March 27, 2014

Learn the “Art of Fragrance Layering” with L’Occitane’s Neroli and Orchidee Collection


I’m a huge fan of L’Occitane and excited about L’Occitane’s new launch, an elegant fragrance collection for spring 2014 – The Neroli & Orchidee Collection, debuting alongside a unique, innovative, limited edition Fragrance Boosting Cream. L’Occitane has developed a routine that allows users to layer multiple fragrance products in order to achieve desired scent and longevity via the “art of fragrance layering.”

L’OCCITANE introduces the “art of fragrance layering”

The Provencal-way to layer your favorite scent to last from morning ‘til night…

Step 1: Begin the regimen with a scented Shower Gel or Soap

Step 2: Next, nourish and protect skin with a rich and hydrating body lotion like the new Neroli & Orchid Body Milk

Step 3: Apply the NEW Fragrance Booster Cream, which helps better lock in any fragrance that you spray on top

Step 4: Save the best for last! Finish the regimen with a few sprays of your favorite scent such as new Neroli & Orchid Eau de Toilette.

Visit to purchase your own Neroli & Orchid fragrance.

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