September 26, 2012

Get a Lift for your Neck & Décolleté with Lift Effect Serum from Cellex-C®

Cellex-C® Lift Effect Serum ~ Neck and Décolleté

Have you been looking at your neck and décolleté area and wondering how you might get a little “lift” without going directly to the plastic surgeon?

It’s amazing how one day you notice that your neck isn’t as firm as it used to be, and you realize the neckline of your clothing has been getting higher and higher in your attempt to hide a less taut skin that has started to become more evident in your neck and décolleté area!

It seems that sometimes we take care of our face but often neglect the jawline and delicate neck area. The skin at your jawline and below really needs support, as gravity is always at work as we start to age! The neck and décolleté area have most likely been exposed to some sun over the years and prone to develop a looser, more dehydrated appearance. Don’t be too hard on yourself, though, because you are not alone!

There are different procedures that are available to correct this issue, but you might just be surprised at the effectiveness of an innovative product that can really get your skin in great shape and help your neck and décolleté area achieve a more contoured look.

Cellex-C@ is a very well respected line of treatment products. They have a new product that targets the neck and jawline called Cellex-C® Lift Effect Serum . This product helps give your skin support by (quote) “delivering a concentrated supplement of nutrients to help firm the skin’s important dermal/epidermal junction, which helps create a youthful contour to the neck and throat by minimizing fine-lines and crinkled skin.”

I was able to try Cellex-C Lift Effect Serum. It’s a cooling and lifting feel when you apply it, and improvement in the targeted areas can usually be seen in about 6 to 8 weeks by using the product twice daily (AM & PM)! I personally apply the product in an upward motion from my décolleté area up my neck and over my jaw line, and then up and around the back of my neck by the ear area. That in itself is a nice lifting technique as you apply your Lift-Serum!

Cellex-C® products are effective and can most often be found in Medi-Spa’s, Dermatologist’s, Aesthetician’s, and Plastic Surgeon’s offices.

Here is the link to the Cellex-C® website where you can find out about all of their products, regimes, and see a great picture of 3 generations of a family that uses Cellex-C. It’s quite impressive! :

There’s a beautiful Cellex-C® Anti-Aging Store in Canada for our Canadian Glam Gals :

USA Glam Gals can find out more about ordering by calling:Toll Free 1-888-488-2262

“Say NO to Anesthesia” with Neck & Décolleté Lift Effect Serum from Cellex-C®. It’s safe and clinically proven! Retail price: $125.00

(Credit for quotes in this article provided by Cellex-C® promotional information.)

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