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October 2, 2013

Pucker up for a purpose, kiss for a cause!


Pucker up for a purpose, kiss for a cause! This October, Sensai by Kanebo will donate 15% of their Total Lip Treatment sales to The American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer®.

Sensai’s Total Lip Treatment ($68) helps promote collagen synthesis around the lip area. The luxurious balm works to repair rough, chapped lips while minimizing the appearance of fine lines. Lips are left feeling smooth and moisturized.

Contribute to Strides Against Breast Cancer by purchasing Sensai’s Total Lip Treatment at Bergdorf Goodman, 754 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY.


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October 1, 2013

MURAD Supports Breast Cancer Awareness and City of Hope


Did you know?

One in eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. For the 3rd year in a row, Murad is uniting with City of Hope and will donate 10% from the sale of its Hydrate for Hope set to benefit City of Hope’s breast and women’s cancers research, treatment and education programs.  The Hydrate for Hope set, which comes with a hot pink cosmetic bag, includes Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture that features a luxurious blend of super-hydrating ingredients that quench skin and restore youthful resiliency and tone, making it the most opulent moisturizer ever to appear in the Murad line.

Hydrate for Hope will be available in October on for $49.50 (a $65 value).

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October 1, 2013

Tone your facial muscles and feel fabulous with the Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner

BMR Facial Toner

Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner was mine for review these past 12 weeks and I was thrilled with the opportunity to try it. Bio-Medical Research is known for its expertise in muscle wellness and understands that what is beneath the skin defines the way you look. Educated in the art of improving the body from the inside out, the pioneer of at-home beauty technology has created a beauty device that has revolutionized the way we care for our face: the FDA-cleared Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner 

We are all looking for the perfect anti-aging cream and we are no different when it comes to anti-aging technology. Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner is a great alternative to expensive in-office treatments and facial creams.  Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner uses the same electrotherapy technology found in top spas and dermatologist offices. As we get older our facial muscles lose strength and weaken and no longer support the skin. Did you know that we have 21 facial muscles that control all of our expressions that make us who we are. It is important as we get older to keep the muscles strong and to do this we need to exercise the muscles. The Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner is the key to achieving this.

As you know, I was  chosen for the Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner review program for a 12 week period. I began my in-home treatments on June 20th and I am pleased to report that after 12 weeks, my experience with this product has been quite positive. Although the photos I took (see below) don’t  show a difference, I can see a difference  in my facial muscles when I look in the mirror. I also see a difference when I use certain facial expressions and when my face is situated in a different direction. It  is very difficult to capture these images in photos, at least it was for me.

The Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner has become routine for me and I do have a few recommendations before you use this product:

It is very important that you read and follow the Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner instructions precisely. I had no discomfort or complications with the device and it was  easy to use. The Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner comes with a 3 month supply of medical grade gel pads which need to be replaced each week. Make sure you replace the pads weekly or the electronic pulses you feel will not  be consistent, therefore it may be an uncomfortable session.

For those of you with long or bushy hair like myself, I found that by removing the protective layer on the gel pads after placing the headset around my neck, reducing the chance of my hair sticking to the gel pads. I also put the protective plastic back on the gel pads before removing the head set, this was the most comfortable for me. By using the Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner daily, (5 times a week is recommended) you will find tricks that work well for you.

I started my intensity level in the low 20’s and every day I added a number so by week 12, I was using intensity level 35. The intensity level goes as high as  90 but as you can see there is no need to go that high, I never went higher than 35. Stay at your comfort level with each use. Some days,the intensity level was higher than others, use your own judgment and make sure you are comfortable at all times. After the gel pads are placed on your cheeks (in the proper position), the electrical impulses start out very low. You can’t even feel them so please don’t think you will feel a strong shock when you turn on the control. It is every gradual and you  stop at your comfort level.

I am using the Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner 20  minutes a day for 5 days a week allowing for 2 days off as instructed. When I am using the device, I am able to conduct my daily household routine and the time passes very quickly.

When you order your Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner, (available in Black or White), The kit will include;

A Rechargeable headset-based delivery system and hand held controller.

3 different beauty programs to choose from; 10,15 and 20 minute session treatment options to adjust to your daily schedule. 

The v variable intensity control ranges from  0-99 so you can customize your treatment session to your current comfort level and keep adapting as you progress.

12 sets of medical-grade Gel Pads are included which last about 3 months (1 set per week).

Charger Unit, Instruction Manual, and Storage Case.

I plan on continuing my Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner ession because if I can see a diffeence after 12 weeks I imagine after another 24 weeks the results will also be amazing. For more information on the Bio-Medical Research Facial Toner and where you can purchase your own headset, please visit

donna raheb image



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October 1, 2013

OUIDAD Supports Breast Cancer Awareness “Curls for a Cure”


Curls for a Cure®

Ouidad Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

365 Days a Year

Ouidad has donated over $443,781 to Breast Cancer Awareness

Ouidad – renowned hair stylist, salon owner, global educator, curl expert, mother, and industry icon – is a breast cancer survivor.  Diagnosed at the very same age as her mother whom she lost to the disease, Ouidad realized that she was in a unique position to apply both personal experience and passion to a remarkable cause and took action against this aggressive killer.  While she commends other brands for debuting limited edition, pastel pink products to raise funds for this important cause, Ouidad has chosen to pursue a higher level of involvement by supporting breast cancer awareness 365 days a year.

Fortunate enough to make a full recovery, Ouidad started a crusade against breast cancer, vowing to make a difference in the lives of other women.  She founded Curls for a Cure in 2005 to raise funds year round for the Breast CancerResearch Foundation.  Curls for a Cure is a donation program on that welcomes visitors to make a donation of their choosing toward Breast Cancer research.  Taking her commitment a step further, Ouidad matches any amount donated, dollar for dollar, up to $50,000!

By joining forces with both clients and corporate partners, Ouidad has raised over $442,511 for BCRF to date and over $3,121 in 2013 alone.  In addition, the company underwrites all of the administration costs of the program as well as the credit card discount fees on the donations.  In this manner, when $10.00 is donated, BCRF receives a full $10.00.  For each donation, Ouidad offers a special pink bracelet inscribed to show her gratitude.

With her own difficult hair loss experience, Ouidad is able to comfort troubled clients in an entirely personal way, and is truly honored to provide support both financially and emotionally.  Below are a few helpful tips from Ouidad on how to look good and feel good during this difficult time.

  • Skin will have a yellow tint from chemotherapy – use a bronzer with a pink tint to balance skin color
  • Hair tends to lose pigmentation, often growing in gray and curly; wait at least six months post chemotherapy for color to prevent damage of new growth
  • Visually prepare for hair loss by cutting hair shorter to minimize the drastic effect of losing hair
  • With new hair growth, do deep treatments every two weeks to feed and strengthen hair; frequent deep conditioning is necessary to replenish nutrients, allowing each strand to regain its internal weight and body


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October 1, 2013

Catch The Fall Edition of the Affordable Art Fair New York City


The Beauty of Art

The Fall Edition of the Affordable Art Fair New York City


A pop of color on the lips is all the rage from the runway to reality.  Celebrate this beauty trend and capture this look permanently at the Affordable Art Fair New York.  The piece (pictured above) by Houston artist, Mitch McGee, is a four colored wood cut print.  The proceeds of this artwork will help aid those most affected by Hurricane Sandy.  Each piece in this edition of 15 is signed and numbered, and printed on acid free arches paper.  It is 30 x 22 unframed and can be yours for just $100!

Returning to New York City on October 3rd – 6th, 2013 at the Tunnel in West Chelsea, the fall edition will house art that the beauty obsessed are sure to love, including the Mitch McGee collection.  The fair will feature over 50 innovative galleries with work by artists from around the globe.

General admission tickets are $15 at the door, $10 for students and seniors.  Admission for children under the age of 12 is free.  To purchase tickets, please visit

About the Affordable Art Fair

The Affordable Art Fair provides a relaxed and enjoyable environment with a diverse collection of contemporary priced art from $100 – $10,000, including paintings, sculptures, photographs and drawings.  While the majority of exhibiting galleries will be from the United States, about 40% of the Fair will be comprised of international galleries, showcasing work by artists from around the globe.

General Admission

Thursday             October 3rd:                        11 am – 8 pm

Friday                    October 4th:                        11 am – 8 pm (free admission 6 pm – 8 pm)

Saturday              October 5th:                        11 am – 8 pm

Sunday                 October 6th:                        11 am – 6 pm

So take a walk over to The Tunnel and discover the beauty of the Affordable Art Fair.

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