November 12, 2017

Karim Orange teams with Vapour Organic Beauty

The Inner Orange Spark and Crave Collections

“My clients are always amazed by how I’m able to transform them with such a little amount of makeup. I do this by practicing a holistic approach to artistry, that I have coined as ‘Low Beauty’. ”

— Karim Orange

What happens when a two-time Emmy Award nominee make-up artist, who knows a thing or two about the products we put on our body to make us look good develops a violent reaction to an everyday product?? She makes it her mission to fully understand the dangerous effects that chemicals and unnecessary ingredients have on our body. Leading the charge for increasing transparency in the personal care industry and advocating for more choices for women who do not want to sacrifice beauty for fear of harmful chemicals and additives, she teams with cosmetic company Vapour Organic Beauty; a company committed to creating cosmetics that are safe and creates Inner Orange Beauty. The results are magical!

Karim Orange believes in ‘Low’ Beauty and ‘Low’ Beauty Makeup Artistry. Three holistic elements are incorporated to achieve maximum results.

Step 1:             Use products with the least amount of undesirable ingredients. She uses the Premium Body Care Unacceptable Ingredients guidelines by Whole Foods Market as a parameter for this.

Step 2:            Use the least amount of products to get maximum results. If you are using 10 products, she’ll get you to 7, if you use 5 she’ll get you to 3…. and you will be amazed as to how much better you look with the simplicity!

Step 3:             Use products that have minimal amount of carbon footprint in the production and packaging….good for both you and the planet.

The Inner Orange Spark and Crave Collections are comprised of three products each: Aura Multi-Use, Elixir Lip Gloss and Solar Translucent Bronzer.  The formulas are 70% organic, easily blend-able and layer-able. I tried the Spark and I would also try the Crave, so don’t be afraid of the darker color palette! I found myself using them as eye shadows, blush, contouring, and lipsticks and was having a blast playing with them. And better than the fun I was having playing with them was the glow I noticed I had…not heavily made up but fresh, natural, like I had just been to the spa or gym. And definitely emphasizing all my assets…with staying power! Finding a makeup that lets me look gorgeous naturally and skips the toxins? I am building a shrine to Karim! As well as following and  I have a feeling I will be learning a lot from her in my continuing journey to become holistically hip!


Post by: Kathy Hodge


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October 23, 2017

Elizabeth Arden Plush Up Lip Gelato is not your grandmother’s lipstick


Elizabeth Arden Plush Up Lip Gelato line is a sheer, moisturizing formula that softens lips while giving them a pop of color. Lipstick is something I generally don’t gravitate towards in my
make-up purchases. It always struck me as something an older woman would wear and I wanted to avoid having a clown-mouth look, when I’ve tried it on, it always seemed like way too much. I have relatively small lips so any tiny lipstick mark outside of my lip line made me look slightly crazy and ready for a Halloween party.

The Plush Up Lip Gelato by Elizabeth Arden is not your grandmothers lipstick though. I was pleasantly surprised when I first tried it on before work, make-up remover wipe in hand ready to wipe off the mess I was about to make, and found that zero touch ups were required after one quick swipe across my top and bottom lip. The gel formula with vitamin A, E & rosemary extract glides on smoothly and conditions your lips which not only makes them appear fuller, but you don’t need to worry about it looking dry and cracked. The color is sheer, so you can easily have a
more subtle look, or build it up for a night out with another coat or two.

The colors are complimentary so you can easily mix shades for a more unique color. I tried Strawberry Sorbet and Pink Lemonade which worked nicely together for a pinky, orange hue. There are over 20 shades available, so definitely worth checking out if you want to step up your lip color game with controllable color that protects and locks in moisture.


Elizabeth Arden

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October 23, 2017

Hard Candy’s 2017 Halloween Collection has arrived

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October 2, 2017

Donna’s on-the-go beauty kit

These are miniature versions of roller lash mascara & Nars orgasm blush

I need an easy way to keep myself fresh with small amounts of products that I need at any given time

Donna Spangler Actress & Producer

As an actress, producer & business woman, I am often on the go.  Weather it is on a formal trip or just a day trip, I need to have my beauty items handy to look & feel my best.  When we are on the road or going places where we may need to primp or completely do our makeup or freshen up, it is great to be prepared with a little beauty kit with all the essentials needed to look your best. The problem is taking everything you need in normal size containers you may need a suitcase. I have come up with a solution for this!
Donna’s on-the-go beauty kit made with samples

Beauty kit


In today’s world, we want to look our best at all times with the least amount of effort. I have come up with essentials every girl should have on hand, so you will be able to look fresh whether you are on the go, staying overnight with your boyfriend or simply need a touch up. Stash these necessities in your purse, and you will always be prepared.

I love samples. It gives me a chance to try high-end products of all sorts. Since you receive ample amounts in small packaging, you can make a full-on beauty kit to haul along in your purse. This can be very effective, especially when you may be out somewhere away from your packed arsenal of at home products.

First, you need a case for your makeshift beauty kit. It should be something you can fit easily into your purse. I used a handy foldable holder that I had received from a business flight, but you can also get a makeup holder at the 99 cents store or any drugstore. Just make sure it is somewhat flat and can be comfortably stowed in your purse.

Next comes the fun part. You need to get the ingredients to put into your kit. Take a trip to the department store and get samples of makeup base that fits your color, creams, perfumes, liner, mascara, gloss or whatever useful items you can find. I like the samples that are in flat packets because they are easy to fit into the kit. The other alternative is to have the salesperson make samples for you. High-end lines usually have tiny plastic containers the size of a quarter with tightly sealed lids that will work for your kit as well. Gather all the essentials possible in one visit.

You can also gather the beauty freebies attained through larger makeup purchases. These items tend to be smaller and can be easily stored in your kit. Figure out when makeup lines are offering free gifts, and keep track any ‘points’ you’ve accumulated (Sephora’s point system gives spectacular yet small gifts). Sephora also sells small beauty items as you are standing in line which are great for your beauty kit as there is everything from small hairspray and mascara to pint size foundation.

Add a sample perfume of your choice. I recommend a black or brown eye pencil, earth tone shadow, sample mascara (I like ARMANI – and they are small!). If desired, throw in a couple of packages of Advil for those emergency days. Remember one feminine product (tampon), and put in a flat comb and hair band so that you can tie back your hair when you wash your face. A few Q tips and cotton balls are a must – store them in a tiny sealable baggy.

Pick up some shine eraser sheets (Elf Brand makes a great one). Get a pocket-sized toothpaste and
toothbrush. I have

Dental Floss

gotten these items in hotels as well as in airline kits, or you may already have a few saved. Also add a small dental floss or put two or three dental claws into the kit.

You can also add any samples or small packed products that you think you may need. Go to the section in the drug store where they have the samples. Other items to consider are razors, baby wipe samples, mouthwash, face wash, etc

I also like collecting hotel items because they can be used in your kit. When it is put together, it should supply you with what you need for one day or night out. It is great if you are spending the night at a friend’s house and want to appear fresh without bringing a suitcase.

You can keep your kit in your purse or car so you will be prepared to look, smell and feel your best at all times. This inexpensive condensed beauty kit is incredibly handy, and you will be glad you took the time to have it constantly within your reach. Knowing you are prepared to wow in any situation will give you a priceless piece of mind.


6 Q tips, 2 cotton balls, samples of eye makeup remover or cream to remove makeup, and tissues (there is nothing worse than running eyes at the end of a night. These essentials can fix this pesky problem)

Put the cotton balls, Q tips and tissues into a small sealable plastic baggie

One black liner to re-apply for later

One black or brown mascara

Brown or earth toned eye shadow

Blush in your favorite color (I like NARS orgasm), brush for application

Your favorite color lip liner

Lighter lip gloss to go over liner

Add a few samples of foundation in your color and bolting powder paper

Get some perfume samples perfect for your kit

Small tube toothpaste, toothbrush, floss and gargle (Remember, these should all be sample sizes)

1 feminine product, small comb, ponytail holder and package of Advil

With this kit, you will be ready for your on-the-go life and always look your best!

There are also mini flat irons & curling that are as tiny as a few inches long.

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February 15, 2017

Get The Look: Paris Jackson at the 2017 Grammy’s


Who: Paris Jackson at the 2017 Grammy Awards

The Look: Cool girl glam

The Inspiration:  Rimmel London Make-up Artist Jo Baker wanted to create a careful balance between Paris Jackson’s outfit and makeup. Paris wore a dazzling disco inspired Balmain jumpsuit in an array of pastel hues, with thigh high slits up each leg and a plunging neckline – so Jo opted to keep her makeup smooth and natural with subtle details.

How to Get the Look:


Jo wanted Paris’ skin to look flawless and healthy. After dotting Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer around her eyes, nose and mouth, Jo then applied a sheer coat of Rimmel London InstaFlawless Skin Tint to add a natural looking glow with smooth creamy finish. The result is a balanced, soft and radiant glow. InstaFlawless Skin Tint is perfect for this kind of event – it acts as a primer, smoothing the texture of the skin so that it sits pretty while also providing a much needed SPF15 for that mid-day LA heat!


Paris and Jo both love face sculpting! Jo used a contour that has a soft de-focusing finish so that when the camera light hits, it looks like beautiful skin and not a harsh stripy line. To create a subtle and undetectable sculpted look, Jo used a medium sized blush brush to apply Rimmel London Insta Flawless Matte Setting Powder to help apply an even contour and sculpt effect. Then, using her favorite Rimmel London Kate Sculpting & Highlighting Kit in Golden Sands, she applied smooth strokes of the contour shade from the sides of her mouth all the way up towards the top of her ears.

Eyes Jo loves Paris’ intense ice-blue eyes. So without hesitation, they opted for a natural and clean eyelid and concentrated on Paris’ lashes. She applied a generous amount of Rimmel London Scandaleyes Mascara for a long lasting mega volume effect. This mascara and applicator brush gives lashes a curl by pushing them up with each stroke.


Jo combed through her brows and added several strokes of Rimmel LondonProfessional Eyebrow Pencil in Dark Brown to fill in any gaps and give her strong, yet natural brows with a sharp angular look. Using the nifty brow comb, Jo repeated the process until her brows were the desired shape and fullness. The key to Paris’ brows are the razor tight line creating the arch, so Jo used her concealer brush with the leftover concealer on it to refine and define the edges to make sure it looked clean and dramatic.


To finish off the look, Jo lined her lips using Rimmel London Exaggerate Full Colour Lip Liner in Innocent which is a soft nude beige tone which even has a soft sheen to it. She kept it simple with her new favorite Rimmel London The Only 1 Matte in Trendsetter which is the perfect blend of warm and cool tones. For that perfect graceless nude that glides on creamy and feels super comfortable on the lip as well.

Where to Find Them: Rimmel London products are available at chain drug stores and mass retailers nationwide. Visit for store locations and to try the newest products with Rimmel London’s exclusive Virtual Makeup Tool.


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January 9, 2017

How to Get Sarah Hyland’s Look Created by Makeup Artist Allan Avendaño

Celebrity Makeup Artist, Allan Avendaño created a sultry look on actress Sarah Hyland for last night’s Golden Globes viewing parties.

BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 08:  Actress Sarah Hyland attends The 2017 InStyle and Warner Bros. 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California.  (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for InStyle)

BEVERLY HILLS, CA – JANUARY 08: Actress Sarah Hyland attends The 2017 InStyle and Warner Bros. 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 8, 2017 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by John Sciulli/Getty Images for InStyle)

“Stylist Brad Goreski chose a stunning black and navy blue gown, given the classic color combination I decided to edge it up with a strong smokey eye, dewy highlighted skin and a nude lip with a brown undertone,” said Allan.

Allan prepped Sarah’s skin by using the new Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Eye Serum under the eyes, and moisturized and softened lips with a few swipes of Eight Hour® Cream Lip Protectant Stick SPF 15.

To create a smoldering smokey eye, Allan used Elizabeth Arden‘s Beautiful Color Eyeshadow in Sparkling Sable, Bronze Lustre and Sugar Cube.

He then applied Beautiful Color Precision Glide Eyeliner in Black Velvet on the upper lashline dragging it towards her temples creating a cat eye shape and finally rimmed the bottom waterline with the in the Sapphire shade.

For flutter and volume, he applied two generous coats of Grand Entrance Mascara in Stunning Black to her top and bottom lashes, and defined and deepened her brows with Beautiful Color Natural Eye Brow Pencil in Brownette.

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December 17, 2016

This Holiday Season Gift a little Hard Candy


This Hard Candy makeup gift set is a dream come true. All of the products for the perfect look come in this perfectly put together package. This makes a great holiday gift, or a great gift for yourself. I gifted myself this Hard Candy set and I am so happy that I did. The set includes so many amazing items. There are multiple brushes included, along with blush, bronzer and full coverage concealer. For the eyes, there is a lash curler, a wonderful eyeshadow pallet with six variations of colors, and even a mascara! On top of all this, the package includes a glitter eye liner pencil, lip gloss, and metallic eyeshadow. As if it couldn’t get any better, included is a perfecting primer and eyeshadow primer set. This gift set is fully loaded with completely everything needed for a great look. After using this set, I fell in love with how the products looked, and use them on a day to day basis. 

Find your perfect Hard Candy Holiday Gift Set at Walmart or


Guest Post by Vanessa Altongy


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November 21, 2016

THIS IS IT… Hynt Beauty’s Biggest, Rare 30% OFF Shopping Spree Event




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November 17, 2016

Hynt Beauty Skin Prep will keep your skin looking perfect



If you have the opportunity to test Hynt Beauty’s Bioactive Marine Complex Skin Prep Serum you really should. If you want to see how quickly this serum works, test a small amount on the top of one of your hands. I noticed immediately, after applying a small amount how velvety soft and slightly firm my skin became. The scent of it was quite unique as it had a refreshing light botanical scent.

Bioactive Marine Complex Skin Prep Serum worked just as well on my face. I have been using serums for a few years now and this one I highly rate. Less than one pump is all I needed for  full coverage on my neck and face. I use Skin Prep Serum daily after cleansing my face. The serum dries quicky and smells delightful.  It’s the perfect serum to use before applying your make up as Skin Prep Serum is also a primer. I never experienced a heavy or oily feeling and loved how my skin felt throughout the day which was dry and smooth.

What makes Bioactive Marine Complex Skin Prep Serum so unique? It is a “seawater based that is formulated only with multiple types of organic algae extracts and selectively handpicked organic plant and flower extracts known to resurface, firm and rewind the skin to its original perfection.” according to  Hynt Beauty.

Some of the organic plant and flower extracts found in the serum are Organic Grapefruit Seed, Organic Rosemary Leaf, Organic Clary Sage Oil, Organic Lavender Oil, Organic Tea Tree Leaf Oil and  more.

Other qualities that make Skin Prep Serum so appealing is that it is, Vegan, Organics-based, PETA Approved, Gluten-free and Non-Comedogenic and perfect for all skin types including sensitive skin.  Skin Prep Serum is also free of Toxins, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Nano-particles, Bismuth Oxychloride, Talc, Silicones, Mineral Oil, GMO’s, FD&C dyes, Carmine and Phthalates. Find Skin Prep Serum as well as an array of cosmetics, accessories and skincare at

Check out the Skin Rejuvenating Ingriedents below:

  • ORGANIC GRAPEFRUIT SEED : Balances the pH of the skin and speeds up digestion of proteins that helps cleanse skin by removing old skin cell layers.
  • ORGANIC ROSEMARY LEAF : Increases the skin’s elasticity while phytonutrients help protect skin cells from free radicals and the sun. A natural antiseptic with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • ORGANIC CLARY SAGE OIL : Warms and regulates the natural rhythm of the skin. A natural antimicrobial.
  • ORGANIC LAVENDER OIL : Calms and soothes inflamed skin and acts as a natural disinfectant. Known to be one of the most beneficial oils in the treatment of acne.
  • ORGANIC TEA TREE LEAF OIL : Distilled from the leaves of the Australian Tea Tree, its antimicrobial properties are effective in combatting acne.


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August 30, 2016

When you love the color but not the stain, Nakeah has the answer


My daughter Adrienne is loving her new liquid lipstick from Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood. The color has a matte finish and stays on throughout the day. She is wearing “Vamp”  (shown below) this particular evening and wears lighter shades for work and daytime. Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood offers 11 gorgeous vibrant shades. Adrienne told me that many matte lipsticks tend to dry out your lips after a while but Nakeah Liquid Lipsticks do not, her lips stay soft and smooth. The color glides on easily and looks amazing.


The downside to many matte lipsticks and lip stains is that they can be very hard to remove. Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood has created a liquid lipstick remover, Indelible Makeup Remover. With Indelible Makeup Remover, Lipsticks are easily removed while conditioning your lips at the same time. The makeup remover works well with all makeup especially lips and eyes. Another nice feature is that  Indelible Makeup Remover is blended with all natural anti-oxidants, jojoba, and olive oil, leaving your skin soft, smooth and glowing.


Colors shown from Left to Right are Adrienne’s favorite Vamp, Grand Canyon (perfect for fall) and my favorite, A-List 

Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood not only carries lipsticks, but has an array of cosmetics and accessories.  Nakeah Cosmetics ha created a line of  “All Natural, Paraben-free Line of Cosmetics & Skin Care Created for Every Ethnicity & Every Culture…” as stated by Nakeah Cosmetics of Hollywood. You will find the complete line of cosmetics at

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