July 13, 2011

Meet your new best friend ~ Shadow Shields!

If you wear eye makeup or are a makeup artist… get ready to meet your new “Best Friend”!

When I received a package of Shadow Shields to write about, I relived a number of scenarios of eye shadow “Fall out” issues that I had experienced during my early makeup artist days, and thought to myself how ingenious these Shadow Shields are, and how I wish I would have had them back then!!

Shadow Shields are simply amazing. There is nothing worse than applying your eye makeup perfectly and then noticing a “fall out” of eyeshadow has migrated to the lower eye area right on top of your concealer. You then gently try to remove it with a q-tip or sponge, but it smears instead and you look like you have a black eye. What’s worse is if you are a makeup artist and that happens to your client!

Well Shadow Shields have come to the rescue! These easy to use shields let you to apply your eye makeup hands free. You’ll no longer have to hold a tissue under the eye while trying to apply you or your client’s eye shadow!

Here are the 4 steps that I received with the Shadow Shields (and I quote):
1. Remove top corners of backing and apply shield below the eye.
2. Apply eye makeup.
3. When Finished, gently remove shields and dispose.
4. Say bye-bye to messy “raccoon eyes!”

Find out more information about Shadow Shields at: http://tinyurl.com/62xs4s5

I give these “Must Have” Shadow Shields a 5-Star Rating !

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