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a Cavat tied neck tie

“Bow tie” it up

I have always loved learning anything and everything about this industry and on top of that I also love history. Little did I know that back when I was a tween and found my passion that history and the beauty/fashion industries go hand in hand. What do I mean by that you ask? The more I learned … [Read More...]

Infusion Remax's Jacqueline Valdez & Jason Rex

A “summer nights dream”

After hours of preparation, excitement and few gallons of hairspray later, the VIP Exclusives Fashion Show was underway at the Tampa Convention Center making it a "summer night's dream". Founded in 2004 by business man and entrepreneur Terrance Shaw, VIP has brought nothing but top notch service … [Read More...]



While I appreciate a well dressed woman, I LOVE a well accessorized woman even more. I especially love when women wear jewelry. Jewelry tells a story, it adds dimension and most importantly it shows personality. One of my favorite jewelry lines is Jennifer Reeves Designs … [Read More...]


Sally Hansen, You have out done yourself

One of my favorite brands of Nail Polish is Sally Hansen. Why? Because Sally Hansen Nail Care Products have never let me down. Whether I'm using "Hard as Nails, Insta-Dry, Big Glitter Top Coats or using one of their amazing manicure tools, I always have excellent results. My recent experience with … [Read More...]


Have fun and be cheeky in a Courtney Allegra bikini!

When it comes to swimwear and 18-year olds, most of the time the big decision is which bikini bottoms to pair with which bikini top. However, when it comes to 18-year-old Courtney Allegra, the big question is which swimwear designs to launch this season. At 18, Courtney Allegra has achieved more … [Read More...]