September 30, 2013

Thank you BFF for my Modella Purse

Modella Purse Kit

I just received a Modella Purse Kit as a gift from a friend and I just love it!!! Modella Purse Kit is a 5 x7 purse case that can store and protect anything and everything!  It can easily double as a hand held mini purse.  A single compartment stores make-up and personal items neatly and cleanly.  The exposed colored zipper adds a dash of fashion and security.  Modella Purse Kits are affordable and come in fashionable, pretty patterns.  Don’t let this small size purse fool you.  Modella Purse Kits are perfect for keeping in your purse to organized them.  I use my Modella Purse Kit to take to the beach to organize my items in my beach bag.  It holds my cell phone, keys, money, sunglasses, lip balm, and sunscreen.  Now, I never have to search through a big beach bag if I need any of these items. They are all in one place safe!  Also, I never have to worry about the pesky sand or losing my belongings.  I love it so much that I am purchasing another one for my gym bag for school.

Thank you BFF for my Modella Purse Kit!

You can find Modella Cosmetic Bags and Purses in assorted patterns in most major drug stores nationwide.

321028_10150339720874219_1373965448_nTalia Carcieri

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