November 19, 2011

Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20 is a perfect choice for the guys on your holiday gift list !

As the Holiday Season approaches I believe all of us take on the quest to find a perfect gift that is not only unique, but useful for the the men on our gift list .

Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20 is an amazing “One-Step” skin care treatment that any man in your life will not only appreciate, but get the benefit of a 20 UVA/UVB SPF, the appearance of smaller pores, and a nice matte natural look to their skin.

(Quote) “MST-Men SPF20 hydrates, enhances and protects skin in ONE simple step.”

Later in the article I have some more quotes from the company literature about their product ingredients that are very impressive.

This is the perfect gift for a man! It’s such a complete product, and not complicated.

Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20 offers “The elegance of simplicity” in one tube! All a man has to do is apply a small amount to his face from the hairline to jawline after shaving. Not only will this help decrease razor bumps, and ingrown hairs but also give them their much needed UVA/UVB SPF 20 sun protection.

The fact that there is a UVA/UVB SPF 20 in MST-MEN SPF20 Transformer is what originally caught my attention regarding this product.

From my experience, a lot of men still have to be encouraged to actively use an SPF daily. Often they just don’t realize that even on a cloudy day the effects of the the sun are present. Whether they work outdoors, enjoy sports such as tennis or golf to name a few, or just wear a hat or cap on their head and neglect to put an SPF on their face, it opens the door for potential sun exposure to their skin. The bottom line is that the daily use of UVA/UVB protection IS a necessity!

My Brother, a national cinematographer, came over the other evening, as I was writing, and I told him about Miracle Skin Transformer SPF20 and let him try it on his face. His first response was, “This really feels smooth and gives my face a really nice finish.” He was quite impressed with the simplicity of the product and all of the benefits. What he was experiencing was the MST COMPLEX! (Quote) “MST MEN SPF20 delivers a smooth even skin. The colorless formula’s naturally derived Silicones provide an instant matifying effect for the skin as well as minimizes the appearance of fine lines. I was amazed!! This was the first time he had ever seen or tried MST MEN SPF20 and could instantly feel and see a difference in his skin.

I really like this information regarding MST!
(Quote) “Miracle Skin Transformer combines skin smoothing coverage with complex skincare. The SPF20 absorbs without a trace, creating an invisible barrier against Moisture-loss while calming and hydrating the skin. It’s hydration is aided by Saw Palmeto and Passion Fruit extracts, as well as Vitamin K, Vitamin A and Co-Enzyme Q10, encapsulated in tiny beads that ensure a deep penetration and a fresh dose per each use.”

That’s a real plus in a skin care product! It’s like getting a fresh burst of product ingredients every time it is used!

One more comment about this terrific product!
* It’s Dermatologically tested
* Free of petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, parabens, dyes, wax, mineral oils, and talcs
* It contains 100% natural active ingedients
* It’s not tested on animals!
* It’s made in the USA

To purchase or find out more about Miracle Skin Transformer Men SPF 20 you may visit their website:

To purchase or get information about Miracle Skin Transformer for you Glam Gals go to:

I have a few men on “My Holiday Gift List” who will be getting Miracle Skin Transformer MEN-SPF20 this year, and without a doubt I give this product a 5-Star rating!

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