August 25, 2012

Lisa Hoffman Combines Fragrance with Elegance

Just when I thought  jewelry couldn’t be any more unique, I found Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry. Lisa Hoffman has brilliantly created a line of jewelry  that combines fragrance and fashion.  I have been wearing one of Lisa Hoffman’s  beautiful Fragrance Necklaces with a filigreed charm attached. What is unique about my necklace is that inside the charm are tiny scented beads. The beads carry the fragrance inside the charm.   As I wear my Fragrance Necklace, every so often I can smell the subtle but fragrant scent the charm carries.

The Fragrant Beads come in 5 intoxicating scents; Tuscan Fig, Tunisian Neroli, Japanese Agarwood, French Clary Sage and Madagascar Orchid.   You can refill the charm with new beads every few weeks, more or less, depending on your preference.  As an alternative to the Fragrance Jewely, these 5 scents are available in Eau de Parfum.

Tuscan Fig is the scent I chose through their unique application called iscentify.  At  a video is featured that explains exactly how iscentify suggests the fragrance that is perfect for you.   It is an amazing application, one that you must try, especially if you are not sure of the scent you would like.   You can choose more than one scent  in your charm or alternate scents depending on your mood, the choice is yours.   Another nice feature about Lisa Hoffman’s  Fragrance Jewelry is that the fragrance never touches your skin.

The Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry Collection consists of Bracelets, Necklaces and Earrings. They are available in a variety of finishes, like antique bronze or  14 kt gold plated  as well as a variety of charms.  View their exquisite line of Fragrance Jewelry at  Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry is also found at

Refills for your Fragrance Beads are also available at both websites.

Combine Fragrance with Elegance with Lisa Hoffman Fragrance Jewelry.


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