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The Bunny Beauty Box is a gift that keeps on giving

I have discovered a fabulous beauty box,  Bunny Beauty Box, a cruelty-free and vegan beauty box subscription which launched this May. This woman owned company’s main goal is to "inspire and encourage beauty enthusiasts to use cruelty-free and vegan products that do not involve animal testing. The … [Read More...]

NaturaBrasil New natural ingredient line, Ucuuba

NaturaBrasil New natural ingredient line, Ucuuba   This time of year the dry, bitter, cold wind and indoor heat wreaks major havoc on my skin. But have no fear with NaturaBrasil’s NEW natural ingredient line, Ucuuba, which means, quite literally, “butter tree” in the local language … [Read More...]

Elphia Beauty first concept store is opening in Manhattan

Elphia Beauty is pleased to announce its first concept store is opening in Manhattan, New York. Joanna Krupa, Elphia Beauty’s Brand Ambassador, Celebrates the Opening of Their First Concept Store on December 15th, 2018 137 Hudson Street New York, New York The concept store is located at … [Read More...]

Your Holiday Start-Up Company Fashion Gift Guide!

Startups are often seen as new think tanks making better, smarter, or cooler products faster than traditional companies can. And thanks to the lean businesses models made possible by the internet, those products don't have to cost more than the status quo they're replacing. Their uniqueness, cool … [Read More...]

How to up your fashion quotient during a trip

  Fashion is a statement that you make through your attire or the way you carry yourself. Be it at your workplace or during a casual party, your dresses tend to make a point. Now on usual occasions, it is comparatively easy to decide as to what should be your fashion game. But it takes a … [Read More...]

VICI Collection has everything all fashionistas need to shine this holiday season

Vici Collection - It’s that time of year again ladies to get your glam on and look oh-so stunning at all those holiday parties. From your daytime office party, your BFF’s Christmas party, your guy’s office gala and of course New Year’s Eve celebrations, there are lots of occasions to get your … [Read More...]

Top 5 jaw-dropping and jaw-breaking dresses at Emmy’s 2018

  Emmy Awards has always been a star studded event where celebrities sashay in their fairy tale gowns from the very best designers of the industry and the annual 70th Emmys 2018 was not any different. People were glued to the screen watching celebrities arriving to the red carpet in their … [Read More...]

Holiday Accessory MUSTS to Add to the Holiday Shopping List by Ella Grace

4 Holiday Accessory MUSTS to Add to the Holiday Shopping List by Ella Grace Let’s be honest. A girl really can’t have too many cute bags. Every fashionista needs her stylish bucket bag for laid-back weekends, a wristlet for sparkly holiday dresses, a little faux pouch for dinners out. The list … [Read More...]

Struggling with addiction? You Can Get Your Life Back.

There are a lot of people who are trying to get clean but do not have the ability to get to treatment right away. This means that they need to have a DIY guide that will help them with their rehab. These people might get to rehab eventually, but they need to be sure that they have taken the time to … [Read More...]

Best CBD Oil Review – Bioavailability and Why Does It Matter

  Whether you’re new to the world of CBD or are an experienced user, the most pressing question that comes to people’s minds is how to get the most out of their CBD. It turns out that a major factor to this is the “bioavailability” of CBD Explorer. What is CBD Bioavailability? … [Read More...]