January 15, 2013

BAUDELAIRE is Your Answer to Solving Oily Skin

I have found the perfect primer. One that will leave you skin dry and feeling as soft as ever. Isn’t that the goal for people with oily skin? Baudelaire Primer and Mask is the perfect choice. Baudelaire is a 2 in 1 product that is designed for use as a primer and mask. Baudelaire was founded by an Australian designer and entrepreneur, Kimberley Baudelaire. Her goal was to find a way to fix her own skin problems and after a 20 year search she developed Baudelaire, a product which would actually treat the cause of greasy skin and clogged pores by reducing excess oil production.

When I first tried Baudelaire, I found the consistency to be very thin, definitely not the consistency I was used to with primers that I have used in the past. I wondered how a primer with such a thin consistency could work as a mask too?

It’s simple, I found a amazing video at Beaudeliare’s website http://baudelaire.com.au/pages/video which demonstrates in full detail how to apply Baudelaire as a primer and as a mask. I applied Baudelaire with a brush as suggested, and my daughter did as well. We we both amazed at how dry and soft our skin felt afterwards. Baudelaire definitely solved our oily skin problem.

Baudelaire can also be used as a mask simply by applying a generous amount on your face with a makeup brush or sponge, applying over the areas of your face prone to excess oil. Allow to dry and rinse off with warm water after 10 to 15 minutes.

Baudelaire can actually be used 3 ways, as a primer, a mask and as an acne treatment. Apply Baudelaire to your blemishes nightly until your blemishes clear. Baudelaire is an amazing versatile product, one that will be part of your makeup routine as soon as you try it and at only $18.00, what are you waiting for.

Right now, Baudelaire is offering $3.00 off your next purchase  at http://baudelaire.com.au/products/womans-world-readers-3-off   and expires February 28, 2013. http://baudelaire.com.au/.


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