August 31, 2012

Look Beautiful With Mally Beauty

To celebrate the launch of Mally Roncal’s newest website, my daughter Adrienne took out her favorite Mally eye makeup to demonstrate what she learned from Mally Beauty’s tutorials.

For those of you who are not familiar with, this newest website offers a wealth of information.  You will find Dashboards where you can receive Mally updates all in one spot, Auto Deliveries, Ratings and Reviews of products, Wish Lists and our favorite, the How To Library.  The How To Library is loaded with detailed demonstrations on how to use Mally’s “High Performance Makeup” and learn Mally’s secret beauty tips and tricks using the  various kinds of makeup in Mally’s Cosmetics line.

Looking at the photos below, Adrienne is a quick learner.  Using the tutorials and then adding her own touches, Adrienne created her own unique look using the following products to achieve her beautiful eyes.

To achieve this delicate and eye-popping look, Adrienne used the following products;  Ever Color Eye Shadow/Duo in “Twilight”,

Eye Shadow Duo in Pretty Lady, Evercolor waterproof eyeliner in Midnight and Mally’s best selling make-up item, Volumizing Mascara.

Adrienne says that “The Volumizing Mascara definitely volumizes and it  brings the whole look together”. Mally says her Volumizing Mascara is “made with an Italian base, Japanese pigments and a secret brush, it helps you build WOW lashes to the hilt”.

You definitely want the WOW! effect and you can achieve this with Mally Beauty Products which can be found at and

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