July 3, 2015

Getting back into the routine

Have you ever been on vacation and found it hard to keep up with your skincare routine? If you are anything like me, when being on vacation you dont want to be bothered with things like that. Mainly because you may get tired :). I know its horrible for a beauty enthusiast to say. Having spent about 3 1/2 days in St. Augustine FL, with the incredible heat I found that there was no reason to do to much knowing it would get sweated off but still lathered up with sunscreen. I love my skincare routine so today I am going to share my steps on how I “baby step” my way back into a healthy skincare regimen. By healthy I mean no more soda, alcohol, fried foods etc. You know all the stuff we tend to eat and drink when on vacation lol.



When I got home the first thing I did was unpack all my skincare products and put them back in their original places. I did this thinking that if my mind was set to know they were back in place I would automatically do it tonight. If I kept them in their bag then it would probably be that I would not cleanse my face at all. Next, I went straight to the fridge and filled my water bottle up. Another “mind trick” that if it was already done more than likely I would start drinking and filling it up from then on.

Next get rid of all junk food!!! Junk food is one of the culprits to breakouts, dry skin etc. It literally will suck the life out of your skin. If that means finishing everthing then go ahead and do so but it will be out of the house. This will also help if you want to start back on your healthy eating. I find that if I do that then I have no choice but to eat all the healthy stuff. *wink* lol

So these are just 3 “mind tricks” you can take to help you get back in the swing of things. If you have any other ones I would love to hear how you get things started. Have som skincare fun!

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