January 27, 2014

Europe: Rising Fashion Designers 2 will never go out of style on my book shelf!


For the person who has an interest in fashion and a love for books needs to own the latest volume of this popular series, Europe: Rising Fashion Designers 2.  It is an awesome, hardcover book filled with modern and up to date fashions for men and women created by young fashion designers.  Great illustrations and fun to browse through.  A great coffee table accessory.  Over 460 images that will inspire you and extinguish your imagination of creating future designs!  Expressive text illustrate the work of talented students from some of the best schools in Europe!  London College of Fashion, ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, Arnhem, the Netherlands, and Arts University College Bournemouth just to name a few institutions!  You will not be able to put this book down.  You will be impressed by the creativity, passion, inspiration, and drive these young fashion undergraduates have.  The sharp, brilliance photos show the color, material, texture and print in great detail!   I was overwhelmed with every page turned and you will be too!  The enthusiastic of each student’s creativity is amazing.  Whether in the growing business of fashion, a great fashion sense, or just curious of the future sighting of fashion, this book is a must to have!  It is enjoyable and easy to read!   Patrick Gottelier and his partner, Jane Gottelier, have written four books prior to Europe: Rising Fashion Designers 2.  I am certain I will be purchasing everyone of Patrick and Jane’s books for my own collection! Europe: Rising Fashion Designers 2 will never go out of style on my book shelf!

316582_1509945246407_1407569992_nLaurie Carcieri, Fashion Enthusiast

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