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March 14, 2012

Enrich Your Life Today with Mary Kay

Makeup, face paint, cosmetics. Whatever way you say it, it all goes on to one specific area, your face. Before I started working in the hairdressing industry I hardly wore any makeup. Sometimes mascara and eye shadow but that was about it. It wasn’t until I became familiar with Mary Kay cosmetics that I began experimenting more and more with different shades and textures of makeup.

My favorite part, when it comes to my makeup routine, is enhancing and experimenting with eye makeup. With Mary Kay’s many colored eye shadows and eye shadow kits for different colored eyes, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing and getting that perfect “eye”. I could spend hours in front of my mirror just experimenting with different techniques and colors that I lose all track of time.

Mary Kay Ash was a woman with a love for business, family, God, and lipstick. No women or young girl is complete without some pop of color on their lips. Since lipstick is kind of a fading fancy, Mary Kay Inc. has now designed new Nourishine Plus lip-gloss that not only leaves lips silky smooth but also gives off the pop of color lipstick wearers were used to.

The only problem is deciding what color or colors look best on you. I look at every color and think “oh I like that but I don’t think it’s for me”. It then makes my shopping for makeup a pain. Mary Kay even thought of that. With your own Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant, you can easily find the right shades and tones suitable for your skin and eye color. By visiting you can find, not only your consultant, but an online catalog that helps you and your consultant be on the same page.

So next time you are unsure of what kind of eye shadow color or lip-gloss color and instead of spending those ridiculous department store prices , go to and enrich your life one step at a time.

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March 14, 2012


MAXFOWLES is a sophisticated ready-to-wear line created by design team Max and Parisa Fowles. The brand combines European elegance with a sharp New York influence, creating a wardrobe for an international city girl. Their passion for luxury fabrics and impeccable tailoring is reflected in the timelessness of each piece.

MAXFOWLES debut collection reflects a modern freshness, while putting an emphasis on fine fabrics, from beautiful cashmeres and silks to the brand`s signature diamond stitch leathers. It results in an effortlessly sensual look, anchored with the core values of craftsmanship, perfect detailing and understated luxury. MAXFOWLES retails between $240 and $2,530.

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March 12, 2012

Evolution of Smooth What is EOS?



I did not have a problem with stocking stuffers this holiday season thanks to EOS.  My daughter was pleasantly surprised to find all seven delightful flavors of EOS lip balm in her stocking and now I’m hooked.   The lip balms are great!

To add to my daughter’s delight, she just discovered EOS hand lotion.  These cute pocket or purse size lotions, shaped almost like a flattened egg, have a convenient flip top cap  and EOS lotions  are designed for all skin types.  Three delightful varieties of lotions are available, Everyday Hand Lotion, Cucumber and  Berry Blossom, the NEWEST scent,  is my favorite.   EOS  lotions are 97% natural,  hypoallergenic, paraben and gluten  free.   EOS lotions also contain shea butter,  antioxidants and vitamins C and E , leaving your hands feeling silky soft.  I often keep one in my pocket  because they are not bulky.   I have one one at my desk too!  Best of all EOS lotions are not greasy.  What could be better than that?   EOS recyclable packaging makes it even more appealing.

And for air travelers, EOS Hand Lotion is less than three ounces so you can put one in your carry on when you fly (tip from my older daughter who travels often).

Don’t even mention to my daughter that EOS has a body lotion and shave cream…oops, too late, off to the drugstore!  You must try EOS lotion, I did and I’m loving my silky soft hands.

For more information on EOS and where to find a retailer near you please visit:

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March 11, 2012

SKIN RULES by Debra Jaliman, MD is your “Go To” book for all the questions you have about your skin!

SKIN RULES is an exceptionally written book that addresses just about everything you would like to be enlightened about regarding your skin. Top New York Dermatologist, Dr. Debra Jaliman has written an easy to read and understand book that you will “Go To” over and over again to glean information that will answer questions including proper seasonal care for your skin, different types of sunscreens best for your needs, fillers for instant rejuvenation, testers in the department stores, proper makeup, laser treatments, removing your makeup before you go to bed, special care for your eyes, and that is just the “tip of the iceberg”!

SKIN RULES is such a great read with so much educational information in each chapter that you will find yourself liberated from the frustration of what we often deal with when it comes to choosing what is right for us and for our skin.

These days there are so many options to ponder with all of the products, services, and procedures that are available. You’ll find that SKIN RULES is the perfect source for answers and choices to many important and often asked questions regarding tanning, wrinkles, stretch marks, moles, and other skin conditions, as well.

SKIN RULES will be released on March 13th, 2012.
You will be able to get a pre-order price if you order your copy before March 13th at

Barnes & Noble also has a pre-order price if you order before March 13th at
Barnes &

(SKIN RULES may also be purchased at the above links after it’s March 13th Launch.)

With much gratitude to Dr. Jaliman we will have a “Giveaway” of TWO copies of SKIN RULES to TWO lucky winners.(one in the USA and one in CANADA) Follow these easy instructions to register and good luck!

E-Mail Lisa at lisa@itsaglamthing(dot)com and note: SKIN RULES in the subject line. You will be automacticaly entered to win. Winners will be chosen on 4/15/2012. The lucky winners will be notified by return e-mail. Good Luck!

Debra Jaliman, MD, author of Skin Rules Bio: (QUOTE) Trade Secrets from a Top New York Dermatologist, is a board certified dermatologist with a private practice in New York City. Internationally recognized for her research and work in clinical and cosmetic dermatology, Dr. Jaliman has a reputation for using cutting-edge technology and the latest in skin care, as well as for being the “last stop” doctor, the one who fixes what others can’t. She is an assistant professor of dermatology at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and a member of the American Society of Dermatologic Surgery. She is a spokesperson for the American Academy of Dermatology and is regarded as an authority in her field by journalists and cosmetics industry, appearing frequently on television and in publications such as the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Allure, Glamour, Self, and InStyle.
Dr. Jaliman has been featured on Oprah, the Dr. Oz Show, ABC News, Fox News, CNN, NBC and in many other publications. She is often quoted as an expert authority in her field.

Make sure you take a moment to visit Dr.Jaliman’s website:

SKIN RULES will have a special place in my “Beauty” Library, and receives a 5-STAR Review !

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March 9, 2012

NEW! Organic line of hair care products

Philip Pelusi Launches New Hair Care Category:
Organic Texture Management

Philip Pelusi, CEO and founder of Tela Beauty Organics, a salon direct hair care House dedicated to cre­ating USDA Certified performance organic hair and body care products, announces a new category in the marketplace alongside the launch of two breakthrough take home texture maintenance products: Smooth Operator and Curl of My Dreams.

The turn-key operation now leads with a full range of 19 organic products and 2 organic salon treatment options. Smooth Operator and Curl of My Dreams complete the Tela Beauty Organics texture management division.

“Our organic approach to texture management combined with the innovation and performance of our organic texture management professional products and salon services, have created new ground, carving out a fresh category in the hair care and beauty industry. We have increased our product artistry and communication platforms to introduce a new concept and category to the marketplace: Organic Texture Management”, says Pelusi.

This leadership effort provides advanced options for the health conscious consumer, and diversifies choices and solutions that empower the professional stylist in the salon industry.

Hair professionals now have the tools to support the growing demand for organics in the salon environment. Stylists can broaden their expertise and sensitivity more fully with all hair fabrics without harsh chemicals or toxic straightening agents when servicing unique hair textures in-between ‘curly’ or ‘straight’.

“Tela Beauty Organics will continue to provide safe alternatives and tools for the demanding salon professional and client by combining health, beauty, and science to address texture needs and concerns organically”, Pelusi concludes.

Smooth Operator, a blow-dry smoothing serum and Curl of My Dreams, a curl enhancing elixir are anti-frizz texture products designed for easier thermal styling sessions and longer lasting style at home. Both style extenders prolong the effects and organic benefits of Tela Beauty Organics Phyto-Keratin Smoothing Treatment Blow Out™ and Tela Beauty Organics Anti Frizz Curl Enhancing Smoother, Girls Who Love Curls™ in-salon services.

Within each formula, Philip Pelusi uses his proprietary micro-emulsion technology to deliver his unique Patent Pending Pelusi Ceramide Complex (2010), a moisture rich ingredient blend for hydration, strength and nourishment.

Smooth Operator and Curl of My Dreams contain Quinoa Protein, the “Mother Grain” as a key ingredient to deeply repair and revitalize dry, frizzy hair. Quinoa Protein adds vibrancy, natural spring and healthy bounce to tired curls and waves.

Smooth Operator is concentrated with Tela Beauty Organics exclusive USDA Certified Regenerating Blend: Horsetail, Reishi Mushroom, Sprouted Soy, Red Sage and Burdock Root to achieve lustrous blowouts and to protect hair against damage and color fade.

Curl of My Dreamsdelivers Tela Beauty Organics exclusive USDA Certified Organic Hydrating Blend: Marshmallow Root, Mountain Ladybell, Plantain, Reishi Mushroom and Solomon’s Seal to help replenish and define curls with weightless moisture and shine. Curls feel natural, more manageable – never crunchy or stiff.

About Philip Pelusi

Philip Pelusi is an internationally recognized stylist, photographer and product artist synonymous with innovation in the industry. At the tender age of 20, Philip Pelusi opened his first salon and began building his salon group to include 12 salons as well as the magnificent Tela Design Studio – flagship and industry centerpiece for Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi in New York City.

Philip premiered Tela Beauty Organics by Philip Pelusi as the industry’s first USDA Certified Organic line of hair care products created in accord with the highest USDA certifiable organic standards and ingredients meeting the stringent requirements of the US Pharmacopeia. Today, Philip continues to invent new categories in the beauty industry with the innovation, safety, and performance behind his Tela Beauty Organics brand., CEO and founder of Tela Beauty Organics, a salon direct hair care House dedicated to cre­ating USDA Certified performance organic hair and body care products, announces a new category in the marketplace alongside the launch of two breakthrough take home texture maintenance products: Smooth Operator and Curl of My Dreams.

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March 8, 2012

Actress Reese Witherspoon put her best face forward wearing Avon products and looking truly first-class as she attended an event at the nation’s Capital honoring International Women’s Day !

On Tuesday, Reese Witherspoon was at the nation’s Capitol at an event honoring International Women’s Day. Her timeless look wearing Avon and mark products was created by mark makeup artist, Mai Quyhn.

Here is how Mai Quyhn created her look for Reese using products from both Avon and mark.
(Quote) Mai put the focus on Reese’s eyes, layering a shimmering gold shadow over a soft blend of neutral-colored shadows. Mai then upped the drama by using a dark eyeshadow as liner and a few swipes of black mascara on lashes. For the finishing touches Mai applied a soft rose cream blush on Reese’s cheeks and a nude colored lipstick to enhance Reese’s natural glow.

This is a look that can take you anywhere! It’s the elegance of simplicity and will really turn heads when you walk into a room.

The products you’ll need to get Reese’s classic look are listed below and they are all available from Avon representatives or by visiting :

(Quote) EYES:
• i-mark Metallic Eye Shadow in Goldi Luxe ($6.00)
• i-mark Eye Shadow in Tiki ($6.00)
• i-mark Eye Shadow in Java ($6.00)

• Shine Attract Lipstick in Nude Love ($9.00)

•Avon True Color BLush in Earthen Rose ($8.00)

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March 6, 2012

Keep those Baby Blues with RevitaLash Advanced

I am extremely pleased with the results I am achieving with RevitaLash’s  newest product…RevitaLash Advanced.  More about that in a moment…

About a year ago, my opthamologist noticed that my eyelashes were thinning and he suggested I try  a well known product.  Of course this peaked my interest and after I researched the product I concluded that it was not suitable for me.  Although this product boasted eyelash growth, it also warned of some unappealing side effects.  Besides the fact that a prescription was needed, there was one side effect that concerned me and that was the small possibility the pigment of my eye color could darken.

What !!   Change my Blue eyes brown? No way!!

There was an alternative and that was RevitaLash Advanced.  I have been using RevitaLash Advanced for over 4 weeks now and I am amazed with the results.  I can actually see my eyelashes (especially the lower ones), darker and slightly thicker.

I apply a thin strip of RevitaLash Advanced each night along the outer part of my lashes.  That’s it, it takes less than 15 seconds to do.  I am at ease knowing that RevitaLash contains no chemicals, like  the ones found in the well kown prescription brand.  I am also assured that my blue eyes will stay blue.

I do realize  that if I want to keep the desired effect of my lashes I must continue applying RevitaLash Advanced each night, which is well worth those 15 seconds  to maintain great looking lashes.

To enhance the look of my lashes, I apply Perfect Primer by  RevitaLash.  Perfect Primer  followed by RevitaLash Mascara  helped my lashes  achieve the ultimate look.  Perfect Primer helps the mascara adhere better to your eyelashes and it has a blue tint which will enhance your eye color and mascara color as well.   Perfect Primer conditions the eyelashes to help prevent breakage and this is very important to me.  I was amazed to see my lashes almost double in size.   My eyelashes were much thicker and appeared longer and I actually noticed them from a distance in the mirror which was a first.

According to their studies,RevitaLash® Advanced is both dermatologist and ophthalmologist reviewed, non-allergenic and in a clinical study over 97% of users saw an improved appearance of their eyelashes in only 3 weeks!”

RevitaLash can be found in Physician’s offices, spas, salons and speciality retailers. At you will find information on RivitaLash Advanced, RevitaBrow, Hair by RevitaLash and Mascara by RevitaLash.


Enjoy those lashes!



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March 6, 2012

Miracle Skin Transformer and founder Sarah McNamara will appear on HSN, March 6th with Miracle Skin Transformer products

I’m so excited to be writing a 2 article series about Miracle Skin Transformer and founder Sarah McNamara.

Sarah McNamara will be on HSN (Home Shopping Network) tomorrow, Tuesday March 6th at:
6AM, 10AM, 3PM, AND 11PM (EST) with her innovative products, and “15 SECONDS TO FLAWLESS SKIN” introducing the NEW Miracle Skin Transformer HYDROACTIVE MICRODERM and HYDROACTIVE CLEANSER that will be exclusive to HSN!

Make sure you tune in to see Sarah tomorrow on HSN and check back here for my first article about Miracle Skin Transformer in the next few days.

In the first article I’ll talk about my experience with the use of Miracle Skin Transformer as a National Makeup Artist, and the results I’ve experienced.

In the second article in April I’ll have an interview with Sarah McNamara about the conception of Miracle Skin Transformer and how you can learn more about this line that will give your face a flawless finished look and treat your skin at the same time!

Take a moment to visit HSN (Home Shopping Network):

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March 5, 2012

Soft, Sexy Skin Starts with Cocoa

When I shop for everyday necessities, the hardest thing to find is a body lotion that will not only hydrate my dry skin, but will also fight aging signs and stretch marks. With Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula Body Lotion and Anti-wrinkle Creams, I saw maximum results in as little as one week. I was amazed at how little I needed for my whole body and how soft it made my skin feel almost immediately.
Since they have so many products to choose from, you may wonder “ which ones are for me???” Don’t panic! When choosing the right lotion it says right on the front what problems the specific product targets and what the product aims to do; also telling you the number one ingredient used to target your problem areas. It can be overwhelming to look at all the different products on the shelf and wonder which ones will do what.

One of their products that I have tried and love are Palmers Cocoa Butter Body Milk designed specifically to target those pesky stretch marks and help to maintain your skins elasticity. I use this mostly on my arms and the back of my thighs. I also like Palmers Cocoa Butter Formula with Vitamin E to heal and soften dry skin. I love using this product on my feet, elbows, and knees right after I get out of the shower. And lastly I use “New Palmers Cocoa Butter Even Tone Body Milk”. With my freckly skin, I have used this product on some areas that are a little discolored. After using this product I don’t have this problem anymore.

Chapped lips? Wrinkles maybe? Palmers have thought of everything. Their lip balm was made for those few little areas that just need a touch; leaves your lips soft for hours and targets those dry flaky areas. Last, but not least’ “Palmers Night Renewal Cream” is loaded with vitamins and nutrients to help maintain the look of youthful looking skin, and “Palmers Gentle Daily Foaming Cleanser” is a MUST, MUST, MUST the next time you are loading up your shopping cart.

I know there is a lot to think about but like I said “don’t panic”. With” Palmers Cocoa Butter Formulas” you can’t go wrong. They were the greatest things to happen to me to correct some problem areas that I had and I am sure they will be good for you too. Happy hunting !

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March 2, 2012

Kimberly Snyder’s book ~ THE BEAUTY DETOX SOLUTION is the answer to finding your true healthy beauty from the inside out!

Nutritionist and nutritional expert Kimberly Snyder had my attention right from the start when I read her comment, (Quote) “I believe the word “health” is synonymous with the word ” beauty, explains Kim. “My definition of beauty is that it’s deep, lasting, and magnetic, and it grows from the inside out.”

After some more research I realized that Kimberly was presenting something completely different in THE BEAUTY DETOX SOLUTION: Eat Your Way To Radiant Skin, Renewed Energy and the Body You’ve Always Wanted . I was very impressed with her incredible knowledge and ability to create solutions that adapt to any readers aspirations and situations.(Quoting from promotional information), “Unlike diet and lifestyle books of the past, Kimberly discourages calorie-counting and food restrictions in favor of discovering the powerful connection between food, health and beauty.”

I would highly encourage you to visit Kimberly’s website at: Here you’ll find a vast amount of information and even a video where you’ll be able to watch Kimberly in action. You can feel her positive energy, and see she is a perfect example of what she teaches.

You’ll be motivated by her personal introduction in the book, along with thorough easy to read and understand chapters that will teach you how to “eat for beauty”, and adapt the three beauty detox phases to fit “your” lifestyle.

Here are just a few beauty secrets appearing in (Quote)
• The key to combining foods in the right order for optimal digestion ~ an essential component in losing weight and unveiling your most beautiful self inside and out.
• How to identify and incorporate beautifying foods into your diet without counting calories or carbs.
• The truth about foods that have been falsely labeled as “healthy”,but actually prevent you from reaching your optimal weight and beauty goals.
• The root causes of acne, under eye circles, and other skin afflictions, and how to banish then once and for all with proper diet and nutrition

Kimberly also includes easy recipes for you to create as you go through your “Detox Phases”.

You can purchase THE BEAUTY DETOX SOLUTION: Eat Your Way to Radiant Skin, Renewed Energy, and The Body You’ve Always Wanted at:

Barnes & Noble::’s+beauty+dextox+solution&sprefix=kimberly+snyder%2C

One of our “Lucky” Glam Gals will have an opportunity to win a copy of Kimberly’s book
THE BEAUTY DETOX SOLUTION ! You can enter to win The Beauty Detox Solution by Kimberly Snyder right now!! ~ It’s simple…Send an e-mail to lisa@itsaglamthing(dot)com with “The Beauty Detox Solution” in the subject line. ~ The winner will be notified April 1, 2012. Good Luck!!

Thanks so much Kimberly !

About Kimberly Snyder:
(Quote) Kimberly Snyder’s philosophies include a holistic approach to heal the body, increase energy, and achieve optimum health, beauty and balance in life naturally.

Drew Barrymore, Fergie, LeAnn Rimes, Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and Channing Tatum are just a few of Kimberly’s list of celebrity clients. She has prepared food for many celebrities in the entertainment field, and worked with clients on some of Hollywood’s most prestigious film sets. This well received nutritional expert has appeared on many national television programs as The Today Show, Good Morning America, E, Extra, and Good Day LA!

I give a 5 Star rating to Kimberly’s book THE BEAUTY DETOX SOLUTION, and best wishes for Kimberly’s ongoing success helping people achieve wellness on the inside and radiate beauty, as a result, on the outside 🙂

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