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Luxury Hand Blown Glass from the Hands of Designer Cheryl Saban

by Lisa Gal Cheryl Saban's luxury handblown glass designs add a touch of elegance to any decor. She has transitioned her classic designer's touch seamlessly into her highly sought after handcrafted items. The Cheryl Saban Designs atelier on Nemo street is a gift shoppers oasis now widely … [Read More...]

Seaweed with a Twist

by Lisa Gal They say seaweed is an acquired taste, however, it was not one that ever grew on me until I tried SeaSnax. They aren't kidding when they say SeaSnax are strangely addictive. Whether you are just looking for an alternative snack or something to add to your salads and side dishes you … [Read More...]

Gasparilla Extravaganza 2018 Hands Across The Bay

Gasparilla 2018 is just 11 days away! Come support Hands Across the Bay at the Gasparilla Extravaganza on January 27th hosted by Rainmaker Capitol, Facility One, and Casino Scouts. It's an exciting event with a front row view of the Gasparilla Boat Parade from the ballroom of The Westin Harbor … [Read More...]

Stowaway Cosmetics are just the right size!

All Stowaway Cosmetic products are made to go with you, wherever you go. You won't find yourself leaving them to sit on your bathroom counter or in your nightstand drawer. Take them along without weighing down your purse. They are smaller sized products that you will love. Did you know? 75% of … [Read More...]

50 Makeup Tips Every Woman Should Know

Popular with drag queens, baking is a goof-proof way to ensure smooth, natural concealer all day long. You simply apply a thick layer of loose powder, such as Coty AirSpun or Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder, over top of your concealor before it sets with a damp sponge. Continue doing your … [Read More...]

MyPillow for pets

Love these. So comfy for our Fur Babies! MyPillow for Pets is designed with an inner layer featuring MyPillow's patented interlocking fill while the removable outer shell makes it easy to clean. Made in the USA they have a limited 10-year warranty. One side of the MyPillow For Pets has paw prints … [Read More...]

Flip Flops for the Lifestyle, the Heart, and the Sole

by Lisa Gal Samba Sol flip flops are earth-friendly flip flops made with recycled, Brazilian rubber. At Samba Sol they attack the environmental issue from start to finish, by crafting their sandals out of recycled waste, and ensuring that, when discarded, they return to the earth from which they … [Read More...]

Believe in Yourself is coming to Rhode Island

The charity called Believe in Yourself will be coming to Rhode Island for the first time and donating new " in style" dresses to girls in the Rhode Island area next week. Sam Sakhalin, Founder of UsTrendy, the world's largest Independent Fashion ecommerce site, started the Believe in Yourself … [Read More...]

5 best bridesmaid dress ideas for 2018

It isn't quite wedding season yet, but it is definitely wedding planning season. So, now is the time to check out what trends and colours are in fashion for 2018. Once upon a time, bridesmaids dresses were well... awful. Thankfully, now there are plenty of beautiful options that set the tone for … [Read More...]

Five Reasons You Should Cook at Home

It’s no secret that going out for lunch and supper is way more accessible then whipping up a meal at home. You don’t have to do anything really besides eat and pay when going out. At home, you have to prepare, cook and clean just for a few minutes of eating. But regularly going out for food is … [Read More...]