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July 21, 2013

Three great products from UNITE® Hair that will create three “Easy Breezy” summer looks!

I was introduced to UNITE® Hair products about four years ago, and since then, I’m always enthusiastic when I’m able to share some of the great looks you can achieve with the versatility of UNITE® !

What impressed me the most is that you can always find just the right product in the UNITE® line for whatever “effect” or “look” you’d like to achieve.

When you go to this page on their website:, you’ll get a view of their product line, and see what I mean! UNITE® has a full range of products to “cleanse”, “condition”, “style”, and “finish” your hair, along with “treatments” for your hair, as well!

The real plus is that on most of the products you “click” to view, there’s also a video that shows you what the product can do for your hair!!

Now let’s check out some “Easy-Breezy” summer looks!

This modern twist of the the classic bun is a real winner! It’s perfect for a casual,”no fuss” look that keeps the hair off your face, and is perfect for a relaxing weekend, or day at the beach, and literally takes no time to do!

TRICKY Lite Finishing Spray

Finishing Spray

Create your Messy Bun by using a product like UNITE TRICKY Lite Finishing Spray. ($31) Spray on damp hair to add some texture to your hair. (TRICKY Lite is a great choice for finer hair.) Let your hair air dry, then pull it up into a high bun at the crown of your head. Secure your hair with bobby pins, and you’ll have a great style with staying power, some definition, yet a very relaxed and carefree look!

The ponytail is such a trending style right now so be prepared to turn heads where ever you go when you wear your Sleek Ponytail!



Create your Sleek Ponytail by using a texturizing powder like UNITE Hair Expanda Dust ($26.25). All you need to do is very lightly sprinkle the Expanda Dust around the roots of your hair. Keep in mind.. A little goes a long way! Wait till you see the volume in your hair! Sweep your hair into a ponytail using a paddle brush to smooth the sides. Leave the top “voluminous”! Your final step is to secure your ponytail with a holder.

Your hair will impart effortless “Beachy Waves” that will look like you just took a swim in the ocean when you use a sea salt-water texturizer like the easy to use UNITE BEACH Day Texturizing Spray.


UNITE BEACH Day Texturizing Spray

Get ready for your tousled beachy waved, full, irresistible sexy hair with this light and versatile spray.($29.95)

What do you think of these “Easy Breezy” summer Looks? Aren’t they amazing?

Well…I didn’t forget about all of you Glam Gals with short hair!

I had some fun with my wavy but fine short hair by using all three of these UNITE® products to create a “summer saavy” and very trendy look that is so versatile and can go chic, fun, casual, and dressy, depending on what you are wearing, and how you accessorize your look.

Photo on 7-18-13 at 3.35 PM
Short wavy hair after using:
BEACH DAY – Texturizing Spray
EXPANDA Dust – Voluminzing Powder
TRICKY lite Spray – Finishing Wax

All I did after washing my hair was spray UNITE BEACH Day Texturizing Spray in my hair. I diffuse dried my hair shaping the “sides down smooth” and “shaping in” my very short “Fringe” bangs that frame my forehead!

I then very sparingly used the UNITE EXPANDA™ Volumizing Powder around the crown and top of my head. Really….you can always add more and build the volume, but less IS best!!
Now I had tons of volume, and used the TRICKY Lite Finishing Spray to achieve more definition and separate my hair. I like to wear it “higher and pulled forward” just a bit on the top! I lightly scrunched the waves around the crown and sides for a soft yet edgy look. I added a few more sprays of the TRICKY Lite Finishing Spray on the roots to support the shape of my cut.

Whether you have long or short hair, unleash your “creativity” with the fine products from UNITE®.
Visit their website at:

(Quoted and/or paraphrased information from this article was obtained from a provided PR-Fact sheet, and research on My personal commentary is my own opinion from use of the product I received from UNITE®.)

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July 19, 2013

My Interview with Erica Murray from the TENAJ Beauty Group

tenaj interview

I always love doing product reviews!!! This week I got to do product reviews a little differently. I had the honor of being interviewed by the TENAJ Beauty Group from right here in Florida  I joined TENAJ Beauty Group host Erica Murray on the big white couch to share my It’s A Glam Thing story and review proTENAJ and Amika products. I had an awesome time with Erica and hope to do it again!!!! Be sure to check out their website at and subscribe to their YouTube channel for weekly interviews and how-to videos.

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July 19, 2013

Summer Beauty Woes – “Fixed”

Women especially hate their stretch marks in the summer. Stretch marks can result from, weight gain, pregnancy or the growth spurts the body has during adolescence. And, most women have them. Sometimes they fade. Sometimes they don’t. The best option to hide stretch marks during summer is to “ get a head start”and  start working on those stretch marks as soon as possible and be sure to keep it up during summer.  Apothederm Stretch mark Cream reinforces the skin’s support structures and helps to visibly repair existing stretch marks. The fast-absorbing lotion is formulated with patented SmartPeptide™ technology and helps build collagen while reducing the stretch marks, all while smoothing your skin’s texture. You’ll love the way it smooths the skin.

At the beach or on the boat, when wearing a swimsuit, no one wants to find a stray hair anywhere it doesn’t belong! The “Dream Waxers Cherry Wax on the Go Kit” is handy enough to drop into your weekender bag and take along with you. It contains a jar of great smelling Cherry Dream Wax, Dream Waxers sheets, Cherry Dream Clean Lavender and Peppermint essential oil for pre and post waxing, wooden waxing sticks and it all comes in a cute travel bag.

The sand, chlorine, salt water and sun can really mess up your hair in the summer months. proTENAJ Style Inflection Miracle Leave-In Potion works on all hair types, fine, curly, & coarse. It is multi-functional, defines curls, eliminates frizz, adds shine, and protects from heat. It is a vegan formula  made with certified organic ingredients. It’s great for summer humidity damage because it’s humidity resistant!

Flip flops, dry skin, beach sand, salt water, chlorine and just plain lack of attention can be tough on summer heels and feet. Dionis Sole Soother Pink Peppermint 100% Natural Heel Repair Stick is an excellent product for dry and cracked heels and it can also be used on the elbows and knees. It’s 100% natural and leaves no greasy residue so you can slip right back into your flip flops and sandals.

Sunburned skin is not beautiful, ever! It’s a huge No! No! Prana SpaCeuticals Reflect SPF 45  is a silky tinted skin care moisturizer cream that nourishes, protects, and hydrates the most delicate skin. Reflect skin care moisturizer cream is enhanced with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients that provide powerful protection Fortified with Certified Organic Aloe Vera, Hyaluronic Acid, Grape Seed Extract. Allantion, Micronized Zinc and Mineral Mica. Reflect is a moisturizer and flawless makeup base which protects against the harmful UVA and UVB rays with SPF 45. Try Prana SpaCeuticals Plumping Diva Lips also with SPF.

Face and body mists can really turn the heat down during summer. Joey New York Bye Bye Dry Chill Mist is a “must have” for summer. This coconut water mist is packed with potent antioxidants and essential minerals that will leave you feeling refreshed on hot summer days. Joey New York Bye Bye Dry Chill Mist comes in a natural passion scent and natural paradise scent and is a perfect pick me up for any hot summer day.

Apothederm –

Dream Waxers –

proTENAJ –

Dionis Sole Soother –

Prana Spaceuticals –

Joey New York – &

See all products spotlighted by me on Carolina Now just this morning! – WATCH HERE

As seen on Carolina Now The CW

As seen on Carolina Now, The CW

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July 19, 2013

Megan & Me

The lovely Megan Heidlberg & me today on set of Carolina Now .

Megan & Enya on set Carolina Now

Megan & Enya



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July 19, 2013

Beauty for Your Hair is “SHE”


Whether you are fighting frizz, controlling curls or protecting your precious hair from the elements, consider SHE by SO.CAP.USA. They carry  an Argan For You Hair Care Line that is EXQUISITE!

SHE by SO.CAP.USA Argan For You consists of a Shampoo, Conditioning Mask, Light Oil, Light Oil Hair Spray and a Leave in Curling Cream. These exceptional products enable you to have the healthiest hair possible. As stated by SHE by SO.CAP.USA “All products are enriched with Oil of Argan, a natural ingredient extracted from Argan Berries, which for centuries has protected women’s hair from the assault of natural elements such as sun’s rays and climate”.  

Did you know that Argan Oil is a split end mender?  Did you know That Argan Oil helps combat frizz? These are some of the highlights of the line that drew me to it. states perfectly, “Inspired by nature, Argan For You is formulated to produce healthy hair and visibly improve damage from the sun, styling and coloring treatments. Argan For You formulas are enriched with oil of Argan, a natural ingredient extracted from Argon berries, which protects hair from the natural elements such as the sun’s rays. Each product has its own hair healing properties like adding and locking in moisture, repairing split ends and encouraging hair growth.” 

Having color treated curly hair, and spending many hours in the sun, I really do need to protect my hair from the elements. Sun exposure and dry frizzy hair can cause split ends, something I do not have to deal with but many people do. SHE by SO.CAP.USA’s Argan For You will help provide hair with the nutrients and moisture it needs to survive the harsh summer sun and help avoid split ends..

Argan For You Curling Cream is one of my favorites from the Argan For You line. It is the perfect solution for managing unruly curls during humid months, a problem I often deal with. After washing your hair, simply apply the Argan For You Curling Cream into your damp hair and either air dry, scrunch with your fingers or use a diffuser for more volume. Personally I like to air dry and scrunch and my curls are as soft as ever. Argan For You Curling Cream is specifically formulated with Argan Oil and Hairdensyl Complex (a powerful complete marine & botanical infusion with multi-functional properties to restore health, manageability and strength to thin or weak hair).

SHE USA offers simple steps to help get a beach wave look in no time using SHE by SO.CAP.USA’s Argan For You Curling Cream.

Step 1: Prep Your Hair, make sure your hair is damp and finger-comb so it’s a bit messy

Step 2: Apply the Product, once you’ve run your fingers through your damp hair (remember, not to dry and not too damp) apply a pea size amount of SHE by SO.CAP.USA’s Argan For You Curling Cream.

Step 3: Scrunch Your Hair, take 1-inch sections of hair and scrunch a couple times to prompt the waves. Next, take 1-inch sections of hair and pin them up using bobby pins. Let them set for a half hour before removing bobby pins.

Step 4: Shake Your Hair, remove the pins then flip your head upside-down to shake it out and scrunch your hair one last time (This will give your hair volume and body).· Flip your hair up and give a couple more squirts of hair spray to finish off your beach hair look.

You will find SHE by SO.CAP.USA’s Argan For You line at




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July 19, 2013

La Licious is as Fabulous as its Name


sugar_reef_bb_wbLa Licious’s Sugar Reef Souffé Scrub and Sugar Reef Body Butter are just as fabulous as the name implies. These irresistible products are all-natural, and free of parabens and sulfate detergents. I use both luxurious products to make my skin healthy and incredibly smooth. They are my own personal spa treatments, which I can use any time and at a great price compared to going to a spa. I use the Sugar Reef Souffé Scrub once a week to rub way dead skin cells and get amazingly smooth, moisturized skin. Also, I love to use it because exfoliating helps me to get a more even tan. In addition the product smells heavenly, clean and fresh aroma like an ocean breeze.

LaLicious Sugar Reef Body Scrub

LaLicious Sugar Reef Body Scrub

Most notably, La Licious’s Sugar Reef Souffé Scrub doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, which unlike most other scrubs.  After I use the scrub, I highly recommend Sugar Reef Body Butter because it is the ultimate skin-perfecting product because it adds even more hydration in the form of a dense whip cream consistency infused with shea butter, vitamin E, safflower seed oil, and aloe vera! The butter works so well that it makes my skin smooth for days and when used with LaLicious’s Sugar Reef Souffé Scrub they make skin truly flawless!

La Lacious assorted skincare produts are available is10 different scents. Find the scent that you love at


Rachel Aiello, Guest Blogger, College Sophmore
image - Version 2
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July 19, 2013

Natural Life Accessories are Fun and Fashionable




I am enjoying some of my new head bands from Natural Life. These 100% Cotton Hair accessories easily slide on and off and are very comfortable to wear. There are so many pretty and trendy accessories to choose from. Natural Life carries scarves, bracelets, handbags and jewelry to name a few. The pictures below are some of my favorites from Natural Life. Check out their complete  accessory line at

This 100% cotton Light pink scarf with cream pom poms (below) is on sale now for ony $16.00


Natural Life

These 100% woven cotten tie dye handkerchief headbands (elastic backs) are on sale now for only $7.00 They are too cute to pass up.


You won’t be able to resist a Laguana Beach Bracelet/Hairband at only  $ 6.50

Natural Life also gives back to the community, how cool is that? To view some of the organizations that Natural Life supports, please visit


IMG_2327Teen blog by Adrienne Raheb, high school senior


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July 18, 2013

Holistic Skincare at its best from TAMMY FENDER


Tammy Fender has created a unique skincare collection developed to purify, nourish, balance, restore, and replenish the skin based on the healing traditions of holistic medicine. Tammy Fender Holistic Skincare delivers distinct, targeted skin benefits. “Tammy believes that physical healing is just one facet of emotional, spiritual and mind-body healing. For inner and outer harmony, experience the calming, anti-aging and renewing formulas from Tammy Fender”.

Spontaneous Recovery CremeFormula No. RC-430 

Tammy Fender’s newest most advanced healing treatment is Spontaneous Recovery Creme. It is noted as being the “most powerful product ever put on the skin,”, amazing! Why is this amazing creme also known as the “Aspen Creme?” This all-in-one creme/serum/oil fusion nourishing salve, provides a protective barrier against the elements and the harsh effects of travel.

Spontaneous Recovery Creme offers instant hydration, spontaneously transforming the health of your skin in a single application. According to Tammy Fender, Spontaneous Recovery Creme is being praised as the “most powerful product ever put on the skin,” With the combination of Rose Hip*, Helichrysum*, Lavender*, and  Matricaria*, this first-of-its kind treatment will transform the health of your skin in a single application.

* Rose Hip promotes regeneration of skin cells, maintains elasticity and strengthens the collegen of the skin; *Helichrysum stimulates new cell growth, tightens connective tissue and promotes healing and repair; *Lavender acts as a balancing and anti-inflammatory, regenerates the skin tissues and provides soothing, calming and healing and *Matricaria promotes circulation, treats inflamation and irritation while retaining moisture and repairing skin tissue.

All Tammy Fender products combine 100% organic, pure natural food supplements, active botanicals and therapeutic grade essential oils. The products are also made in small batches to provide the freshest skincare possible.

To purchase Tammy Fender Skincare, Visit where you can also learn more about the other fabulous Holistic Skincare products Tammy Fender has to offer.

To find a store nearest you, visit


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July 17, 2013

Have your ipad or iphone Looking Chic

ipad Caser

ipad Cse

Looking for a safe case to store your iPad for travel or everyday use….. Kailo chic on has fantastic iPad clutches.  They have modern sleek designs with a kisslock snap that not only keeps your equipment safe but fashionable as well.  The cases are large enough to place an iPad 1, 2, or 3 or other small electronic devices or laptops. The interior is lightweight foam, padded for safe support for the electronic device. You can also store a charger and a small notebook inside. The zipper pocket on the front is wonderful for storing small items such as keys, wallets or phone.  I was lucky to score the gray chevron design which I desired the most. The fabric used is a gray and white chevron print canvas that is laminated with waterproof vinyl making it very simple to keep clean. Just use a damp cloth to remove any residue and then dry it . Some things in life make it just so simple and of course fashionable…. Kailo chic iPad clutch is on the top of that list!

You can find a large assortment of Laptop cases, bags, wallets, luggage and fashionable accessories at


Laurie Carcieri

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July 16, 2013

The LIMITED is Turning 50


The Limited is turning 50! In celebration of its Golden Anniversary, the brand is launching a multi-faceted campaign focused on helping women succeed.

The iconic fashion powerhouse will kick-off its celebrations with a special initiative to support Dress for Success, a nonprofit that offers professional apparel, support and career development tools to women who are entering or re-entering the work force.

To raise funds for this amazing organization, The Limited is inviting women to share their success stories/life lessons (both personal and professional) online at The company will donate $1 to Dress for Success for every submission, up to $50,000. Additionally, The Limited is donating to Dress for Success 30% of the proceeds from a limited edition clutch and a commemorative bracelet that will debut this fall.


As part of the 50th Anniversary festivities, The Limited will also launch a social media campaign this August that will allow consumers to select the Œultimate celebration¹ dress design they would like to see in stores as well as where the culminating birthday celebration will take place.

For more information, please visit:


Twitter @TheLimited

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