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August 24, 2012

Teen blog coming soon!

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August 24, 2012

Feel Youthful, Energetic and Confident with Prevage


Do all women worry about aging? The answer is YES!!!  With the changing environment, stresses of daily life, and the many responsibilities women have in 21st century America, products that will enhance women to feel youthful, energetic, and confident can only make the aging process feel exuberating.

Prevage Hydrating Fluid delivers sheer, lightweight moisture, infusing skin with vital ingredients that protect against environmental threats”Having used this product for several weeks, my skin feels soft, hydrated, and smooth.  Being a sun worshipper for many years, my skin has wrinkled, freckled, and simply aged!  Prevage Hydrating Fluid has begun to replenish my skin so I look healthier, rejuvenated, and hydrated.

Every morning I start my day with Prevage Hydrating Fluid feeling confident and radiant and I reapply every evening before I go to bed feeling revitalized.  At any age women want to feel young and full of life.  Taking the time to moisturize your skin will only lend a hand to feeling younger and prevent the many signs of aging.  If you do not take care of your skin, then let Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage Hydrating Fluid do the job for you!!

Visit  and view Elizabeth Arden’s extensive line of  Skincare, Make-up,  Fragrances and Gifts.


Prevage Triple Defense SPF 50 PA+++ by Elizabeth Arden will provide the necessary protection needed to prevent damaged skin caused from UVA, UVB, and Infrated-A (IRA) rays.  Current research has “identified Infrared-A radiation as a serious source of long term damage to skin”.  Therefore, using a Triple Defense Shield of SPF 50 will prevent sunburns, wrinkles, and any other signs of aging.

Having used this product for an entire summer, my skin has avoided the redness, blotchiness, and dryness that come along with being in the sun for long periods of time.  In fact, my skin has never felt so smooth and refreshed.  Additionally, Prevage Triple Defense contains “Idebenone and Thiotaine to deliver an extra level of protection against the visible signs of damage caused by IRA rays”.  If you do not want to give up the sun completely, then I strongly recommend Elizabeth Arden Prevage Triple Defense SPF 50 PA+++.  You can ride the waves, swim in the pool, and lounge at a tropical resort feeling protected and reassured that your skin is in excellent hands with Elizabeth Arden’s Triple Defense Technology.

Visit  and view Elizabeth Arden’s extensive line of  Skincare, Make-up,  Fragrances and Gifts.


Melissa Caffrey, Guest blogger



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August 22, 2012

Salon Grafix Introduces Healthy Hair Nutrition

Over the past several months, my daughter Jenna felt that her hair was becoming damaged from the sun and constant use of hair spray. I told her to try Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Conditioning Cleanser  and it ended up being exactly what she needed. Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Conditioning Cleanser  not only is a great smelling shampoo but it also fixed her sun-damaged hair and is keeping it moisturized and shiny every day that she uses it. Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Conditioning Cleanser  has helped to keep her hair looking and feeling soft and luxurious.  She has acknowledged what great shape her hair is in, “its feels soft and smells great even throughout the day”.  She especially likes the fact that it is an All-in-One cleanser, as it acts as a shampoo, conditioner, and leave-in conditioner with one washing.  Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Conditioning Cleanser is also suds free so it does not lather.

As stated by Salon GrafixHealthy Hair Nutrition will maintain hair health and color while removing dirt and product buildup, leaving a brilliant natural shine”. ” This sulfate free cleanser has been formulated for all hair types including color treated, coarse, and curly hair”.  Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition line was designed to “replenish moisture lost in the shampoo process.”  

Salon Grafix  has created another great hair treatment,  Healthy Hair Nutrition Intensive Hair Repair Masque  which can be used as little as once a week and is suitable for every day use. This deep conditioning treatment is designed for dry or damaged hair.   It is intended to Deeply hydrate, nourish and protect dry and damaged hair, without weighing it down“. Jenna is using  Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Intensive Hair Repair Masque only once a week and has noticed the softness and shine to her hair.  Following the directions, Jenna saturates  her wet hair from roots to ends with Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition Intensive Hair Repair Masque and leaves the masque in for 3-5 minutes. She can leave the masque in  15-20 minutes for  a maximum condition and shine if she chooses.

Salon Grafix Healthy Hair Nutrition is a perfect choice to use after chemical treatments or after excessive heat styling and can be used as often as needed. Jenna was amazed at how affordable Salon Grafix is, after all, being a College student, every penny saved counts. Salon Grafix is available at local retail stores, and  many online stores.

Visit to view their extensive hair care line including, shampoos, conditioners, hair sprays, and dry shampoo to name a few.

Treat your hair to some Healthy Nutrition with Salon Grafix


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August 22, 2012

Bigger is Better

“The bigger the hair the smaller the hips”- Fran Drescher (As Fran Fine “The Nanny”)

When I was younger the show, next to “I Love Lucy”, was “The Nanny”.  I thought everything about her was just so funny, but the one thing I always remembered was her hair.  In many episodes you would see Fran rolling, and backcombing, and hairspraying the dickens out of her hair to give it that big poofy “bubble” in the front.

I have found that nowadays the big “poof” is coming back (Sorry Snooki, Fran beat you to it).  Instead of doing all that rolling and spraying and backcombing, what if I told you that all you needed was two products.  I’m talking about BORGHESE Volumizing Gel and BORGHESE Thickening Cream.  BORGHESE Volumizing Gel is designed to give your hair the sexy volume we all want while the BORGHESE Thickening Cream is designed to make you hair look fuller without hair pieces.

My mom is an awesome example of someone whose hair is lifeless and thin (not to thin though, sorry mom).  When she uses her BORGHESE Thickening Cream I swear it looks like she put a curling iron in it.

So next time you are watching Fran do what it is she does to her “poof” remember one word BORGHESE and turn hours into minutes.

To view other fabulous Hair care and skincare products, Visit




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August 21, 2012

Summer Splurges…

It’s a Glam Thing Kathy Hodge interviews Lifestyle Expert Merilee Kern – “Summer Splurges”

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August 20, 2012

Introducing Borghese’s Premier Age-Defying Skincare Collection

Borghese’s premier age-defying skincare collection, Crema Straordinaria, energizes, hydrates and rejuvenates skin fatigued by daily stress.  And now, Effortlessly Extraordinary offers you these most restorative essentials in one collection:

•         Crema Straordinaria Sapone Foaming Cleanser is the first step.  Formulated with bio-compatible micro-granules to help purify, hydrate and defend skin against the signs of aging.  It provides perfect lather control from creamy to rich as it preserves the skin’s natural lipid barrier with its superior moisture system.  Clarifies and calms skin, leaving it clean, refreshed and silky-soft.

•         Crema Straordinaria Tonico Balancing Softening Toner is a richly-hydrating and alcohol-free toner that refreshes skin and restores its natural pH balance after cleansing.  Formulated with Aquatic plant extract to enhance skin’s vitality, surface cells are gently exfoliated without harsh abrasion.  Leaves skin illuminated with a fresh, natural glow.

•         Crema Straordinaria Da Giorno Day Treatment SPF 25 helps rebuild resiliency as it keeps skin beautifully hydrated.  Formulated with Borghese’s exclusive Stratopeptide Energizing Complex and technologically optimized ingredients that work to defend and nurture skin as it offers protection from free radical and UV damage, daily stress and excessive dryness.  Skin stays soothed and perfectly calmed.             $49.00


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August 20, 2012

Relax ~ Rejuvenate ~ Revitalize with the ReFa Pro Device

The ReFa Pro Beauty Device

I have to say that I’ve had the opportunity to experience the ReFa Pro Device for almost a month and a half now, and I don’t think I’ve ever experienced anything like it.

The best way to introduce you to the ReFa Pro Device is to let you see this precision engineered, very versatile device in action. I’ll then share my experience using it, and how you can achieve a relaxing, wonderful sense of well being, anytime and anywhere with the Aesthetic “at home” Refa Pro Device!

As they say “A picture is worth a thousand words.” Please take a moment to watch this informative video:

My philosophy regarding beauty is when you feel good on the inside it will translate to your looking good on the outside.

The ReFa Pro presents an opportunity, in my opinion, to get that wonderful balance when you use this device.

It’s absolutely designed to work on your body reproducing the same position and angle as the hands of an Aesthetician. As a result, you and your skin are able to receive the same type of massaging and relaxation in the privacy of your own home.

I often have tension in my shoulders, neck, and back from working on the computer so many hours when writing. I will take a break and use my ReFa Pro up and down my shoulders, the back of my neck, and then down each side of my back and then the center of my back. Within a few moments the tension subsides and I’m ready to get back to writing!

I believe the Microcurrent that is generated by the ReFa Pro, since it replicates our body’s natural microcurrent, creates a mild stimulation to our skin giving not only the feeling of a professional massage, but also a treatment that an Aesthetician would perform to help your skin appear more firm with that youthful healthy glow.

When you get your ReFa Pro there is a wonderful Menu provided in the instruction manual that shows you very easy techniques to use from your face to the soles of your feet that allows you to be able enjoy a full body stimulation and relaxation that will have you looking and feeling good any time!

I really like working on my face, jawline, neck and my upper arm area, and it’s so easy! The ReFa Pro does the work, and I have found the results are exceptional!

You can even use your ReFa Pro in the bathtub for real skin and body benefits…and relaxation. This is nice to do just before you retire for the evening.

The ReFa Pro is packaged beautifully with a DVD, explicit pictured instructions, and a question and answer section that I found covered every question I could possibly think of!

This is truly high technology, and I use my ReFa Pro every day.
I’ve adapted it to my personal needs, and it fits perfectly into my busy schedule. By the way, it also has a nice satin like pouch for travel, storage, or if you’d just like to take your ReFa Pro along with you.

For additional information, visit their lovely website at:

Take a “Beauty Break” any time and any place with the ReFa Pro Device!

(Source for any paraphrased information in this article is from the ReFa Pro Product Manual)

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August 20, 2012

Eva Chen of Teen Vogue!

“Back to school” Saturday is over but Eva’s expert “Back to School” Style tips and suggestions are still a go! Thank you Eva Chen. It is always a pleasure to see you.

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August 19, 2012

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month ~ Keranique has developed hair care products that address the problem of thinning hair in women !

Are you aware that the American Association of Dermatology (AAD) stated that “about 80 million men and women in the United States experience hereditary hair loss and over 40% of this group is comprised of women?”

Here is some more information quoted from the Vice President of Marketing Development of the Atlantic Coast Media Group (ACMG),Tammy Yaiser. “Hair thinning in women can be caused by a number of internal changes due to menopause or childbirth; to deficiency in certain vitamins or over styling. No matter what the cause, our Keranique solution is designed to offer everyday women a simple solution and a means to prevent it from happening in the future.”

That quote really caught my attention as I started using Keranique over a month ago after noticing while trying to grow my hair, it seemed to be shedding a bit more than usual. The blonde streaks I had on each side were also very dry and breakage was occurring. I needed to address this issue right away!

I now had also become very aware of other women’s hair and really started to notice I wasn’t alone with my hair dilemma!

Keranique Hair Care Products offered all of the solutions I was looking for. It’s information sheet and website were both very reassuring! Keranique is a product that targets a woman’s biochemistry, and not only helps treat the thinning and loss of women’s hair, but curtails the cause of aging hair. As a result, I was confident that Keranique would rebuild my hair and bring back the texture and fullness I was lacking.

(quote) “Each product in the Keranique line is enriched with a complex of keratin, amino acids and proteins to help strengthen and fortify thinning hair, along with vegetable-derived humectants that help hydrate, nourish and stimulate micro-circulation around the hair follicles.

The first time I tried the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mousse, I dried my hair and it looked clean and seemed more hydrated. Even the blonde streaks looked like they had some life in them!

I continued to use the Keranique, and each time I noticed some more improvement in the feel and all over appearance of my hair.
It even had more volume! A real change in my hair had taken place in my four weeks of using Keranique. My natural dark brown hair color was very rich and looked so vibrant. The wave in my hair was more defined and had a fuller look. My hair actually looked healthier than it had in a long time… and yes, I noticed that when I brushed my hair it was much stronger and the shedding was no longer a cause for concern!

Read the information on the website for more detailed information, and if you are currently not pleased with how your hair is looking, and have noticed that subtle thinning of your hair as I did, give Keranique a try!

You may purchase Keranique on their website at :
or at HSN:

I’ll continue to use Keranique, and anticipate even more improvement with continued maintenance.

They certainly piqued my interest, and I believe they will impress you, as well.

5-Stars for Keranique! It’s a real winner…


(Credit for quotes and paraphrasing of product information from: A Keranique information source, and the Keranique website)

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August 19, 2012

Custom Nail Solutions is the the Ulltimate in Acrylic Nail Fashion

I recently had the opportunity of having a Custom Nail Solution experience, and I must say it was a pleasant one.  At first, I was a little hesitant to try them.  I was skeptical about acrylic nails because they have been very damaging to my nails and nail beds in the past. I had seen Custom Nail Solutions on a beauty feature on television and thought I would give them try. After all, who wouldn’t want nails that are  guaranteed to “never break, chip, crack, change shape or stain and will last you a lifetime“!  Cost was also a major factor.  When I thought about how much money I had spent in the past on Acrylic nails  Between full sets, fill-ins, repairs, baby sitters not to mention travel time, wait time, not having time…There were definitely more pros than cons with this decision.  Did I mention that Custom Nails are reusable?  The investment was worth it.

Custom Nail Solution assures you that the acrylic nails are made of “PlastiFlex” -“An indestructible, high impact thermoplastic that is UV protected, anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and applied with a medical grade, non-toxic adhesive. ”

When my Custom Nails Kit arrived, it contained everything I needed to make my nail impressions, 10 plastic forms (one for each finger) and the  molding clay needed for the impressions.  Included in the Custom Nail Kit  is a throughly detailed DVD, narrated by Katie Sexton herself  The DVD gives easy to follow,  step by step instructions for making your impressions, applying, care and removal of your new nails.  Hang on to that DVD, it will come in handy.  I did have my daughter help me with the impressions. Having an assistant was helpful but not necessary.  I  suggest you view the DVD before making your impressions, it will help make the  impression making process easier when watching the DVD a second time.

After the impressions were made, I was able to choose my nail length, smile line and nail shape. I  also had a choice of either Solid Pink or French Tip, I chose French Tip.  I mailed the impression forms back to Custom Nail Soulutions in the postage paid label which was included in the Custom Nails Impression  Kit.  Custom Nail Impressions are scanned by their state-of-the-art laser and created in their computer system.  If you ever have to replace or reorder nails, they already have your scan.  There is no need for another impression. A tracking number was sent to me as soon as my nails were shipped from their plant and I knew exactly when they were going to arrive. Everything was handled so professionally, I was very impressed.

I was very excited when my nails arrived. Each one of the nails fit exactly to the natural nail it was fit for (they are numbered as you will see when the impressions are taken).  As Custom Nail Solutions assured me “This nail product is designed specifically for  me and can’t be worn by anyone else”. “Your nail bed is as unique as your fingerprint”.  That is another reason why they are so elegant looking, they look real.  The nails also came with easy to read instructions and a complete Maintenance kit which included everything needed for the care, maintenance and removal of my new custom nails.  At their website you can see the various supplies and the different kits and  prices. You can select the kit which best fits your needs and your budget.

One of the highlights for me was that I could set up my nails on the nail stand (included) and I could polish my nails thoroughly before hand. With Custom Nails, you can keep them as you ordered them or paint them with any kind of nail polish you wish. Nail Art and nail wraps can also be applied to your Custom Nails. I chose to polish them, and after 2 coats s of nail polish, I was able to let them dry thoroughly for one day before I glued the nails on.  I could never have done this at a nail salon.  I have never left a nail salon without the slightest smudge or scratch.  My new Custom Nails looked perfect and the polish was hard as a rock. Here is the astonishing news! After wearing my Custom Nails for over a week, I enjoyed them so much that I ordered a second set in a shorter size.  That is how impressed I was.  I was just as impressed with the removal of my nails.  My nails and nail beds looked great.  There was no damage which usually occurs from the drill used in salons.  I could go without my Custom Nails for a few weeks and not have my nails looking unsightly until they grew out.  I took my nails off to do some gardening and put them back on two weeks later to attend a wedding.  I also want to mention that you can use regular nail polish remover on your Custom nails and I polished them ahead of time so they were ready to wear for the wedding. It was nice to put my nails on at home and not worry about finding the time to make a nail appointment.

Custom Nails was the perfect solution to my nail dilemma.  It was easy, convenient,  extremely cost effective but most of all, my acrylic nails look fantastic, and when your nails look fantastic, you hands will look fantastic, therefore you will feel fantastic and that truly is the most important aspect of all.  Look and feel fantastic with Custom Nail Solutions.










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