April 4, 2018

Puffy Cheeks & Double Chins? They could be signs of “facial water retention”

Try this 3-Step Puffy Face Rescue Plan to get your face looking tighter, trimmer, and sexier.
If you’ve been trying various diets and exercises to get your body looking trim, yet puffy cheeks and double chins insist on hanging around, your problem could be due to facial water retention, the accumulation and retention of excess fluid in the face, chin, and neck.
A women’s skincare creator, Vicki Southard, says it’s possible to sculpt cheeks and reduce double chins caused by water retention. “Many of us are facial water retainers and don’t even know it.”
Here are the typical symptoms:

You wake up in the morning with puffy eyes and/or puffy face and neck
* You experience rapid weight loss or weight gain, especially around  your upper body, face, and neck
* Double chins are ‘in the family’
* You are one size from the waist up and another size from the waist down
According to Vicki, the most common causes of facial water retention are allergic food reactions from what we eat, including salt, sugar, MSG, food colorings and preservatives, alcohol, and tobacco.
Reactions to environmental pollution, toxic chemical fumes, allergens like pollen and animal dander can also puff up the face.In a small percentage of women, hormone imbalances and glandular issues can also keep facial fluid levels high.
There are THREE SIMPLE STEPS which in most cases can successfully address the common causes of facial water retention and swelling:
The 3-Step Puffy Face Rescue Plan:
1. Discover the foods and environmental factors which seem to trigger your allergic reactions and avoid them. You may need to keep a diary of things you eat and things you do that seem to precede the bouts of swelling and puffiness.
2. Get enough sleep to feel rested and feel fresh
Lack of sleep can cause you to retain water and look tired so get more than enough sleep as often as possible
3. Flush out impurities and toxins lodged beneath the skin with The Face Wrap facial sculpting treatment.
Environmental toxins, as well as chemicals and impurities from cosmetic products, may be irritating the tissues just beneath the skin, causing a buildup of fluids, giving your face a puffy or bloated look.
The 60-minute Face Wrap home facial treatment uses natural minerals and salts which enter the skin and flush out the accumulation of toxins.
“With the impurities flushed out, the key reason for facial water retention is eliminated, and the face appears much thinner and trimmer,” says Vicki.


           More information on The Face Wrap can be found by visiting
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April 3, 2015

Treat your eyes like “Gold”faden

The eyes are the windows to the soul. But when eyes are tired it can get a little “foggy”. In a world where technology is the center of our lives and business even looking at screens can cause it too. With Goldfaden MD Bright Eyes you can clear your windows in as little as 1-2 weeks. It could not have come a t a better time in my life.

Goldfaden MD bright eyes formula will help to decrease the appearance of fine line, dark circles and will reduce puffiness. I know from working on a computer for 8-9 hours a day by the end I’d be surprised if they weren’t puffy lol. Also, being deprived of sleep does not help either. It seems that no matter how much water I drink they just don’t seem to go away. Goldfaden is helpful with all skin types even sensitive skin. All products are gluten, paraben, Petrochemical, alcohol and silicone free. I swear I would not know what I would do without it. ( a video on the product will be filmed and airing soon)

Goldfaden was created by Dr. Gary Goldfaden, M.D., a practicing dermatologist. He has been practicing in South Florida for over 40 years with one sole purpose “My ultimate goal is to let people have a relatively simple skincare regimen that is both preventative and restorative.” He has many more products to choose from. For more info on all the Goldfaden products visit www.goldfaden.com

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March 11, 2015

Treat your skin like Gold, with Gold

Florida sunshine is coming back, and having experienced my first sunburn in nearly 10 years, I think it is hotter than ever. That would have been a great day to have my Australian Gold Spray Gel Sunscreen w/ Instant Bronzer. Of course I forgot all about it but now carry it in my purse, and beach bag no matter what, even just to sit in my car. With the sun being a whopping 10,000 degrees we all need to protect our skin, but not just in Florida.

Australian Gold

Australian Gold

Since 1985, Australian Gold has been protecting skin so we can have some fun in the sun . With my skin being extremely sensitive towards getting burnt I don’t tend to tan very well. I love the look of tans so this instant bronzer added to the sunscreen gives the sun kissed glow we all love. It is water resistant for up to 80 minutes and comes in SPF’s starting at 4. I first used my Australian Gold on our first real sunny, warm day sitting outside on my lanai. No worries about the sun, smelled great, easy to apply and thanks to the instant bronzer I was able to still get some great color. I spent a day at the beach a couple weeks ago and had no sunburn when I got home. I am the kind who will apply sunscreen nearly every half hour, but with Australian Gold I didn’t have to (company recommends applying every 2 hours) Not only that but I was able to apply more when needed without rubbing sand into my skin. I don’t think that is the greatest feeling in the world lol.

With other products to choose from, Australian Gold has something for all your sun & sunless needs. Even for that unfortunate burn, Australian Gold has your back because skin cancer is no joke. For more info on their products visit www.australiangold.com and see if they are going to be in your city next!

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