May 25, 2015


Here’s what a few of our clients have to say about us!
“OMG, I just saw the clip – it’s amazing, as always with you!!! Thank you so much.” Deborah Kerner, Publicist

“It is always great to have her (Enya) back. We love her” Jamarcus Gaston, Studio 62 SC

“I thought it went really well. Julee Ireland did a great job. We had a very busy show and she was wonderfully patient.” Kimberly Kapilovic, Producer Sonoran Living Live

“She (Elizabeth) really fits in well with our hosts” Kristina Smith Producer Your Carolina with Jack and Megan

“She (Annie) did a great job as usual”, Lisa Rau Producer Studio 10 Tampa

“I was so thankful to have the It’s a Glam Thing TV segment pre taped  for our little “lifestyle show emergency.” Janine Garner, IndyStyle Wish TV

“This turned out great!” – Christine Burke, CHIC BUDS regarding CHIC BUDS appearance on It’s a Glam Thing TV.

“We loved the segments this month.” – Alexis Amezquita, Producer Arizona Midday

“Oh my gosh! Thank you! This is awesome!!! THANK YOU!!” Sabrina Russo, Vienne Milano regarding Vienne Milano stockings on It’s a Glam Thing TV.

​”Fantastic Job” Erica Parker, Michael Todd True Organics regarding their product featu​re on It’s a Glam Thing TV.

“I am so happy with this segment” – Marco Norma, YoBrush Founder

“Amazing job with our clients product. Thank you so much” Lindsay Eskenazi, Publicist

“Thanks Lisa for the great promo and call out for my new book,” Dr. Ava Cadell

“The segment was great. Thank you. And we even got orders!” Aaron Fader, Consultant OBEDO

“Very nice segment. Kudos to It’s a Glam Thing. Thanks you for including TatJacket,” Howard Horowitz, Founder TatJacket.

“Everything was amazing! Please keep us in mind for any future segments, projects, articles, needs, etc. She was (Dawn) really terrific! Kim Livengood, Tervis

“I just wanted to say thank you so much for featuring us in the two TV features last week. You did a fantastic job and we really appreciate it!” Angie Zigrossi, Envirosax

“What a great segment. Thank you for including Laura Ashley.” Allison Olmstead , publicist

“Thank you so much for the feature…love it!!.” Christy Parry,Keysockslam

“What an awesome segment featuring Blo and Go.  The It’s a Glam Thing gals are such pros and do a fabulous job presenting this and other products for TV audiences.” The Blo and Go team

“Thank you for including us in your segment.  We were very happy to be a part of it,” Adrienne McNicholis, Food Huggers

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