November 20, 2011

Pamper yourself and relax as you find some great Holiday Stocking Stuffers and do some stress free shopping at Freeman Beauty !

Ah yes, it’s that time of year when the hustle and bustle of Holiday shopping can really ramp up your stress level, especially when you are looking for those little Stocking Stuffers for friends, relatives, teachers, co-workers, neighbors, your hair stylist, manicurist, and the list goes on and on.

Well fret no more! Holiday shopping can be fun and easy, and I’d like to share some really great products that anyone on your Stocking Stuffer list would truly enjoy. They are very reasonably priced, and will be favorites of anyone who receives them.

By the way, I highly recommend you also pick up some of these products “just for you”! Don’t ever forget to pamper yourself!

As most of you are probably going 24/7 each day, as I do, I have found the Freeman Beauty products impart such a sense of well being that you just feel good about yourself. The aroma’s are exceptional, and very subtle and unique, as well.

The Freeman Bare Hands Nourishing Hand and Cuticle Cream is a real winner.This cream is will soften hands, encourage cell renewal for better elasticity, and with the combination of the relaxing properties of Lavender Oil and calming Peppermint Oil is a very beneficial hand and cuticle treatment.

Other ingredients (Quote):
Vitamin A– Refines skin tone, and helps fight free radical sun damage.
Vitamin E– Vital antioxidant and anti-aging ingredient that protects skin from UV damage and cell damaging free radicles.
Grape Seed Extract– Vital Antioxidants in grape seeds that support and maintain skin elasticity by preventing the breakdown of collage within the epidermis. Operating as a natural alpha-hydroxy acid, grape seed extract helps diminish fine lines and wrinkles.
Shea Butter– Shea nut oils improve skin elasticity, tone and maintain hydration.

I always carry a Bare Hands Cream in my professional makeup case. It’s the first product that everyone picks up, uses and enjoys.

There is nothing like the feel of a Peel-Off Mask and Freeman Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Peel-Off Mask is like a breath of fresh air on your face. This is a great mask for normal to combination type skin. I have mature normal skin and really like the thorough clean feel of this mask and how soft my skin is after I use it. Need a little down time? This is the perfect solution! (Quote) “This mask gently peels away impurities while Cucumber extract leaves skin silky smooth.”

The ingredients (Quote):
Cucumber Extract– Provides anti-inflammatory or soothing properties to the skin.
Camomile– Neutralizes skin irritants;helps purify, heal, and calm skin.
Vitamin A– Refines skin tone, and helps fight free radical sun damage.

Freeman Bare Foot Heel & Callus Balm will get you ready to start your day, and relax your tired feet at the end of the day. This shea butter balm with plum and peppermint extracts not only relieves dry skin but helps with calluses, and cracked heels. It’s a very light weight emollient, but how smooth your feet feel as soon as you use this product.

The Ingredients (Quote):
Peppermint oil– Serves the dual objective of cooling and soothing overheated skin and keeping in check fungal and bacterial growth. It nourishes dull skin and improves the condition of the skin. Peppermint oil can also be used externally for pain. relief.
(Author’s note: Peppermint oil is one of my favorite essential oils, and I can’t say enough about how nice it enhances the effectiveness of the Bare Foot Heel & Callus Balm!)
Shea Butter-Shea nut oils improve skin elasticity, tone and maintain hydration.
Vitamin E- Antioxidants found in Vitamin E fight Free radicals, protect the epidermis from sun damage and aging, and help elasticity and tone.
Tea Tree Oil- Contains terpinoids, which are a natural antiseptic and fungicide. Helps promote tissue healing and absorbs sweat. Helps aching muscles.

This is a preview of some of the great items that Freeman Beauty has on their website! I invite you to take a look and consider shopping Freeman Beauty for your Holiday “Stocking Stuffer” gifts and enjoy the Holiday Season “Stress Free” !!

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Freeman Beauty products are also available at mass merchandise stores nationwide, including CVS & Walmart. If you like, you may also enter your zipcode on the Freeman Beauty website and locate a store that carries the Freeman Beauty products near you.

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