June 27, 2011

21 drops pre-blended therapeutic grade essential oils offer a natural solution to help you feel better naturally

Essential Oils have been used throughout the ages for the purpose of healing and helping us feel better via body, mind, and spirit. 21 drops has taken this knowledge, and developed combinations of various 100% natural, organic or wild crafted oils from the “healing properties” of plants that focus on 21 problems that most of us, at one time or another, have issues with.

When given the opportunity to try 21 drops, I was extremely enthusiastic to check them out. I had decided that stress was something that seems to be ever-present with the type of work that I do, and was absolutely ecstatic when my roll-on bottle of “#11 De-stress” (pictured) arrived.

I followed the easy instructions (and I quote from my #11 De-stress information sheet) to apply early, and often to temples, wrists, collarbone and front of the neck. Dab under nose and breathe in frequently throughout the day.

For me, I start my day with #11 De-stress! It can be used “anytime and anywhere”. My bottle of #11 De-stress is always with me, and it imparts a calming, more balanced, and not as “anxious about things” demeanor that I usually tend to deal with.

Here are the ingredients in #11 De-Stress (Quoted from 21 drops information Sheet) :
•Frankincense resin oil
•Lavender flower oil
•Ylang ylang flower oil
•German chamomile flower oil
•jojoba seed oil (carrier)

Take a moment to peruse their very informational website: www.21Drops.com

There you can find out more about aromatherapy, information about ingredients used in their blends of essential oils, and all about their company and dedication to creating these wonderful blends! You will also be able to see all the 21 blends you can choose from and purchase right on their website!

It gets even better! You can even find out how to have a special blend created just for you….if you wish.

And….they have new 21 Drop Trios! ( and I quote from their website) Our new Trios combine our remarkable aromatherapy blends into sets that make sense in the context of daily life.

Once again, I encourage you to enjoy all the aromatherapy information and 21 drops products that are available at :www.21Drops.com

I give 21 drops a 5- Star review!

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