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Your Carolina TV, Tune in Monday for a New Spring Summer Beauty Haul

                  Your Carolina TV, WSPA. Tune in tomorrow as I present more of my favorite beauty finds, some from the past and some brand new, but all fabulous and all It's a Glam Thing Favorites! You'll get to see and learn … [Read More...]

GADGIT GIRLZ Are Keeping It Covered & Swig Is Keeping It Cold and more.

  GADGIT GIRLZ, Alita & Celeste, are right on target with their Lizzie Skin Wear for "Anti- Lizard skin".  Chest and neck wrinkles and skin cancer are caused due to excessive sun exposure.  This fabric is UPF 50+ for neck and decolletage sun protection. Wear the Lizzie while enjoying a … [Read More...]

Want to Grow Younger? Here Is How

Attitude determines the level of everyone’s success. Aging is something that no one can overturn and so you can only embrace it. The effects that come with age like the sunken face and the wrinkles are what many loathe. It is crucial to adopt behavior that will make you look young, as you grow old. … [Read More...]

Jasmine Tookes Really Loves Gabriel NY Jewelry!

Jasmine Tookes shared a photo on Instagram, stacking her Gabriel NY 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle ($825) and 14K Yellow Gold Diamond Bangle ($965) from the Bujukan Collection ( The model also wore the same Gabriel NY bangles out for a dinner date in West Hollywood last week, and … [Read More...]

Coffee Concerns: Q&A With Dr. Ehsan Ali, Concierge Doctor to the Stars

  Does coffee actually have an effect on your mood? Yes, coffee is a stimulant, which typically elevates your mood, making you feel good. However, with some patients, overstimulation of the nervous system can cause a boost in adrenaline, leading to anxiety. Why does coffee make … [Read More...]

Lay-N-Go, Revisiting Lay-N-Go and a New Video Soon To Come!

  LAY-N-GO is a product worth revisiting! It's a beauty essential. Elizabeth Colen, Fitness Expert and Life Coach, It's a Glam Thing, featured the Lay-N-Go in a TV segment in Indianapolis a year or so ago.  The presentation was met with much enthusiasm about this simple but "oh so helpful" … [Read More...]

Annie Hatcher Looks Stunning in YBF Cosmetics

  Annie Hatcher looks simply stunning in this photo of her wearing ybf Cosmetics  Lipstick & Lip gloss duo. Annie has prepared a video (at a Florida beach!) of her using the products, describing the shades, explaining why she loves them and more.  Check back soon for the video and in the … [Read More...]

Hot Tools Professional The CurlBar Set, Steps to Create You Own Glamour Waves

Hot Tools Professional The CurlBar Set can help you achieve waves as those on the lovely model pictured above. STEP 1: Select the desired barrel for the size of curl you need. STEP 2: Set the desired temperature according to the hair texture. STEP 3: Wrap hair around the CurlBar beginning near … [Read More...]

Royal Beauty Predictions with YouCam Makeup

[Read More...]

The DOUX is A MUST DO! New Indie Hair Care Line Now Available at Target

THE STORY: There’s something NEW and worth telling people with curls of all types and textures about. The Doux® (pronounced The Do) is a “new school” modern hair care system with an “old school edge.” With packaging that is bold and bright and product titles inspired by 90’s hip hop, The Doux is … [Read More...]