August 15, 2011

Vapour Organic Beauty is a unique line of skin care and makeup that will that will give you the healthy youthful look you’ve always dreamed could be yours !

Vapour Organic Beauty is like nothing you’ve tried before. It’s versatility, ease of application and finish is simply something you need to experience.

Before I show you a number of their wonderful products, let me introduce you to Eric Sakas, a celebrity makeup artist who along with an “Artisanal Cosmetic Laboratory” have made Vapour Organic Beauty a reality for all of us to enjoy!

Take a moment to meet Eric at :

Now that you’ve met Eric, have some background information how Vapour Organic Beauty came about, and know how they are (and I quote) “committed to creating cosmetics that are safe, healthy, and good for the planet,” let me show you some of their products.

The Aura Multi Use Blush for Lips, Cheeks, and Eyes caught my attention immediately. As we all lead very busy lives, a product like this is great. You can apply it with your fingers or a brush, but either way you can create some beautiful looks by wearing this product alone, blended, layered, or let your imagination go wild with creativity.

The colors from left to right are :
Foxy, Heavenly , and Courtesan!

Courtesan is great to use on the cheeks for a flush of color, and then apply it to the lips. The texture is wonderful. Depending what you wear I’d highlight the eyes with Foxy or Heavenly and put a touch of Courtesan at the outer corner of the eye for a nice lifted look. I’d also apply Foxy, or Heavenly over the cheek color to get a subtle soft look, or above Courtesan to highlight the cheekbone area. Foxy and Heavenly are great when you take a touch of color on your finger and apply it lightly over your lip color. That will give you a soft and muted look. You have unlimited choices, and the look is so natural, and easy to blend to your personal taste with Vapour. By the way, you’ll not only look good but with the “blend of anti-inflamitory Frankincense, anti-oxidant Tulsi, and moisturizing Lotus Flowers, you’ll be wearing a product that is good for your skin as well.” (quoted from PR information material)

Next it’s the very popular Elixer Lip Plumping Gloss. What a nice lip product that will really enhance your lips naturally and looks just beautiful whether on camera, enjoying a night on the town, or shopping. The color choices are “sheer to full color“, and yes , I often mix my colors to get just the right customized shade!

Talk about trending colors, I received Bitten, on the left of the picture, and Bolt on the right. Using the wand applicator to line your lip area and then blend the color over your whole lip, you’ll get tons of compliments about your enviable full looking lips. Elixer Lip Plumping Glosses have (and I quote) a ” Lip-specific” nourishing blend of lemon balm, hydrating Myrrh, anti-oxident Green Tea, and anti-microbial iceland moss to get a perfect pucker.”

Celebrity makeup artist and co-founder of Vapour Organic Beauty , Eric Sakes said, “I’ve seen thousands of women prematurely age their lips by using chemically derived lip products. “Elixer Lip Plumping Glosses are 100% natural and chemical free.” There are eleven shades from sheer to full color providing a global range of colors and textures for everyone.

Vapour’s Siren Lipstick is a naturally long wearing Lipstick that is also moisturizing. (and I quote) “Siren is formulated with “lip-specific” nourishing botanicals, including Jojoba Oil, antioxidant Pomegranate Oil, lip plumping Camelina Oil, and an infusion of rose petals to create the picture-perfect pout. It is also 100% natural and chemical free.”

This is a “Must Have” lipstick. There are fifteen shades and the ones that I tried were Possess on the left side of the photo and Tempt on the right side. Siren Lipstick has the finish that most of us look for when searching for that perfect lipstick texture. It has staying power, but it’s not dry or caky looking. It’s moist, but not too glossy, and it stays put once you apply it. I’ll be getting a number of the colors for my professional makeup case. They are just fab lipsticks!

My final Vapour product to share with you is Halo Body Spotlight. Let’s face it a nice glow is very youthful looking and a complement to any skin. This is one product that I believe any age will be able to wear with confidence! It has no glitter, or sparkly appearance which may often might be a challenge for the mature gal to wear. Halo Body Spotlight is like being perfectly lit and looking very classy with a subtle glow of illumination. It looks natural and both my granddaughter and I can wear this same product and each maintain an appropriate look for our age catagory! That is very impressive….
The color in the photo is Mystic. It imparts a soft luminous blush. The other available color is Brilliance. This is also very “state of the art” in a 24KT glow.

You’ve now been able to see a sampling of the Vapour Organic Beauty Line. I know you’ll want to visit their website and see all of their products.

They say timing is everything, and as I write this article Vapour is having a “Happy Birthday VAPOUR” special! What a great time to try Vapour Organic Beauty !

Go to : and you’ll find the “Birthday” special, and also be able to peruse all of their other products that can be purchased online. (This Birthday special is available until the end of August)

Vapour Organic Beauty gets a 5 Star Review!

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