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Brass & Unity Jewelry Designed By Veteran

Brass & Unity - This stunning jewelry line was created by a female veteran who returned from Afghanistan with PTSD. She now gives back a percentage of profits to veterans. Each of her bracelets tell a story. We particularly love the Brass & Unity matte black onyx bracelet that helps to calm … [Read More...]

STS Blue will customize a jean jacket

sts blue ( - sts blue offers FREE embroidery options to customize a jean jacket with something special. That solves the problem of “what do I get her she has everything!?” You can now customize something for her so it’s one of a kind. On Black Friday sts blue will be … [Read More...]

Under $100: Lucy Hale Wears Unpublished!

Lucy Hale was photographed wearing Unpublished while leaving her morning workout in Studio City yesterday. The actress looked cool and casual in Unpublished's DRE Cropped Boxy Oversized Trucker in Darkstone ($79, … [Read More...]

Your no excuse guide to staying toned while traveling this holiday season Many fitness enthusiasts find it difficult to follow their normal exercise plan while traveling to see family or friends for the winter holidays.  Unfamiliar environments, tightly-packed family living conditions, or lack of exercise equipment may hamper even a fitness fanatic’s best … [Read More...]

EverSmile WhitenFresh is the perfect solution for protecting your teeth

EverSmile WhitenFresh is the perfect solution for protecting your teeth. The season of celebration is finally here! Throughout the holidays, between cocktail parties, family gatherings, and office soirees you might find yourself indulging on appetizers, desserts, or even red wine! The strong … [Read More...]

Kylie Jenner and a Nexxus Reveal

Kylie Jenner, no one does a reveal quite like her! She took us all by surprise once again by dying her real hair a silvery platinum shade last week. To care for the aftermath, Jenner teamed up with Nexxus to treat her hair with the proteins that damaged hair loses by using the Nexxus Keraphix range. … [Read More...]

Classic Jewelry Pieces Every Woman Should Own

Regardless of your styling preferences, classic jewelry pieces never fail to give the right finish to your look. Whether you wear a uniform or different clothes every day, the right jewelry will make you look perfect – not to plain, not too much, just right. People love jewelry, and it’s important … [Read More...]

Skyy Hadley has the best winter nail care tips

 Skyy Hadley has the best winter nail care tips and she is sharing them with us! Often times when we think of the negative, long-lasting effects the winter weather can have, we think of our skin - not our nails. But, nail care is just as important as skin care this season, as it tends to be the time … [Read More...]

Five Custom-Printed Holiday Gift Ideas

So you’re thinking about doing things different this holiday season. You like the idea of special, handmade gifts for all your loved ones, but you don’t feel like you have the time or artistic abilities like all the crafters you see on Pinterest. A printing company like PurpleTrail offers … [Read More...]


ZKS Designs is featuring its Swarovski holiday jewelry collection for more than 80% off for Cyber 5 (Thanksgiving, Black Friday to Cyber Monday). The Swarovski Zirconia jewelry is made with solid 10k or 14k White and Yellow Gold (not an overlay) and Sterling Silver Nickel Free (hypo-allergenic) and … [Read More...]