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Head to Toe Glow

Summer skin glow begins in the shower, your shower. You don’t have to shell out big bucks to have younger looking skin. Jump into the shower with dull, dry, dead skin and let Aqua Beauty Ocean Fresh Salt Scrub + Polishing Glove system turn back the hands of time. This Dual exfoliation set … [Read More...]


3 Reasons A Balanced Life Is A Better Life

At Work And At Home, Success Depends On Finding Equilibrium, Magazine Editor And Stroke Survivor Says Life sometimes can seem off kilter as responsibilities mount and people plow all their physical and mental resources into what seems to be the most pressing crisis of the moment. But Lumbie … [Read More...]


This Week’s Mantra: “Follow your Instinct”

The saying: "Follow your Instinct" sounds simple, but it is actually quite challenging. When you see the same person three times in one day, run into your high school crush at the grocery store, or have a recurring dream about your best friend, FIND OUT WHY! Follow that instinct and launch yourself … [Read More...]

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Chips of the Sea

By Lisa Gal New and strangely addictive Lime SeaSnax are heading to the 2015 Emmy Nominees and guests staying at the Four Seasons Beverly Hills for Emmy Award Season. They will be among the first to try the new Lime flavored SeaSnax. Once they finish off that delicious pack of seaweed sheets … [Read More...]


Get Serious About Happiness with LiveHappy Magazine

By Lisa Gal You can’t help, but be uplifted when you read LiveHappy Magazine. From the front to the back it is chock full of tips and suggestions on how you can be a happier you. With titles like “The Power of Positivity” and “Joyful Havens” it makes you want to delve in and see how people keep … [Read More...]