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Heart Shaped bun by Michael Duenes

HOW TO: Get this fun Heart Shaped Fishtail Bun by Michael Dueñas

Michael Dueñas, celeb hair expert and founder of Hair Room Service, launched a YouTube Series which is set to feature weekly hair tutorials of the latest red carpet trends – with the first being his HEART SHAPED FISHTAIL BUN (below). Check out the video here: … [Read More...]


Coconut to Go!

By Lisa Gal I love coconut oil. It has so many uses, smells so great and is actually good for you! The bummer I find (usually) is that it comes in a jar. Not very convenient or very easy to get out for personal use (especially once it is warmer than room temperature). My problems are now solved, … [Read More...]


Buy for the Global Good

By Lisa Gal How many times have you traveled to another country and thought, wow, these local artisans are so talented! I always feel good helping the women (and even children) in their little communities and villages by buying locally from them. I've traveled all over and brought back gifts and … [Read More...]



He may be young, but Hollywood child star Evan Brinkman sure knows how to steal a scene and he proved that in the recent hit Judd Apatow comedy Trainwreck. In the film, Evan played the dorky, sweet, and sensitive stepson Allister who annoys Amy Schumer’s character throughout. In real-life he is … [Read More...]



When it comes to ideal summer weather there’s no city better than LA. The weather in LA  can be thought of “pool weather” almost all year long.  What better way to spend a warm LA summer day or night than by the pool. The good news is you don't have to make the 4 hour trek to Vegas to experience an … [Read More...]