June 27, 2013

Beauty in Seaweed

If it’s good enough to put in your body, it’s good enough to put on your skin. That is what I have always said and believed. With Repechage Beauty from the Sea skin care, you can experience an all-natural skin routine made with seaweed with results you will not believe.   CEO and Founder of Repechage Lydia Sarfati has created the first line of seaweed- based skincare released in the U.S. She is the developer of the 4 layer facial and opened the first day spa in 1977 in Manhattan.

While at Premiere Orlando, in the midst of my hectic schedule, I got to stop and experience a relaxing facial from Repechage Skin Care.  While there I learned all about how their seaweed is found by professional divers in the oceans of France and brought back to Repechage headquarters in New Jersey.  After my facial was over (I didn’t want it to end) I also got to experience their line of mineral makeup and bring home samples of their new line of hair care as well. 

Everything I tried from Repechage I LOVE. With me having extremely sensitive skin, there are only a few lines of cosmetics, and hair care that I can use. Repechage is one I can. 

When I got home I gave myself a head to toe treatment with the Hair Spa Seaweed Mask, Hair Spa Serum,  Hydra Medic  7 Step skin care and topped it all off with Perfect Skin Liquid Foundation.  It was my own home spa day from the sea J

Every product is formulated with select seaweed plants.  Little did I know there are various kinds of seaweed and each product as its own special blend.  The only kind of seaweed I thought there was is the kind on sushi lol.

Next time you are looking for a relaxing spa day, a clean and natural way to cleanse your face, or give yourself an at home hair treatment, go for Repechage Beauty from the Sea products. To see where you too can find a Repechage salon, and get your own at home treatments visit www.repechage.com

The Sea Awaits!!!!




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