December 25, 2012

My Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist Amanda Schackleton

Amanda Schackleton exemplifies the true meaning of a consummate Beauty Expert! Not only is she a seasoned professional makeup up artist, but an extraordinary hair stylist as well! What a plus in this business to be able to develop and excel in both the worlds of hair and makeup! That dual ability really gives Amanda a unique edge in the industry, as she is hired “equally” for makeup and hair assignments!

Meet Celebrity Makeup Artist and HairStylist ~ Amanda Schackleton:

Amanda is a New York gal, but was actually educated in makeup artistry and hair styling in London, England for five years, where she also worked professionally.

I like Amanda’s style and technique! We share similar philosophies, and I believe that they always bring out the best in a person’s look and are really timeless.

Quoting from Amanda’s Biography :
” When it comes to makeup application, Amanda’s style can be described as modern and super clean, with a strong focus on the eyes and lashes. Working with all age ranges, Amanda creates something that is wearable and adapts the eyes to the occasion, and what the client is personally comfortable with.

For hair, Amanda specializes in styling, particularly for red carpet and updos. Inspired by classic imagery such old Hollywood glamour, she is able to add a twist to make the hair current and on trend.”

Quite the entrepreneur, Amanda also has a company in New York called
NY Bridal Beauty
where she adapts the latest looks to compliment each Bride’s special day!

Amanda Schackleton’s NY Bridal Beauty
Visit this website for more information:

To top it off, Amanda founded the “The Media Makeup Academy” in 2009. There is nothing more gracious than to share your ability and success by providing an opportunity to teach and empower aspiring makeup artists to be able learn this wonderful trade in a professional manner with self confidence ! The Media Makeup Academy now has two locations. One is in Chicago and the other in New York!

(Quote)”Students complete 40 hours of intensive and more affordable training and the course acts as an “How-To” guide for the industry. Led by qualified makeup artists that are currently working in the industry, the teachers share their professional experiences of working with both clients and on set. Students are guided through the course and leave with a fully developed skill set and images for their portfolios.”

If becoming a professional makeup artist has always been your dream, I highly recommend that you check out:

Make that dream become a reality!

My Interview with Celebrity Makeup Artist and Hair Stylist, Amanda Shackleton:

VICKI :It’s truly a pleasure to interview you Amanda. As a well recognized celebrity makeup and hairstylist in the industry, what was your inspiration to become involved in the beauty business?
AMANDA: My inspiration to be in the beauty industry wasn’t something that I even realized until I was 21. I have always loved fashion and grew up in an artistic household (my Dad was an artist), so I was comfortable painting with him in his studio from a young age. I was in college for physical therapy in the Mid West and being from NY, I had a different fashion sense than most of my friends. They would always end up in my room on the weekends asking me to do their hair and make up, and ask to borrow clothes to wear. It was actually my parents who suggested I would be better at an art school, so when I moved to London with my Mum and Dad at age 20, I went to school for both hair & make u and that’s how it began. London offered so much creative inspiration for me.

VICKI : We both have an appreciation for the timeless and classic look of “Old Hollywood”! Would you be able to share a few hints with our readers on how they might transition their look into a more classic ageless look of that Glamorous “Era” gone by?
AMANDA : Transitioning your look to Hollywood glam is much easier than you think. People get intimidated and think its a hard look to pull off, but really its very simple. My best suggestion is to watch the old Hollywood films and see how the women wore their hair and make up.

I love old school hot rollers, they heat up quickly and once you have set your hair, you can go ahead and do your make up. I suggest keeping a lighter eye and emphasizing your brows and lips. Don’t forget to practice putting on false eyelashes, they do not have to be big and obvious, just cut a small set in half and practice applying them to the outer corners of your eyes. This will make all the difference in your make up look.

Then go back and pull out your rollers, give your hair a spray and run your fingers through your hair in the direction you would like the curls to go. They should be bouncier and not too brushed out, so just keep practicing!!

VICKI: You founded the Media Makeup Academy that is now in two locations ~ Chicago and New York. What qualities do you believe a person who wants to get into a career in the makeup artistry profession needs to possess?
AMANDA: Founding Media Make Up Academy has always been a dream of mine so when I began teaching I always tell my students tenacity is a key quality to make it in the industry. All of my students dream of working with magazines and celebrities but its a long road and you cannot get deterred.There’s a lot of competition and rejection but if you keep practicing and networking while building your portfolio, you will eventually get there.

VICKI: A bride’s special day is so important and can end up being a rather stressful day after all of the pre planning for her wedding. Your company NY Bridal Beauty sounds like a perfect solution. What is your main objective as you prepare a bride for her special day?
AMANDA: When I opened NY Bridal Beauty my main objective was to bring high end hair and make up services to brides in their homes and hotels so they didn’t have the extra stress of running to a salon. We set up a trial and do numerous looks about 6-9 months in advance so we can get the style down perfectly.Trials are pretty intense and we do a lot of work, so once the bride trusts my aesthetic and what we have done it makes her wedding day a little less stressful.

VICKI: What’s trending for brides with hair and makeup looks, right now?
AMANDA: I’ve noticed a definite change in styles I am being asked to do for my brides.Without a doubt we are trending back to über feminine hair styles with a vintage vibe. Brides are also looking up to celebrities at award shows so the hair and make up is more “red carpet” than the traditional bridal looks of the past.

VICKI: With the Holiday’s right around the corner could you share a few ideas about creating a look that will have them on the “cutting fashion” edge for their upcoming events and New Year’s Eve Parties?
AMANDA: Fashion changes so much so I would suggest finding a current look and making it your own.I would concentrate on either your hair or make up and make a statement with it. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it fits your look and style and you feel like yourself. I’m seeing a lot of vintage inspired hair combs and barrettes right now and I think they are a great way to add a little dazzle to your holiday hair.

Thank you so much for all of your wonderful answers to my questions. They were exceptional, and sharing your time with us has been so appreciated and enjoyed. I’ve learned so much and I know the readers will be thrilled with all of your wonderful hints and techniques. Let your “Magic” continue, Amanda, and all the best to you in 2013!

In closing, I want to make sure you visit Amanda’s website:

Amanda’s many years of hard work and dedication have awarded her with numerous credits, here are just a few:

Magazines: Glamour, Modern Bride, Vogue, Oprah and more!

Ad Campaigns: Levi Strauss, Avon, XoXo Clothing, and more!

Celebrities : Pierce Brosnon, Katie Courick, Ricky Martin, Harrison Ford, Sara Michelle Geller, and more!

Visit Amanda’s website (above) for more information about Amanda and additions credits !

(Quotes and paraphrased information & photos obtained from PR-Biography, press information, websites and images provided to me. Credit for interview questions: Vicki L. Fischer)

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