November 27, 2012

Give a Gift Wrapped With Gratitude


What a wonderful time of year. A time for family, friends, baking and holiday shopping. We all know that holiday shopping requires gift wrapping.  Before you head to the stores stocking up on gift wrap, ribbons, bags, tissues, bows and tape (yes, you actually need most of these items to wrap one gift), consider wrapping your gifts with reusable fabric gift bags from Gratitude Gift Bags.

The holidays are not the only time we need gift wrap. There are always birthdays, anniversaries and all sorts of special occasions throughout out the year that require special wrappings and Gratitude Gift Bags offers just that.

Gratitude Gift Bags are eco-friendly fabric bags that can be reused which makes them extremely cost effective. Just knowing that I don’t have to deal with gift wrap, tape, scissors, tissue paper and boxes makes Gratitude Gift Bags quite appealing. Gratitude Gift Bags are also great for the holidays with many children-themed and Christmas/Hannukah patterns. They come in a variety of colors, sizes and patterns and fabrics such as rayon/taffeta.  The Wine bottle bags are spectacular. My favorites are the gift card holders (shown below). What a great way to present a gift card than in a fabric gift card holder.

Gratitude Gift Bags are assembled in the USA and custom orders are welcome. To view Gratitude Gift Bags patterns, sizes, and pricing, please visit their website at

Gratitude Gift Bags will be offering a 15% discount on your purchase so be sure to use the promotional code Blog15 at checkout on their website:  Remember, give a gift wrapped in gratitude with Gratitude Gift Bags.


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