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October 7, 2010

The Plaza Beauty and Lampeberger

One of my favorite places to go in the city to keep up with what is going on in the international world of beauty, accessories, and fragrance,  no doubt about it, has to be The Plaza Beauty.  Yes at THE Plaza.  I loved working on the Eloise movies because it meant I got to hang out at the Plaza.  It is a magical pace with its history and its cinematic presence.  I must admit, that I find the Plaza Beauty on the Grand Concourse level to have a magical quality as well.  It is relatively new, (2008) and is constantly expanding to keep up with their world-wide clientele’s tastes, and demands. 

Their buyers scour the world to bring you the best in beauty, accessories, jewelry and fragrance.  I find products there that I would never find anywhere else.  Their top notch staff is friendly and extremely knowledgeable.  They constantly add new items to their line, and most of these products are exclusive to The Plaza.  They are working on an online shop, and I am sure that their customers will be grateful when it is up and running!  

And surprise, surprise……………they aren’t expensive!  A great place to go to find special items and gifts for holidays, occasions, events or as a thank you . 

An item that I happened to see there last night that I loved was Lampeberger Paris Easy Scent System that is being launched today at The Hampton International Film Festival.  I am a big fan of aromatherapy, and I find there are psychological and physical reactions triggered by certain aromas.  I have found that certain fragrances are helpful in relaxation, and sleep as well as fragrances that are invigorating, energizing and stimulating. I find fragrance can affect my mood and help give a sense of complete well being.  They can help me to sleep, and make me more creative.   I surround myself with them whenever possible.

I have a lot of aroma diffusers, but some aren’t that pretty with all the tubing.  Switching scents is not easy. There are other diffusers that saturate the air and are overwhelming.  They have no control. And while I like the ones that you put a candle under, there are four problems with that; 1) the candle, and remembering to blow it out, 2) heating the fragrance alters the full properties to the essential oils, 3) the oils themselves are messy, hard to keep and have a tendency to get all over everything and 4) cleaning the diffuser is a pain!  Well, I soon will be adding a Lampeberger system to my apartment and getting rid of my old stuff!

  LampeBerger Paris, formed in 1898 by Maurice Berger, a pharmacy dispenser, to purify the air in hospital wards and have more than a century of innovative ways to clean and purify the air, bring us an all new cold release system.   The cold release system preserves the full properties of the essential oils.  The EasyScent diffuses the right amount of essential oils and home fragrances without saturating the atmosphere.

Their exclusive alcohol-free fragrances are in cartridges, no touching and keeping messy oils or liquids.  They deliver a constant quality and intensity for 150 hours of use.  The fragrances available are in the relaxing fragrance range are:   take it easy; sweet dreams; let the sun shine and sweet memories.  The stimulating fragrances are: let’s celebrate; wake up; brainstorming; and love affair.  You can easily switch refills at any time to benefit from the specific aromachological atmosphere you desire.  The diffuser also functions intermittently for four hours and shuts itself off automatically, without you lifting a finger. 

A range of 6 diffusers are available, from design to natural to contemporary, and they are works of art themselves.  And I am told great night lights! Each diffuser is presented in a box set containing:  the diffuser;   20 hour fragrance easy scent refill; 2 rechargeable batteries and; a charger for the batteries.  A great gift, even if it is for you!  After all, in addition to the oils creating a delightful fragrance to the air that you breathe, they also purify it and contribute to making your home space the tranquil sanctuary that it should be!

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October 7, 2010

Softsoap Nutri Serum Body Nourishing Wash

Getting Your Skin Ready for Winter

Softsoap Nutri Serum Body Nourishing Wash

I love when the air starts to turn a little crisp! And when the leaves change color! Basically I love most everything about the fall………except for trying to figure out the best way to protect and maintain my skin so it won’t completely dry out when the harshness of winter arrives!  And while I have always moisturized, it is a constant battle to keep my skin hydrated and protected.

Sera’s have long been used in facial products.  They are normally a highly concentrated fluid, rich in vitamins and minerals. They hydrate and protect the skin keeping it soft, and healthy looking.  Thankfully now that sera is now available in a body wash.

Softsoap, the Colgate-Palmolive Company brand line that has been bringing us a wide variety of liquid hand soaps and body washes for many years, is now bringing us new Nutri-Serum Body Wash which is nutrient rich, soap-free and dermatologist tested.  New Nutri-Serums is the first body wash to be infused with nutrient rich, softening serum pearls and mineral extracts.  Softsoap’s Nutri Serums  contain Vitamin E and omegas 5 & 6, which are used to hydrate and protect the skin.   

Why use a body wash?? Body washes have a lower PH than bar soap and is gentler to the skin.  A body wash will not dry out the skin as much as bar soap. In addition, body washes have also been shown to retain 30% more moisture versus bar soap. Softsoap’s Nutri-Serum Body Wash is a luxuriously scented formula which delivers a concentrated dose of essential nutrients and hydrators, with no soap to dry your skin.  It rinses off clean, leaving your skin exceptionally soft and protected……….a perfect way to keep skin soft, nourished and healthy looking all year long!

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