June 25, 2013

Get Swimsuit Ready With BIC Soleil Shavers


Bic Bella


Bic Shave & Trim

Get ready for bikini season with shavers from Bic’s Soleil Collection. The Soleil collection features Bella and Bic’s newest addition,  Shave & Trim. Everyone in my family uses disposable razors and now the ladies in the house have two more options to choose from and they are not complaining.

We just received our complimentary shavers from Bic’s Soleil Collection and they asked for our opinion and without a doubt, “We are thoroughly enjoying them.” What we love about these shavers is that they are disposable, they are affordable and they work! Let’s not forget about the great smooth shave they provide.


Bic Bella

The Bic Soleil Bella is a beautiful aqua color shaver, featuring 4 flexible e-z rinse blades, and a soothing moisture strip enriched with coconut milk. Bella’s curvy, non-slip handle prevents the shaver from slipping out of your hands while in the bath or shower, a fabulous feature I might add.


Bic Shave & Trim

Get Swimsuit ready with Bic Soleil’s newest pink shaver, the Shave & Trim. As stated by Bic, “Soleil Shave & Trim provides women with a simple solution that delivers a flawlessly smooth shave and allows them to safely and evenly trim their bikini area with the convenience of a slide-on/slide-off trimmer.”

My girls like the features of the Shave &  Trim which include 3 flexible blades allowing for a smooth shave, a pivoting head with a rubber grip for extra comfort, three Vitamin E enriched lubricating strip and especially the slide-on slide-off trimmer for simple bikini trimming. For Beautiful Silky Smooth legs start with Bic Shavers.  feelthesoleil

Bic’s Bella and Shave & Trim come packaged in sets of 3 for under $8.00.

Visit our give-away page and enter to win your very own set of Bella & Shave & Trim.   Enter now, giveaway offer ends on June 30th.


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