August 28, 2013

It’s Back to School With Soap & Paper!



At the beginning of every school year, I like to pick a special item that I know my daughter would like in her book bag. Besides the usual pens, pencils and notebooks, I thought of something special that I know she will love, a solid perfume from Soap & Paper Factory. How cute is this? These delightful solid perfumes are contained in a small, round, acrylic container that will literally fit in your back pocket or better yet, my daughter’s book bag. This adorable 1/2 ounce size Soap & Paper Factory Solid Perfume comes in 9 fragrances and will have my daughter smelling fantastic throughout the day. These solid perfumes won’t leak and the container is quite sturdy, it’s the perfect book bag accessory, don’t you think?


I asked a few of my friends what they thought about Soap & Paper Solid Perfumes and almost immediately they said they loved the compact size. “How can something that small contain something that smells so good?”, take it from me, the Spiced Pear smells incredible. We all agreed that the solid perfume is not only a fabulous book bag idea but they are sensational travel bag and purse accessories. These  pure jojoba and beeswax perfumes will not leak in your bag, they offer precise application without spray, and as I said earlier, they smell fabulous.

The only downside to these delightfully fragrant accessories is choosing a scent. Why not try all of them and you can start by visiting soapandpaperfactory

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