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Affordable shopping is all at Primark!

Galway, Ireland has become a very popular tourist destination with its beautiful valleys, castles and the shopping! Having one of the most fascinating stores I have ever been in, I couldn't wait to share it with you. Think about this for a minute, clothes, shoes, jewelry, & accessories for … [Read More...]

Game Face

Birchbox Partners with Estée Lauder for Breast Cancer Awareness

Birchbox has partnered with The Estée Lauder Companies (ELC) to create an exclusive box of beauty samples in support of breast cancer awareness this October. Birchbox has committed to donating $104,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), which will fund one year of breast cancer … [Read More...]

Reset yourself and help fight Cancer

  Make a simple swap for Breast Cancer Awareness month to reduce your risk! Switch up the way you sweat with Reset Yourself Pure Deodorant, an all natural deodorant that reduces your exposure to toxic chemicals such as Aluminum. The 100% Aluminum free formula is designed to help women … [Read More...]

fearless beauty

Fearless Beauty NYC event

Heather Packer, founder of Fearless Beauty and stylist at Cutler salon, is truly changing lives. Through training and mentorship, she is giving women the knowledge & tools to put their skills to use and earn a sustainable income. To continue the empowerment of these women in India, Fearless … [Read More...]


Breast Cancer Awareness Inspired Nails from Lauren b.

The latest from Lauren b.: Everyone around the world comes together this month to support Breast Cancer Awareness. Whether it’s your mom, sister, aunt, or grandma we all know someone personally or have heard of someone affected by this terrible disease, and how important it is to support these women … [Read More...]