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April 17, 2014

John Frieda Full Volume Blow Dryer offers 50% faster drying time with no frizz !

John Freida Blow Dryer


Again, probably for the one hundredth time, my blow dryer blew out.  So I was in the market for a new blow dryer.  Totally overwhelmed with all the blow drying appliances on the shelves in the stores, I decided to do some research.  I read in  “Real Simple” magazine, John Frieda Full Volume blow dryer was voted one of The “Best Hair Dryers” in 2014.  This lightweight blow dryer is my favorite.  It is high powered 1875 watts blow dryer with a strong air flow, a lightweight AC motor, and a high voltage advanced ionic generator.  It is easy to control with the 2 speed settings, 3 heat settings and a cold shot button. It comes with two concentrator nozzles and a diffuser, each nozzle is angled to a different degree:  Use one to lift, by directing air at the roots, and the other to dry ends and tame flyaways.  Use the diffuser to make natural looking waves by scrunching and grasping the hair between fingertips while blowing.

John Frieda Full Volume blow dryer has a high voltage ionic generator with more power that generates up to 50% more ions.  This ionizing function generates negative ions, which neutralize positive ions in the air.  The neutralization process flattens and smooths the hair cuticle, reducing frizz and leaving the hair shiny and healthy looking instead of drying the hair out.  This blow dryer has a 50% faster drying time even when using a lower temperature.  Infrared heat works on molecules inside the hair, drying it inside and out.  This fast and easy drying process minimizes heat damage and makes your hair less frizzy and eliminates static electricity.

Powerful lightweight AC motor provides up to 3 times longer life, so I won’t be purchasing another new blow dryer anytime soon!  Even a beginner can manage this lightweight John Frieda Full Volume blow dryer tool and use a style brush in the other hand for a salon-style blow out!   John Frieda Full Volume blow dryer created less frizz which equals increased light reflection and more shine!!!  Worth buying!

John Frieda Hair appliances can be purchased at Ulta, CVS and Best Buy

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April 17, 2014

Choosing a Mother’s Day Gift? Choose Teleflora, she will love it!


Sending flowers is such a thoughtful gesture. Receiving flower is simply amazing! I received my first Teleflora arrangement last Thanksgiving. The bouquet was gorgeous and served as the centerpiece on our dining room table. I was so impressed with the bouquet that whenever the the need arises, I call Teleflora. My son recently stayed at a friends house during spring break and when he asked what he should bring to his friends parents, I suggested a Teleflora arrangement and he did exactly that. He chose the Country Basket Blooms (shown below) and the recipients couldn’t have been more delighted.

Country Basket Blooms Flowers

Whether it is a Birthday, anniversary,  get well or anytime really, receiving a Teleflora arrangement will brighten anyone’s day. The hardest part about ordering from Teleflora is deciding which arrangement to choose.  Teleflora’s Pink Bliss, Enchanted Garden, Lavender Grace and Butterfly Serenity to name a few (all shown at top) are all spectacular pieces.


Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I can’t think of anything I would rather receive than a Teleflora arrangement. I love the Everything Rosy Arrangement. This unique arrangement, presented in a vintage rose tin includes a bouquet of light pink and hot pink fresh baby roses and ivy. Also tucked into this gift are 3 Citrus Rose scented spa goodies including body wash, hand & body lotion and a deluxe candle. Why not give it a little something extra and add a mylar balloon, stuffed animal or chocolates.

This is a perfect gift to give someone special this Mother’s Day and you have 3 sizes to chose from. All Teleflora arrangements are hand-arranged and delivered by a Teleflorist.

Visit and order your Teleflora arrangement today! Yes, they do have same day delivery and they have a live chat feature just in case you have any questions about your order.

Mother’s Day will be here soon so order your special Teleflora arrangement today.

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April 16, 2014

It’s Affordable, Be Beautiful With E.L.F Cosmetics


Who here loves makeup as much as me?! I swear I think I am a hoarder when it comes to this crazy collection of mine. I have always loved makeup, ever since I was little and played with my mom’s makeup while she was doing my hair.  When I go shopping I would rather shop for makeup than anything else.  I have almost every line you could possibly imagine placed somewhere in my house.  But out of all the brands I have and all of the ones I have tested, my most definite favorite is E.L.F. Cosmetics! E.L.F, which stands for Eyes, Lips and Face, is a cosmetics company based in NYC that prides itself in selling high quality, animal friendly makeup that is affordable.

I have always believed beauty should be affordable for everyone. Every woman should have the opportunity to feel beautiful inside and out, and with E.L.F every woman has a chance.  The very first day I used E.L.F I was hooked.  I am a color “junkie” meaning playing around eye shadows is my absolute favorite. I guess it’s a good thing I am studying to be a makeup artist  ( I will post some pictures soon) I have experimented with almost every color and with my E.L.F 150 Eye Shadow Palette you really can. That’s right 150 colors! If you’re not a makeup artist or have not worn a lot of makeup in the past, don’t freak out. E.L.F products come equipped with step by step instructions on the back of all their packaging so you can become your own makeup artist.

Not only does E.L.F  carry some of the best eye shadow pigments I have ever seen, they also carry foundations, concealers, makeup brushes, eye brow kits and so much more! I wish I could tell you about every single product E.L.F carries but we would be here forever if I did (just be sure to keep tuning back for more reviews on E.L.F).  In the meantime be sure to check out  for info on all their amazing products, where you can buy it and check out all of their promotions.  I can guarantee one visit to their site and you will be just as hooked as me.  

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April 16, 2014

Have You Checked Out Lisa’s Fave Finds

Check out this awesome pom pom bracelet from Dana Levy

dana levy bracelet


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April 15, 2014

Feel Sexy With Suave

Body oil is a favorite of many nowadays. I have met many people who say that after their shower they like to smother themselves in baby oil to give their skin a soft, supple feel. The only fall back i here is “it makes my skin feel very greasy”. With Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Dry Body Oil Spray you can get stunningly beautiful shine to your skin without that greasy after math.

suave professional

I used to use baby oil after my bath but ended up becoming extremely sensitive and just kept breaking out instead of giving me a nice soft feel.  When using Suave Professionals Moroccan Infusion Dry Body Oil, I didn’t break out, it made my skin feel and smell amazing and I did not have any greasy after math.  Who wants to feel like they just spent 2 hours at the gym right after stepping out of the shower. NOT ME!!! With the Dry Body Oil Spray no more nasty feel and added  incredible moisture. No more “thirsty” skin.

Suave Professionals Moroccan Dry Body Oil can be found in your local drugstores and you can also find it online. Check out the link below!

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April 14, 2014

Look Better Than Ever in the Shower with Cassani’s Fogless Mirror


Product Pictures always looks nice on the box but do the products work. I can tell you with certainty that Cassani’s Fogless Mirror works to perfection. We have one hanging in our shower right now and my husband  gave it a big thumb up. Cassani has improved their fogless mirror and it has a nice modern oval design. The new oval design gives the mirror added width and height to match the shape of your face including your  neckline.

The fogless mirror has a hole punch on the top and we have ours hanging on the hook at the bottom of our shower caddy.  It’s the perfect spot because all of our shaving supplies are stored there and you can check yourself out at a glance anytime you are in the shower. You can also lift the mirror right off the hook and change the location of the mirror at any time. The Cassani Fogless Mirror allows you  to shave and you can actually see yourself. Cassani’s Fogless mirror also includes two stainless steel adhesive wall mounts which will give you other hanging options. You can attach the mirror and razor on the wall mounts. If you are not completely satisfied, there is a  “Hassle-Free 100% MoneyBack Guarantee if you are not fully satisfied.” Cassani Fogless Mirror is definitely a “must-have” in the shower.


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April 14, 2014

Eliminate Oily Skin with BIOELEMENTS Skincare

I am a big fan of Bioelements. They have skincare products that meet everyone’s needs and skin types. When I received my Bioelements, the products chosen were based on recommendations from the Bioelements website It is very easy to do, and after answering some basic skincare questions, I chose products that were recommended for my skin type. This feature takes the guess work out of deciding what products works best for your skin type. My daughters have a completely different skin type then I do and I suggested Bioelements because they have a few products I wanted them to try that are recommended for their skin type which is oily skin.



  • Both of my daughters had great results with Bioelements Beyond Hydration and Bioelements Restorative Clay. These two products are highly recommended for oily skin. Bioelements Beyond Hydration is a clear gel and acts as a moisturizer while reducing the oils on your skin. Beyond Hydration is designed specifically to prevent moisture loss and binds needed moisture to the surface of your skin. It leaves your skin refreshed and soft. Beyond Hydration can be used both day or night and has key ingredients like Pro Vitamin B5 for hydrating and Phospholipids for water binding. Other ingredients include Peppermint to refresh, Rosemary which energizes, Sage is the astringent and Thyme calms the skin. Beyond Hydration applies easily and your skin will feel dry which is a fabulous feeling.

Restorative Clay

The girls are also using Bioelements Restorative Clay. I actually used this myself and I can honestly say, my skin felt fantastic afterwards and I don’t have oily skin. My girls also agreed that our skin felt smooth and dry . Restorative Clay is formulated for combination Oily to very Oily skin and it only takes 10 minutes onceor twice  a week for healthy, dry and soft skin. Simply apply the clay to your entire neck and face and leave the clay on for ten minutes. According to Bioelements, the clay “Visibly improves the look of pores. Its natural clay base works like a vacuum to absorb excess oil and dirt, while plant extracts smooth skin’s texture and improve hydration. Skin looks fresh, healthy and bright.”  The Key ingredient in Restorative Clay is Kaolin which Absorbs Oil. My daughters had great results with Restorative Clay and they love how their skin feels.

Visit Bioelements, and learn what your skin type is and try some of their products. You won’t be disappointed.




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April 14, 2014

Get The Look: Jessica Alba at the 2014 MTV Movie Awards

2014 MTV Movie Awards - Arrivals
INSPIRATION: Playful, Modern Hollywood Glam

GET THE LOOK: Celebrity hairstylist Davey Newkirk gave actress Jessica Alba glossy, simple loose waves for the 2014 MTV Movie awards red carpet tonight.

In order to recreate this look, follow these steps from Newkirk using products from John Frieda:



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April 14, 2014

Mother’s Day is right around the corner and Spa Sonic has some terrific deals for your mom’s special day!

Pretty soon you’ll need to start thinking about what to get your mom for Mother’s Day!

Here’s a great opportunity to purchase something that your mother will not only be able to enjoy each day, but the benefits for her skin will be something she’ll appreciate forever!



Used and recommended by spas and dermatologists, the Spa Sonic Face and Body Polisher is the essential first step in a healthy skin care ritual. The waterproof device can be used on both the face and body to deeply cleanse while removing impurities, exfoliating, tightening and minimizing pores. With four brush head attachments included, the Spa Sonic makes a great gift for every mom.

The Spa Sonic is available in :
* White
* Lavender
* and Pink

With the following three new colors debuting in MAY:
* Orchid
* Tangerine
* and Optic Yellow

Spa Sonic Mother’s Day deals can be found at the following :

TARGET ~ April 16th through May 12th:
* Spa Sonic – Regularly $54.99, on sale for $37.99 ($31% off)
* Face Effects (Cheetah, Zebra, Polka Dot) – Regularly $59.99, on sale for $49.99 (25% off)
* Dermalight – Regularly $169, on sale for $129 ($40 off)

WALGREENS ~ April 20th through May 12th:
* Spa Sonic – Regularly $64.99, on sale for $34.99 (46% off)
* Face Effects (Gold, Silver) – Regularly $59.99, on sale for $44.99 (33% off)
* Dermalight – Regularly $159.99, on sale for
$129.99 ($30 off)

DRUGSTORE.COM ~ April 20th through May 12th:
* Spa Sonic – Regularly $69.99, on sale for $39.99 (43% off)
* Face Effects (Gold, Silver)– Regularly $59.99, on sale for $45.00 (25% off)
* Dermalight – Regularly $159.99, on sale for $129.99 ($30 off)

Sonic Spa This is the gift that keeps on giving ! Each day your mom pampers herself in a relaxing “spa like” atmosphere in the privacy of her own home, she’ll think of you and your thoughtful Mother’s Day gift of SPA SONIC.

(Quoted and Paraphrased information in this PR-Article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact Sheet.)

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April 11, 2014

Have the most festive dessert table with Macaroons from Dana’s Bakery

Dana's Bakery

Dana’s Bakery

Spring is here and celebrations are in the air including Easter. With celebrations comes fabulous sweet treats, so why not decorate your table with Macaroons form Dana’s Bakery. Crème Egg, Marshmallow Peeps, and Chocolate Peanut Butter are this month’s one of a kind flavors, just in time for Easter that offer a new spin on the traditional dessert table treats. These festive mini desserts will truly have your dessert table looking spectacular.

Dana's Bakery

Dana’s Bakery

Peanut Butter Cocolate is the featured flavor this month and with Easter right around the corner, preorder your macaroons’s now. Dana’s Bakery Easter Box is available for pre-sale at  or 800.477.1816.

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