, that’s it,  just a simple Fresh Tip will have you feeling fresh and confident and ready to face the world “up close”.

What is a Fresh Tip? They are disposable mouth fresheners that brush your teeth, tongue and gums and freshen your breath while on the go. They are sugar free and come in 2 fabulous flavors, peppermint and bubblegum.

I have been carrying my Fresh Tips in my handbag and they really have come in handy. Tooth brushes are not practical to carry around during the day and a Fresh Tip will help keep your breath fresh and your teeth clean at any time. Fresh Tips are especially helpful after meals when on the go. They even have a toothpick-like curve on one end for your convenience and absolutely NO water is needed!


Dr. Deborah Luis, founder of Fresh-Tips is a dentist and mom concerned about oral health. Dr. Luis, along with her husband Rene Luis, launched Fresh-Tips as a “fun and effective way to cure bad breath on-the-go

Dr. Luis recently told “It’s a Glam Thing”, “In addition to being a dentist myself I come from a family of dental professionals and I designed Fresh-Tips to be effective and not abrasive on teeth,tongue and gums. Fresh-Tips is made with xylitol, which we dentists love, because it helps reduce plaque in the mouth and helps fight cavities.”



Fresh Tips are easy to use, simply place one in your mouth and suck on the white mint like you would a lollipop. You can spin it, swirl it and toss it around in your mouth. They are fun and effective!

Fresh-Tips are designed to be non abrasive on your teeth, tongue and gums.  They are also made with xylitol, which dentists love, because Xylitol helps reduce plaque in the mouth and helps fight cavities.

Order your Fresh Tips today and don’t leave home without some.

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