September 3, 2015

Cate Blanchett to play Lucille Ball

After being on the road for quite a while these past few weeks; today I finally had time to catch up with life lol. While surfing through the newsfeed on my Facebook page I found that two time Oscar winning actress Cate Blanchett has been chosen to play Lucille Ball in an upcoming biopic of the famous comedienne. When I found out I couldn’t tell you how excited I was. Being such a Lucy freak, pretty much knowing everything she does before she does it, I am beyond excited for this movie to come. I cannot wait to see what Cate brings to the table and how the movie wil showcase the life, career & relationships of my favorite lady Lucille Ball! Break a leg Cate! I Love Lucy

Cate Blanchett & Lucille Ball

Cate Blanchett & Lucille Ball

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June 21, 2015

Sweden skincare comes to the USA

Lucille Ball once said “The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly & lie about your age”. Well Lucy I love you but I recently found that the secret to staying young comes in a bottle. Or 6. Face Stockholm has become my newest go to skincare to help prevent aging and will also dissolve acne, and oil throughout the use of the system.

FACE Stockholm

FACE Stockholm

FACE Stockholm is the first and only Swedish cosmetics/skincare line to hold true to the Swedish beauty regimen. The FACE Stockholm line is soft, yet powerful enough to fight premature aging. It is gentle on my sensitive skin. Equipped with a cleanser, toner, day cream, night cream, eye serum and corrective serum you can use it morning and night with no problem.

After two weeks I could see an improvement on the texture of my skin, my skin looked tighter and even the contours of my face seemed more “chiseled”. I have used many skincare products throughout my life and find that I can incorporate Face Stockholm into my routine. Each product stands alone in its purpose for your routine. I highly recommend this product for anti-aging, sensitive, oily or combination skin. If you want to know more about FACE Stockholm skincare and cosmetics, go to

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March 4, 2015

Lipstick: gemstones to wax

Being so popular back in the “Golden” days of Hollywood, the classic red lip has made its way back into the 21st century. It’s simple, elegant, and looks great on all skin tones that makes it a great go to makeup look. Even great for those last minute looks. With the rise of this Marilyn Monroe/ Lucille Ball look, as I call it, I couldn’t help but look into the history and evolution of lipstick starting many years ago. I know I’m crazy hahahahahaha.

Starting about 5,000 years ago, ancient Filipino men and women are credited as possibly the first to invent and wear lipstick. They would crush gemstones and use it around their lips to decorate their face. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that the publicized use of lipstick became popular. Before then, lipstick was only ever used by prostitutes or dance hall girls. When Hollywood starlets Clara Bow and Louise Brooks started wearing lipstick on the movie screen the “bad girl” image of lipstick was lifted. Black lipstick was worn by actresses in horror films to add a gothic, scary feel to their characters. Now it’s one of the most popular cosmetics on the market today.



My mom told me a story about when she was younger she used to wear pink or peach colored lipstick. See teenage girls considered wearing lipstick as a sign of womanhood. Not wanting to be considered “loose” they would stear clear of the red lipstick. Elizabeth Arden was one of the first cosmetic companies to make and sell a variety of lipstick colors & she encouraged other companies to do the same. . And in 1915 lipstick started being sold in metal cylinder tubes, just like they are sold today.

I just find the evolution of beauty products fascinating. Sometimes just knowing the history behind something can make you appreciate it even more. Just think, if it wasn’t for celebrities showcasing lipstick on the big screen, we would not be able to enjoy it today. So have fun with your lipstick. Go bold, or neutral the possibilities are endless.

I will be doing some “lip” tutorials with some of my go to lip colors. Stay tuned 🙂

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February 12, 2015

Valentine’s Day Hollywood style

With Valentine’s Day just 4 days away, thinking about that perfect date night look can get overwhelming. Of course if your like me you always wait till the last minute but its always a good time to pull out the classic red lip look. Simple yet elegant, the red lip will make any outfit, or hairstyle stand out and make you good night kiss ready.

Skinn Cosmetics

Skinn Cosmetics

When I think of the red lip two very popular women come to mind. They are of course, Marilyn Monroe and my favorite Lucille Ball. Marilyn pulled it off as a sexy, seductress while Lucy pulled it off in comedy genius so it just goes to show you the possibilities are endless. When I need to have the perfect red lip I reach for my Skinn Cosmetics Hollywood Velvet Lip Palette. What better way to recreate the classic “Hollywood” look than with Hollywood itself. These lip colors are long lasting, anti-aging (collagen boosting peptides to make lips appear fuller), easy to apply and hydrating. They range from more natural to all out burgundy red.

I recently started doing more reds but when I first started I was mixing colors together because I was self conscious of how bright red were. The beauty of the Hollywood Velvet Palette is you can mix the darks and the lights together forming your very own color. In the first use I noticed my lips were more plump, and with its matte finish the Hollywood Palette can easily be touched up. There was no need to re-add any lip liner. When applying I recommend using a lip brush with a nice pointed brush to help aid you “drawing inside the line” (your lip palette comes with two).

So for all you last “minuters” out their perfect your red lip Valentine’s Look with the Hollywood Velvet Lip Palette. Get one for yourself at

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December 18, 2014

Paint the town red with FIRE!

If you have been on the search for a beautiful, long lasting matte red lipstick then look no further! With Gerard Cosmetics “Fire Engine” red lipstick, you can now channel your inner fierceness.

Only problem I have found when it comes to red lipstick is finding the perfect shade and no matter what your skin tone or hair color, I think red looks beautiful on all woman. When I first saw the Fire Engine I have to admit I was a little scared to give it a try, but something inside said “be daring”. Now I cannot imagine my daily makeup routine without it. Its long lasting, rich color, & creamy texture makes this a must have for every woman.

In my video I am showing how I apply my lipstick plus the beautiful vibrant red color it really is.
Watch it here:

I have always loved and admired Lucille Ball. If you ever noticed in her shows she always had perfect true to life red lipstick. I’ve searched to find the true “Lucy” red and nothing seemed to compare. But here it is. Not only is this great for those like me whole LOVE LUCY but its also a perfect similarity to the signature red lip of Marilyn Monroe. Now you can channel your inner Hollywood starlets with Gerard Cosmetics “Fire Engine”.

Gerard Cosmetics carries 6 other colors besides Fire Engine… such as 1995, & Tequila Sunrise, just to name a few! For more info on Gerard Cosmetics visit and be sure to subscribe to my channel for more info and tips on the latest and greatest beauty products.

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October 11, 2013

Retro Fashion Icon: October 15 is “I Love Lucy” Day

I cannot begin to tell you just how much I love Lucille Ball.  Ever since I was 7 years old I have watched and collected anything ” I Love Lucy” I can get my hands on.  I will never forget the day I saw my first “Lucy” episode. T.V., much like today, was nothing but garbage. When my mom tried to find something for me to watch nothing was appropriate.  When we came across a black and white picture on the screen, well let’s just say the rest is history.

On October 15th, 1951 the first episode of the iconic show, “I Love Lucy,” aired. On this day there’s plenty to celebrate –  the impact Lucille Ball had on women in the arts, her influences on comedy as an art form and on women’s role in society – the list goes on…. And when we celebrate all these things about Lucy, we cannot forget that Lucy did it all in a fashionable fashion (and with a funny face of course)!


Although, she might not immediately come to mind when you think “fashion icon,” think about where your indelible association with 1950’s and polka dots come from!

I Love Lucy Pink Dress

Lucy and Ricky

Lucy pola dot dress

Lucy vitameatavegamin

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eShakti ( is a trendy women’s  online fashion retailer that offers something unique – customizable women’s clothing that can be easily personalized by size (0-36W), measurement and style. Offering distinctive designs, quality fabrics, unique details and dressmaker finishes, the brand empowers women to get  clothes that best suit their personal size and style, all at an affordable price. The brand delivers unparalleled fit via easy online measurement tools. Custom styling capabilities allow shoppers to tailor any item to their specific tastes, whether it’s a hemline, neckline or sleeve length, to ensure a flattering fit and custom-made look.

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