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December 4, 2012

2012 Total Beauty Award Winners are Perfect Stocking Stuffers

I am thrilled to learn that some of my favorite “must-have”  beauty essentials were chosen by as some of their 2012 Total Beauty Award Winners!

Maybelline New York Volum’ Express Falsies Flared Washable Mascara is a favorite of mine and my daughters use it too. Reasonably prices at only $8 this mascara really does its job well.  This mascara delivers the thickest lashes you have ever had . This mascara does not smudge and is very easy to take off with eye make-up remover. A definite “must have”.

Another award winner which was no surprise to me are the Q-Tips Precision Tips. They are an extremely inexpensive and a very important beauty tool. Q-Tips have been around for years so they must be a great product. These Precision Tip Q-Tips are the ultimate tool to have in your arsenal for quick touch ups, clean ups and mess ups. Use Q-tips to apply lip gloss, eye shadows, foundations and lotions. Q-tips are extremely versatile and can be used for just about anything. Q-Tips do come in handy, so make sure you always have a few close at hand.

Another one of my favorite Total Beauty Award Winners is Wella Velvet Amplifier.  This is a great styling primer and with just one pump applied to wet hair, hairstyling is as easy as can be. You can use Wella Velvet Amplifier before blow drying, helping you achieve your perfect hairstyle.
To see all of the 2012 Total Beauty Award Winners visit

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December 4, 2012

Just for you – Some of our favorite things

It's a Glam Thing
Adrienne & Rachel share some of their favorite holiday gift suggestions...

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December 3, 2012

Give the Gift of Radiant Skin With Pevonia


Treat a special person to a spa this holiday season. Not just any spa, but a spa treatment from Pevonia Skincare. Pevonia has created a travel size gift set, Holiday Radiance To-Go, which includes some of their best selling Skincare products.The Holiday Radiance To‐Go Travel Gift Set is just the right size so you can take them along anywhere you want to go. Best of all Pevonia Skincare Products contain natural ingredients and are suitable for all skin types. Radiance To-Go contains six terrific products, everything you will need to make you feel like you just stepped out of a spa, really! Enjoy Pevonia’s Exfoliating Cleanser, Phyto-gel Cleanser, Combination Skin Cream, Silky Skin Body Scrub, Preserve Body Moisturizer and Hydrating SPF 30.

Exfoliate, for healthier and more radiant looking skin with Pevonia Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser. This cleanser gently polishes your face and neck while washing away impurities and toxins with a formula of  Jojoba Beads, Saponaria, and Chamomile for a clean and smooth complexion. The cleanser has a light exfoliant so it doesn’t scratch and smells terrific. While still in the shower, Pevonia Phyto-Gel Cleanser will foam away impurities on your body. Get swept away in this aromatic scented cleanser which contains, Saponaria, Rosemary, Lemon, and Pine, a combination which helps rid your skin of impurities and surface toxins. This clear gel foams nicely, rinses off easily leaving you with a clean fresh feeling. After cleansing, if you choose to exfoliate (you can do this before or after cleansing) Pevonia Silky Skin Body Scrub is right at your fingertips. This delightfully scented creamy body scrub gently polishes your skin, softening rough patches and leaving your skin silky soft. You will love it!

After bathing, it is important to lock in the moisture and Pevonia has that covered too. Pevonia Preserve Body Moisturizer contains a combination of Alpha Hydroxy Acids and repairing Vitamins B, and E, which helps to hydrate and soften your skin. Pevonia Preserve Body Moisturizer is one of my favorite moisturizers. I noticed just after one application, my hands had a velvety feel to them, and this moisturizer has a baby soft fragrance. You will love this one too!

We are not quite finished yet and let’s not forget about protecting your face. Pevonia Combination Skin Cream is the perfect skin cream to control oiliness and refine visible pores. “Arnica, Aloe, and Lemon Grass combine to balance and hydrate as they provide your skin nourishing actives and valuable UV protection”. Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen, the last but most important product in Pevonia Radiance To-Go Travel Set, will protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays. Pevonia Hydrating Sunscreen is enriched with vitamins E, C and B and is SPF 30. Sunscreen should be used daily to help prevent premature aging on your face and body. offers a complete line of natural skin care products as well as many gifts sets. Pevonia Skin Care products will make the greatest gifts this holiday season.  Give the gift of radiant skin with Pevonia.







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December 3, 2012

A “Great” Holiday Giveaway from Indie Lee!

Indie Lee’s all-natural, luxury skincare line will be hosting a sweepstakes every Wednesday through December 19th.

For your chance to win , simply “like” the Facebook page: and enter the Sweepstakes Giveaway for a set of Indie Lee’s Squalane Facial Oil and The Moisturizing Oil in Lavender.

Squalane Facial Oil is created with a 100% natural, olive-based formula that promotes skin elasticity while working to fight the signs of aging – leaving skin looking healthy and radiant.

The Moisturizing Oil is a light, non-greasy, almost creamy formula created using 100% natural jojoba, apricot and other essential oils to hydrate, relax and soften skin without clogging pores.

Sweepstakes :

To find out more about Indie Lee and her wonderful Natural Beauty Products, visit

(quoted or paraphrased information provided from a press release)

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December 3, 2012

Luster Has Made My Teeth Whiter

I recently read about Luster Premium White Toothpaste in Allure Magazine and decided to give it a try. I recently had braces and my teeth were not as white as I would have liked them to be. Luster Toothpaste appears to be doing the trick. I noticed an improvement after only a few brushings.

Luster Premium White tooth Paste contains “Bluerite” and as I learned from my research, is a formula that creates the optical effect of whiter teeth. Luster does remove surface stains with daily use and has a mild pleasant taste. Luster doesn’t burn the inside of my mouth like some toothpastes do.

I plan on continuing with Luster Toothpaste so I can achieve maximum results. You should give Luster a try, your teeth will thank you for it!

Adrienne, Teen Blogger

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December 3, 2012

Faith Hill Soul2Soul is a Fragrance Worth Giving

As an early holiday gift, my mother got me Faith Hill’s “Soul 2 Soul” perfume. It’s definitely going to be one of my favorite gifts this year. I fell in love with the fruity floral smell and wear it every day. At their website,, I found that the fragrance  “opens with sparkling fruits that lead to a passionate floral bouquet found at the heart of the fragrance while the bottom notes leave a soft and intoxicating scent“.

I don’t like perfumes that are too strong, but still want them to last all day. Faith Hills’d “Soul2Soul” Perfume fits that requirement perfectly. Faith Hill’s Soul2Soul’s perfume bottle is quite elegant with its gold and pearl white tones. It has also made my Christmas shopping really easy this year. I bought all my friends Faith Hill’s “Soul 2 Soul” Perfume. During my shopping I was able to sample Tim McGraw’s “Soul 2 Soul.” Needless to say, I was able to complete my Christmas shopping for every boy and girl I needed to shop for this year.

Jenna Raheb, Guest Blogger

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December 3, 2012

Give Back THis Holiday Season With philosophy’s “to believe” Shower Gel


“philosophy announces philanthropic partnership with WhyHunger and Jackie Evancho”.

philosophy has a vision, ending world hunger. Wouldn’t that be the ultimate holiday gift to the world. Philosophy has partnered with WhyHunger, also wanting to end world hunger. Together with singer Jackie Evancho, and to inspire people this holiday season, they have launched a new charity shower gel named “to believe”. “to believe”, a cranberry currant shower gel features original Jackie Evancho song lyrics with 100% of net proceeds benefitting WhyHunger.  With every purchase of philosophy ‘to believe”, philosophy is offering a free Jackie Evancho song download.

In Jackie’s own words,“it feels really good to do something that helps other people which is why I am so excited to be involved in this great project with philosophy and WhyHunger”. “I hope “to believe” inspires everyone to give back this holiday season and that one day we can live in a world without hunger and need”.

On a personal note, philosophy’s cranberry currant-scented shower gel is truly a treat.  It is extremely moisturizing and conditions your body from head to toe. Isn’t that fantastic, a shower gel that is a body wash and gentle enough to be used as a shampoo. If you plan on using philosophy shower gel as a bubble bath, simply pour a generous amount under running water. The results are amazing, leaving your skin feeling silky soft.

Philosophy “to believe” cranberry current shower gel is phthalate and paraben free. Be inspired this holiday season and remember that Philosophy will donate 100% of net proceeds from this product to WhyHunger.

Right now, philosophy is offering 15% off any purchase (excluding miracle worker) with promo code: december15 at

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December 1, 2012

Pairing up Colgate Total® Toothpaste and the Colgate 360® Toothbrush can really make a difference in your next dental exam!

This past October, during National Dental Hygiene Month, I wrote an article about Colgate Total® Advanced Fresh + Whitening Toothpaste and it’s, (quote) clinically proven ability to reduce 90% more plaque germs and will help prevent oral health problems like:
• Bad Breath (Keeps breath mouthwash fresh up to 12 hours.)
• Cavities
• Plaque
• Gingivitis
• Tartar buildup

I was quite enthusiastic about trying the Colgate Total® Toothpaste, and thrilled upon receiving a package from Colgate with not only a sample of Colgate Total® Advanced Fresh + Whitening Toothpaste, but also a Colgate 360® Toothbrush.

Timing couldn’t have been more perfect since I had my bi-annual dental exam and cleaning scheduled for the end of November. I started using my two Colgate products immediately.

Colgate 360® Toothpaste is very refreshing. I used it twice a day along with normal flossing. My whole mouth felt moist and really clean. I noticed very quickly that my teeth looked more vibrant and did appear whiter than they have in the past. From a cosmetic point of view, when I would wear a warmer toned lip color (which can often give your teeth a less brighter appearance), my teeth now looked very white. That was pretty impressive!!

I was instantly in “awe” of the Colgate 360® Toothbrush. I really have never experienced such a unique feeling when brushing my teeth. I’ve used many different types of toothbrushes, water picks, sonic cleansers, and the like, on my sensitive teeth and gums. The Colgate 360® Toothbrush has it’s own “feel” that you really need to experience. I’ve recommended it to many of my friends and family!

Here’s all the technical information! (quote) The Colgate 360® Toothbrush is designed to give you healthier whole mouth clean by providing 3x bacteria removal action. The surround bristles simultaneously clean both sides of teeth and reach all the way down to the gum line while the cheek and tongue cleaner removes odor causing bacteria!

I couldn’t have described it better!! It’s so gentle yet thorough, and to me it’s much more than just a toothbrush! It invigorates my whole mouth! Without a doubt you should give it a try! It has a very distinctive design, and every time I brush it feels like I’ve just had my teeth cleaned.

Here you can see pictures and get more information about the Colgate 360® toothbrush :

I bet you’re wondering how my dental exam and cleaning went?
Well, my dental technician told me my gums and mouth looked healthy, and I didn’t have to see her for another 6 months.
(At my previous cleaning, before using the Colgate Total® and Colgate 360® Toothbrush , she mentioned that my gums looked a bit more pink than they should.)

As I mentioned earlier, timing is everything and I’m so glad I was introduced to Colgate Total® Advanced Fresh + Whitening Toothpaste & the Colgate 360® Toothbrush!

These two products are available at nationwide mass retailers and grocery stores!

Visit: to view a short video about Colgate Total® Advanced Fresh + Whitening Toothpaste!

As we move into the holiday season and another new year, this may be your perfect New Year’s Resolution for 2013!

Colgate Total® toothpaste and a Colgate 360® tooth brush will provide your mouth with the best healthy workout ever, and the benefits are like a gift that keeps on giving. This is one resolution you’ll have no problem keeping. Your confident “Smile” will tell it all!

(Samples of Colgate Total Advance Fresh + Whitening Toothpaste were provided to me by Colgate, and credit for any quotes or paraphrased information from a Colgate Total Fact Sheet and

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December 1, 2012

Arbonne Gift Collections Are Out of This World

Arbonne Cosmetics has done it again. They have created a dreamy, magical and absolutely glamorous cosmetics collection which is simply, “Out of This World”. This collection will make the perfect Holiday Gift!  The Comet Cosmetics Collection is definitely a gift every girl or woman would love to receive.  I know my daughter already has her eyes on it, once she saw it, it was on her holiday list.  As you can see in the photo, Arbonne’s Cosmetic Collection includes a sparkling black clutch packed with goodies such as Cosmic Kiss Lipstick and Starry, Starry Night Eye Shadow Palette.

Starry, Starry Night Eye Shadow Palette includes mystical colors Night scape, Solar, Stardust and Meteorite.   This eye shadow palette is sure to transform your eyes from day to Starry, Starry Night.

The lipsticks are made from natural ingredients like wild mango butter, alpine skullcap, pomegranate extract and vitamins A, C and E. Arbonne Cosmetics are vegan and contain no harmful products. As stated by Arbonne, “Arbonne is committed to the development of unparalleled products free of harmful ingredients, using a combination of botanical principles and scientific discovery. Our commitment begins with research and testing to ensure that each of our ingredients meets or exceeds industry standards for purity.”

Another great gift idea and let’s not forget about those stocking stuffers, consider Arbonne’s Planetary Pout Lip Polish Trio.  This trio of Lip Polishes already come in a beautiful plush pouch, and it doesn’t need gift wrapping. The blue velvet  pouch is elegent enough. Tucked inside are three lip colors, Venus, Mars and Saturn.  As always, Arbonne’s Lip Polishes are made without harmful ingredients. These lip polishes contain vitamins A and E, safflower oil, ribose and polypeptides. They glide on easily and feel creamy soft.

Arbonne Cosmetics has a great holiday gift catalogue that includes, gifts sets, skincare, haircare and fragrances.  You gift selections from Arbonne will be out of this world!

Learn more about Arbonne products





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