November 6, 2011

Whatever your skin type you can achieve amazing results with Rena Levi Skin Care Products!

Rena Levi is a woman who has a background of over thirty years in the skin care business. Her expertise is beyond compare. (Quote) Rena specializes in clinical facial and body solutions that focus on the treatment of difficult skin problems such as acne, as well as the signs of aging.

Mentored by the esteemed Christine Valmy at the European Aesthetic Skin Care Institute in New York, Rena went on to open her own Salon in New York. During this time she researched various skin care treatments and, as a result, perfected her own techniques and products that have helped so many people achieve skin that allows them to reflect their confident inner beauty on the outside, and no longer have to be self-conscious about skin challenges that have hampered their outer appearance.

This is what impressed me so much about Rena. If you follow my writings, you all know how I feel about caring for your skin! It needs to be a person’s top beauty priority. It’s your calling card and by using Rena’s product line it can really make a difference by helping you achieve not only beautiful, but healthy skin.

What fascinated me is that Rena has worked in many different climates around the world and has taken that knowledge to design her “Signature” line of products that express the “Best” of her three decades of dedication in the skin care business. A lot of research has gone into her skin care.

Now it’s time to show you a before and after picture of a Reva Levi Skin Care client who experienced Rena’s fantastic products, first hand, and what a difference it has made with her skin!

Having an opportunity to view a number of simply amazing before and after client pictures, it was difficult for me to choose just one for this article, but this picture is captivating and as they say, ” A picture is worth a thousand words.”

Isn’t that sensational and inspiring! If you can relate to acne skin problems you may want to take a look at The Acne Kit :

I mentioned earlier that Rena also addresses aging issues with her products as well. I had the opportunity to try two products that I really liked that were appropriate for my more mature skin.

In the morning I used The Vanishing Act Soap :

I have normal skin that once was quite oily, and now can get a bit dehydrated, especially in the cooler weather. This soap is a deep cleanser that is great for oily skin, large pores, and wonderful for your whole body. What I liked is that the top surface of my skin was mildly exfoliated and felt very clean, smooth and left a very youthful glow after gently cleansing my face. My husband really enjoyed the soap, too. He had acne prone skin when he was younger, and The Vanishing Act Soap really helped with the appearance of some older acne scarring on his face.

Once a week I also used The Amazing Scrub! :

Wow…That herbal blend scrub is like the Rena Levi Skincare brochure says,”it’s like having a microdermabration session”. My skin had a healthy smooth top surface appearance, and felt so clean and fresh.

What I recommend is going to Rena’s Website at : and take a look at all of the products available. Whether you have acne prone skin, oily, or a mature skin looking for Anti Aging products, you’ll find everything you need for beautiful, healthy skin of any age with Rena Levi’s Skincare.

Now here’s a special promotion for my Glam Gals & Guys from Rena Levi! When you go online and place your product order, you’ll receive a 15% discount!

The Coupon Name is : itsaglamthing

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This offer is good thru 12/31/2011.

What a perfect opportunity for you to treat yourself to some Rena Levi Skincare and remember, there’s nothing more thoughtful than a gift of healthy skin for someone on your Holiday Gift List!

Thank you, Rena, for your time and dedication to the creation of these products that can really help a person gain confidence by achieving clear healthy skin…it is quite remarkable!

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