February 17, 2012

A “Quick and Easy” makeover using glō•minerals !

Are you in a time crunch most mornings either getting ready for work, the kids off to school, or rushing to do whatever your particular agenda might be? I truly understand and I’m right there with you!

Did you know that you can multi task with products and do a “Quick and Easy ” makeup that will up your confidence level, and give you a nice finished look in no time, no matter how busy you are… has a new brush that I will use to create most of the “Quick and Easy” makeup techniques in this article. The other glō•mineral products that I use have the applicators that are needed right on the product! How convenient is that?

(Quoting from product information literature):
The Dual Foundation/Camouflage Brush
uses a small end to apply makeup in hard-to-reach areas of the face, and a large round end for overall foundation application, as well as concealer coverage around the eye. Rounded synthetic fibers are used to emulate the fingertips when applying makeup, working to give a flawless application.”
The feel of this brush is amazing and it’s such a great multi purpose tool!

You’ll be able go from this:

To this, in very little time using the “Quick and Easy” Makeup techniques.
I suggest you reference this “after” photo to get an idea of how the application should look as you follow the instructions below!

Let’s get started! Here is what I used and how I applied the glō•mineral products to achieve this “Quick & Easy” look.

1. On clean, moisturized, and primed skin, I applied a small amount of concealer with my ring finger (It’s the most gentle to use under your delicate eye area.) I then took the large side of the Foundation/Camouflage Brush and gently blended the concealer under my eye and faded it along the top of my cheekbone. Then I wiped the brush on a piece of tissue to remove any left over concealer.

2.Using the large end of the Foundation/Camouflage Brush, I applied my glō•minerals Pressed Makeup Base. If you want a fast, easy, and flawless looking base this pressed base (Quote) “provides sheer to full coverage with an exclusive blend of antioxidants including Vitamins A, C, E, and Green Tea while delivering full-spectrum UV protection.” It is available in 21 shades covering the full range of skin tones.

I like to apply my base with the large round end of the Dual foundation /Camouflage Brush between my brows working up and around my forehead. Then apply down my nose and around each side of my face and lightly apply under my nose, around my lip area, and finish with my chin area feathering just below the jawline. Watch as your skin will take on a lovely even appearance!

If you have spot areas that might require more coverage use the smaller end of the Foundation/Camouflage brush, and address those areas. I will sometimes use this technique on the sides of my nose to mouth area for a nice highlighted look. Your face should now have a smooth flawless finish.

3.The Eyes are next and oh so easy to do! First use the large side of the Foundation/Camouflage brush. Apply a light coat of your pressed base on the complete upper eye area and lid to even out the skin color. Start from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. Wipe your brush on a tissue because now we are going to use the glō•minerals Bronzer in Sunkiss, for some definition!

I used the large side of the Foundation/Camouflage brush first with a light dust of the bronzer and applied it starting about 1/4 inch from the inner corner of my eye in a diagonal direction to the outer corner of my eye right to the top outer end of my eyebrow. (covering the lid and just a bit above the crease of my eye) This creates a nice wide eyed look to the eye.

I lined my eyes with the Brown glō•minerals pencil eyeliner. Get as close to your eyelashes as possible, and line both the upper and lower lid. This is such a subtle color you’ll never look over done. Then take the blending applicator on the other end of the pencil to smudge the lines to your desired depth. We all are different. I prefer a more defined line, but you need to achieve what is comfortable for you. I also take the blender applicator and smudge from the outer corner of my eye just above the crease of my eye. It’s very sheer because you are using the product that is already on the applicator from smudging your eyeliner, in the previous step. I always finish my eye with the small end of the Foundation/Camouflage brush to make sure the eye area is shadowed and not too dark by using the bronzer to soften the look. This might be a good time to check out the “after” picture to see how nicely it blends everything together. I know you’ll find glō•mineral products are very easy to work with! Remember we’re creating illusions that are very understated!

4. Are you ready for some enviable lips?! The product I used is the versatile Royal Lip Crayon in Empress Rose. Lightly line your lip, and with your fingertip smudge the color into your lip area. It’s a soft, feminine, and natural technique. Then blot if you want an even more natural look. Apply the gloss of your choice that will suit your mood or co-ordinate with what you are wearing. On my after picture I chose Lilac Luster, but I am never without Naked or Pink Blossom.

5. For soft, feminine youthful cheeks and a lifted outer eye corner, use your Empress Rose Crayon and put a small dot on your cheek area. Be very light handed because a little goes a long way, and you can always layer more! Blend the color up your cheek bone for a healthy glow. (Should you use too much, just take your Foundation/Camoulage brush with some base, and blend away any excess color.)

Then for the final technique on the outer area of your eye, touch a few tiny dots of Empress Rose just under the brow at the outer corner of your eye and blend it until it is just a soft glow of color! It’s magical for achieving a beautiful youthful image! (Remember just a touch!!)

6.To frame your eyes, use a glō•minerals Brow pencil with the brush applicator on the other end of the pencil! I use Taupe. It is soft, natural looking and very user friendly. Feather the color on your brows, and brush up and out very lightly to achieve a soft natural brow.

7. Finally, use the large end of the Foundation Camouflage brush, and lightly dust a bit of bronzer on your forehead, cheeks, chin, neck, and declotte” if you’d like to sport a healthy sun kissed look! Put your hands next to your face. If they are pale looking next to your face you can brush a bit of bronzer on them as well, but go lightly. That’s the whole point of this “Quick and Easy” look!!

Add some mascara, and you are good to “Go”!

Now remember…Whether I am teaching a seminar or working with a client, I always try to enlighten them to “Make it their own”! These are just detailed directions that take only moments and a few products to apply! It’s essential that you take what you’ve learned and adapt it to your style. Really have fun! It’s your face and “individual look” that you must strive to achieve! These are some shortcuts that will save you time, and you’ll look and feel terrific with all of the complements you’ll receive !

Better yet, you will be able carry a small cosmetic bag that won’t take up all of the room in your purse like mine used to! I’ve really learned to travel lightly these days !

Below is my “little” personal hand crafted Batik Cosmetic bag from Point Hope. I found it to be a “perfect fit” for all my “glō” products that I used in this “Quick and Easy” makeover. You can get one too, and find out more about Point Hope by visiting:

(Quote) The cosmetic collection formulated with natural high-pigment minerals, powerful antioxidants, and pharmaceutical grade ingredients for all skin types and conditions, including post-surgery is a division of glō•professional, the leading makeup, skincare, and spa brand dedicated to the professional and consumer markets.

You’ll be able to find a lot of information, learn about all the wonderful glō•mineral products available, and purchase them on their superb webesite:

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