March 25, 2013

Tanning on the Glow


Everyone loves a nice clean even tan right? Even us pasty white, translucent girls who burn very quickly when exposed to the sun. I have never been to a tanning bed either, because of the recall on the bulbs. I would rather be safe than sorry. I see all these woman (and young teenage girls) spending hundreds of dollars to use a tanning bed when all they are really doing is damaging and aging their skin. I mean who wants to look like an old aged leather suitcase when they are in their 30s? No one am I right?

During the time I was in beauty school, I learned all the different skin diseases and cancers associated with overuse of harmful UV rays. I am not evening kidding you, the diseases and cancers out there are scary.

There is a solution that takes all of 5 minutes to do and you can do as much or as little as you want. Fake Bake’s aerosol spray on tanner, Bronze on the Glow, will give a nice, crisp, even tan without the UV’s. Another great thing about this spray on tanner does not make your skin appear orange. Filled with all organic ingredients, Bronze on the Glow will make your skin look and feel great without clogging pores. Also, enriched with a subtle shimmer, Bronze on the Glow will give you a “dance the night away” radiant glow.

So next time you are planning a trip to the tanning salon or the beach, think again. Bronze on the Glow will give you a great salon tan right in the comfort of your own home. Beauty is only skin deep but when the skin’s unhealthy so is the beauty.

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