August 5, 2011

Brand new Dual-Action Peau de Fleurs Cleanser just released by Gerda Spillmann Swiss Cosmetics!

I’ve written about Gerda Spillmann Swiss Cosmetics a number of times on my blog, and as you all know I’m quite a fan of their products that are so popular internationally, and truly admired and used in the entertainment field.

I just received this release, and had to share it with you! Gerda Spillmann’s New Dual Action ~ Peau de Fleurs Cleanser sounds like a real winner, and I knew all of you Gerda enthusiasts would appreciate getting the “scoop” on this brand new product!

Not only does this Advanced Dual Action Cleanser whisk away all the impurities and exfoliate while cleansing your skin , but it keeps (and I quote) “critical moisture content with natural moisturizers” on the skin, resulting in not only a clean feeling, but a radiant glow to the skin, as well.

(Quoting from their press release) “Advanced Dual Action Cleanser is formulated with only pharmaceutical grade ingredients that are extracts from natural sources such as the Comfrey Plant and Tamarind Seed, which is highly regarded for significantly improving skin elasticity, hydration and smoothness.

The evanesce exfoliating beads work to dissolve make-up, oil, clogged pores, skin contaminants and wash away dead skin cells leaving you feeling refreshed with glowing radiance.”

Even better, Gerda Spillmann is offering this advanced Dual Action Peau de Fleurs cleanser at an introductory price of $39.00.

What a great time to go to this website: You’ll be able to order now, and be one of the first to experience this new cleanser from Gerda Spillmann Swiss Cosmetics ~ since 1944!!

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