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Stained Teeth and Bad Breath? Here Is What To Do About It

  Stained teeth and bad breathe? Each day we eat and drink things without giving a second thought about the impact that they may have on our teeth or breath. Yet we will look into the mirror and wish our teeth were whiter, or find throughout the day that we suddenly have breath that makes us … [Read More...]


    LASERS TO BALLOONS, THE SKINNY ON SLIM-DOWN TREATMENTS New treatments and procedures claiming to blast fat and smooth skin enter the market regularly, offering the possibility of a contoured, toned body. Many people who exercise regularly, and watch what they eat find stubborn … [Read More...]

High Fashion Shoes, 5 Trends in and How to Make them More Comfortable

  High Fashion Shoes, 5 Trends and How to Make them More Comfortable- It’s difficult to discuss high-fashion women’s shoes without discussing high heels. After all, heels or pumps tend to dominate the fashion world. Women love them, men love to look at them. They make women look more … [Read More...]

How Do Cosmetic Lasers Work?

    Laser, as an acronym, is an abbreviation for "light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation." A laser is actually a single color of light (one wavelength), which is a high-energy light source that can be concisely directed to focus the light beam on a very small … [Read More...]

The Jewelry Junkie Designs Will Complement Your Poolside And Summertime Looks

The Jewelry Junkie - You’ve got the perfect swimsuit and the perfect shades. Don't forget sunscreen and a fabulous floppy hat! Now, all you need is the perfect jewelry accessories! The Jewelry Junkie designs will complement your poolside look with their unique leather, boho-inspired designs. From … [Read More...]

Heidi Klum Wears Silk Laundry!

Heidi Klum was seen wearing Silk Laundry earlier today while out in NYC! The super model kept it casual chic in the 90s Silk Slip Dress in Dahlia ($161, … [Read More...]

Shanina Shaik Wears gorjana!

  Shanina Shaik shared a photo on Instagram wearing gorjana! The model showed off a sultry look in a silk dress accented with gorjana's Rumi Confetti Adjustable Necklace ($75 , … [Read More...]

4 Popular Myths about Breast Augmentation and the Truth Behind Them

  If you’re thinking of undergoing a breast augmentation procedure, there are so many things that you have to know about the process that will help you make an informed decision. There are tons of myths and misconceptions about this surgical procedure. Some might be the very ones that are … [Read More...]

5 Ways to Take Control of Your Health

It doesn’t matter if you’re old or young, male or female, are living with a medical condition or have a clean bill of health, there will be many ways you can improve your lifestyle. A proactive mindset can help you to effectively care for your physical and mental health, which could add years … [Read More...]

Sleep Deprivation and The Type of Mattress You Should Consider Buying

There is so much happening in the world right now and we often find ourselves unable to stay on track and focus on our work. Most people have adopted the art of multi-tasking and its not really a good thing. Your cognitive function decreases when you are tired as a result of the neurons in the … [Read More...]