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It's A Glam Thing

Its a Glam Thing

Lisa Cocuzza

Lisa Cocuzza a writer for It's a Glam Thing blog which focuses on beauty tips and products, fashion and style, health and fitness and free giveaways.

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Swag isn't just for celebrities. You don't have to be famous to get free stuff, you just have to be YOU! You can enter DAILY to win these great prizes from our sponsors many of them have been featured in celebrities gift bags!

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It's a Glam Thing Bloggers

Teen bloggers


Adrienne and Rachel lead our team of It’s a Glam Thing teen bloggers. With varied personal & academic interests, ...

Blog Profile

Elizabeth Morrell

Elizabeth Morrell

Elizabeth Morrell is Ms. Fit One. She is a Certified Personal Trainer as well as a Certified Nutritionist who ...

Blog Profile

Lizzy Small


Lizzy Small is a singer, actress and University of Santa Barbara college student. This talented gal adds triple threat ...

Blog Profile

Julee Ireland

Julee Ireland

Julee Ireland is a native of Seattle, Washington and a true jack-of-all-trades with a colorful career that has spanned ...

Blog Profile

Donna Raheb


  Donna Raheb is a part time legal secretary at her husband’s law office. Donna enjoys attending beauty and fashion ...

Blog Profile

Donna Spangler


Donna Spangler is a Hollywood Beauty, Fitness & Lifestyle Expert who has appeared on many television & internet shows ...

Blog Profile

Vicki Fischer


 Vicki Fischer has actively worked in the world of entertainment for over thirty years as an actress, model, commercial voice ...

Blog Profile

Laurie Carcieri


Laurie Carcieri is a proud mom of two and a devoted wife of 22 years. She worked in the ...

Blog Profile

Enya Flack


ENYA FLACK is an actress, reporter, television spokesperson and entrepreneur best known for her series regular role on UPN’s ...

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Lisa Gal


Lisa Gal creates Hollywood Swag and gift baskets for the elite Hollywood Celebrities in Los Angeles and New York. ...

Blog Profile

Nick Northstar


Nick Northstar grew up in the bustle and hustle of Hollywood. His father, a sound mixer, and mother (one ...

Blog Profile

Dawn McCarthy


 Dawn McCarthy spent over 10 years in the Telecommunications industry before entering the magazine business and the public relations field. ...

Blog Profile

Guest Blogger


Visit Guest's Blog

Blog Profile

Melinda Lombardi


Melinda Lombardi is an accomplished creative makeup artist with experience in all aspects of media make-up, film, television, fashion and ...

Blog Profile

Annie Hatcher


Annie Hatcher is a self proclaimed products junkie. She is an active t.v. personality, brand ambassador, publicity assistant and beauty ...

Blog Profile

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Lisa Cocuzza's It's a Glam Thing offers services including VIP gift bags, on-line, consumer & television audience give-aways, event sponsorships, product reviews, expert advice and more. You'll find It's a Glam Thing Beauty/Style Experts featured on TV shows like Arizona Midday, Good Things Utah, Studio 62 SC, Studio 10 Tampa/Sarasota, IndyStyle and more.

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