Vicki Fischer
May 28, 2016

Don’t miss the PrivateRx Intimate Skin Care Memorial Day 25% off sale!

May 28th and May 29th, you have the opportunity to experience the fantastic line of products created by the renowned NYC Gynecologist and Vaginal Surgeon, Dr. Ronald Blatt , PrivateRx.

Are you:

• Peri-Menopausal

• Menopausal or

• Post Menopausal

Dr. Blatt’s PrivateRx Line addresses your tender internal and external vaginal area skin. PrivateRx is the ultimate product you’ve been searching for and is now available.

25% PrivateRx Intimate skin Care ! THIS WEEKEND ONLY! May 28th & May 29th

25% PrivateRx Intimate skin Care !
May 28th & May 29th

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 2.36.03 PM                                                               VISIT  PRIVATE RX NOW

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 2.56.40 PM

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May 3, 2016

Katy Perry’s eye-catching “modern day beehive” reached new heights at the Met Gala last evening

Katy Perry’s eye-catching hair turned heads and reached new heights at the Met Gala last evening. Ms. Perry’s hair was styled exclusively with Oscar Blandi Hair Care products by Chris Appleton, who is calling the look a “modern day beehive.”

Below is the breakdown straight from Chris:

The beehive is an iconic hairdo that we modernized and turned up a few notches to keep with the Manus x Machina theme. A romantic hairstyle wouldn’t work. The beehive needed to look sharp and futuristic. I wanted her hair to look strong and striking yet still simple. Katy’s dress is incredible, and we wanted the hair to compliment and tie in with the overall look without competing with it.”

Katy Perry at the Met Gala with a "Modern Day Beehive " using Oscar Blandi Hair Care Products Hair Style created by: Chris Appleton

Katy Perry at the Met Gala with a “Modern Day Beehive “ using Oscar Blandi Hair Care Products
Hair Style created by:
Chris Appleton  



1.  On damp hair apply Oscar Blandi Hair Lift Mousse throughout and spray Oscar Blandi Jasmine Protein Mist from mid-shaft through the ends and comb through the hair.

2.  Blow dry hair upside down, so the hair dries in the correct direction and gets rid of any bumps or lumps. Spray your brush with Oscar Blandi Lacca Medium Hold Hair Spray for hold and shine and brush into a high ponytail. Secure with elastic.

3.   Split hair into two sections pinning the top aside for later. Tease the bottom section for volume sprinkling in Oscar Blandi Dry Teasing Dust as you go. I used a foam donut around the base of the pony pulling through the teased section to create more volume and help with the structure of the look.

4.   Now for the top section, work a small amount of Oscar Blandi Sculpting Pomade through the hair to get that glossy, high shine finish. That pomade is key in molding such a structured look. Add more Lacca Hairspray and blast on a lower setting with the blow dryer to set and seal in the hold and shine.

5.   Take that polished, glossy top section and begin to wrap around the teased hair and donut in a clockwise direction. Pin into place.

6.   I shortened her faux bangs to have a really sharp, edgy, blunt, editorial feel. They almost look tucked under the bouffant since the beehive is so high. I set the whole look with a ton of Lacca Hairspray, which gives off a lot of light reflecting shine.

THANKS, TO : for the Oscar Blandi products


• Oscar Blandi Products: @OscarBlandiHairCare

•Hair Stylist,  for Katy Perry’s “modern day beehive” – Chris Appleton:   @ChrisAppleton1





( Quoted and Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided PR fact sheet.)

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March 23, 2016

Gerard Cosmetics Long Wear Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick gets a 5-Star Review !

Gerard Cosmetics Long Wear Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick is NOW!  For me, it was love at first application.   This amazing Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick is the perfect finishing touch that pulls your whole “look” together.  It has an incredible liquid texture and modern shades that glide on with ease.

I found that the small sponge tip applicator (pictured below) filled my complete lip area with a lightweight, full coverage color.  My first thought was how much fuller my lips looked, and I had not even used a lip liner pencil !!!  I didn’t have to blot my lips as I usually do, and my lips did not feel heavy or waxy as they often do when wearing a regular lipstick. Just a quick touch up around the center of my lip area after eating, and I was ready to go. Hydra Matte Liquid Lipsticks are a time saving low maintenance product that lasts a long time. I’ll continue to order the Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick by Gerard. In fact, I can’t wait to try some the other colors in the Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick Collection!

Below are the four colors from Gerard’s Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick collection that I had the opportunity to try.

They included the following:

INVASION is a unique, beautiful trending shade with a gray undertone.   I found it very versatile and was delighted how nicely it finished the look of my makeup, and complimented many items in my wardrobe.













INVASION : $28.00

INVASION: $20.00






•ECSTACY offers a color that consists of neutral and purple undertones!  It immediately caught my eye and was the first color I tried from the four Gerard Hydra-Matte Liquid Lipsticks I received. I loved the cooler tone lip color and was certainly delighted the moment I applied ECSTACY. It brightened my look in a very subtle way, and it’s probably the color I most often wear.













ECSTACY- $20.00

ECSTACY- $20.00






•APHRODITE is a lovely soft nude shade. As you can see it on my lips below, it’s a very natural color that you can wear anytime or anyplace you want to express a finished look that’s subtle and allows your total natural beauty to be the center of attention.




















SERENITY:  You’ll surely gravitate to the subtle calming tone of this warm pink shade of Serenity. With a whisper of brown, this soft color evokes a serene feeling along with long-lasting wear.














SERENITY: $20.00

SERENITY: $20.00






Now it’s your turn to peruse Gerard Cosmetics amazing Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick Collection!  While you’re there, be sure to take a look at all of the great Gerard Cosmetics.

Congratulations Gerard Cosmetics!  Your Long Wear Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick gets a 5-Star🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 review.


(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was provided by a PR-Fact Sheet, and   Any personal commentary was my opinion of Gerard Cosmetics Long Wear Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick from using the products. Many thanks to Gerard Cosmetics for the opportunity to share these exceptional products with the It’s A Glam Thing readers. “Colors of the Long Wear Hydra Matte Liquid Lipstick may vary slightly due to a person’s individual skin tone.”)

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February 10, 2016

Rachel Zoe’s DreamDry and Spruce & Bond Have Joined Forces !

The beauty industry’s leading hair removal destination, Spruce & Bond, and blowout salon, DreamDry, have joined forces to create Hudson BLVD Group (HBG) – the first ever multi-brand company to own and operate various luxury beauty services. HBG’s first purchase is PUCKER – New York’s go-to Makeup Studio – adding a new beauty offering to their portfolio.


Hudson BLVD Group is pioneering a new way to deliver the best in class beauty services and products that consumers are looking for. HBG will curate the best in beauty services by delivering luxury experiences, treatments and products in an accessible and convenient way.


Hudson BLVD Group will be led by Chief Executive Officer Justin Joffe and Chief Brand Officer Robin Moraetes. Renowned designer, stylist and editor Rachel Zoe will act as Creative Director of the group.


About DreamDry

DreamDry is the premier blowout and styling salon founded by world-renowned designer/stylist/editor Rachel Zoe and former 17-year Creative Artists Agency senior executive Robin Moraetes. DreamDry incorporates curated retail experiences with unprecedented personalized services to provide effortless beauty, efficiency and affordable luxury to all clients.




About Pucker

Pucker is a first class beauty and makeup destination founded by Hiyam McKelvey. Pucker provides professional and personalized makeup services in a chic and inviting retail environment. The Pucker flagship studio is located in the heart of Soho, New York City.




About Spruce & Bond

Spruce & Bond is the premium hair removal destination with a long history of innovation and prestige service. Spruce & Bond offers customized wax, laser, and brow treatments in addition to specialized products in a modernized retail environment.




About Hudson BLVD

Hudson BLVD Group (HBG) owns and operates a portfolio of specialty retail service brands. HBG develops and acquires high-end beauty service businesses and provides management expertise and operational discipline to grow the brands.



(Quoted and/or Paraphrased  information in this article was obtained from a PR-Fact provided by  Tractenberg & Co.) 

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February 1, 2016

Prefer natural skin care? Kensington Apothecary has affordable100% natural products that are superb!

This article is the first in a two-part series featuring Kensington Apothecary’s 100% natural products created by brand designer, Claudia Carey Batz.

I’ve been in the beauty business for over three decades and have always been a skin care fanatic. As Beauty Editor for It’s A Glam Thing, I’m constantly on the lookout for skin care lines and products that not only pique my interest but are noteworthy and enjoyable to share with you, the reader. Kensington Apothecary is one of those skin care lines!

When Kensington Apothecary Rose Oil Cleanser caught my eye,  I had personally been looking to try just the right oil cleanser for my skin to maintain a hydrated, soft, youthful look year round. I started using this light weight rose oil as autumn began fading into winter. My skin has kept a consistent softer feel and texture, even now, as we are in the heart of the cold, windy winter season.

Kensington Apothecary Rose Oil Cleanser $24.00

Kensington Apothecary
Rose Oil Cleanser

Here are just a few of the of the Rose Oil Cleanser’s natural ingredients:

•Rosa Damascena Flower OIi

• Olea Europea (Olive) Seed Oil

• Prunus Persica (Peach) Kernel Oil

On the Kensington Apothecary Rose Oil Cleanser page, you’ll find the full list of ingredients, benefits, and instructions how to use Rose Oil Cleanser.

The Rose Oil Cleanser is such an enjoyable product. Here’s my personal routine. In the evening, I put a pump of the rose oil in my hand. Then, I begin to apply the oil in an upward gentle massaging motion starting at my décolletage and gently gliding the oil up my neck, under my chin, and my facial area to achieve a thorough cleansing. I then use a soft wet warm facial cloth and remove all of the oil. It not only feels good but imparts an excellent clean and lifted feeling to my skin. In my opinion, it’s very relaxing before bedtime, as well! I repeat this in the Morning, and enjoy a fresh start for my day and a soft, moist canvas for my makeup.

Kensington Apothecary  now recommends that you follow with the tonic, skin Serum and facial Oil of your choice.  You can Design Your Routine right here!!

With the Kensington Apothecary natural approach,  affordable price, and the ability to design a routine to fit your needs, I decided to write a second feature.

In fact, I “designed” my routine and look forward to synergistically using the products recommended for my skin type. I can’t wait to share those products and  results with you in my upcoming second article.

You won’t want to miss this second feature, as it will also include an interview with the Kensington Apothecary creator, Claudia Carey Batz!

Take some time to check out this 100% natural ingredient product via the links above, and I look forward to publishing the second  Kensington Apothecary article the end of February, or first week in March.

Kensington Apothecary Rose Oil Cleanser $24.00






(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained by a provided PR-Fact Sheet, and (, for décolletage clarification.  Any personal commentary was my opinion from using this product, provided to me.)
































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January 2, 2016

Brighten your complexion with Enlightened Radiance from SKINN by Dimitri James

Has your skin been showing a bit of lackluster? It’s that the time of the year when I always notice my skin tone starts to look a bit uneven and dull. With the cooler weather, and as we turn up the heat in our house, the onset of top surface dehydration on my face and neck area occurs.

Here is a terrific product from SKINN by Dimitri James called Enlightened Radiance. No surprises, this is a real 5-Star winner!

SKINN by Dimitri James Enlightened Radiance Enriched Skin Tone Correcting and Brightening Cream $48.00

SKINN by Dimitri James
Enlightened Radiance
Enriched Skin Tone Correcting and Brightening Cream

Enlightened Radiance is a “Customer Favorite” on the SKINN website. I can see why. I’ve been using this product for a couple of months now and have noticed a difference in the texture and visual appearance of my skin. I would say that my “winter blah” transparent skin now has a denser, more hydrated look. Enlightened Radiance is a very lightweight cream that I can only describe as cooling with a delicate, clean aroma, and a very subtle luminescent appearance. There is nothing unnatural looking about Enlightened Radiance, and the benefits are impressive.

To help those pesky fine lines and skin discolorations, Enlightened Radiance ingredients include:

• Vitamin C

• New brightening actives

• Botanical extracts

• Antioxidants

• Peptides

That’s what is so terrific about Enlightened Radiance Cream. Used in the morning and evening before applying your sunscreen, it provides a gentle exfoliation by replacing the older top surface skin cells with new ones. By eliminating those old cells, the new cells will help you achieve an ongoing fresh and more even look to your skin. It’s made possible by using natural fruit acids, including Sugar Cane, Citrus, and Apple.

When you visit the  SKINN Enlightened Radiance page you’ll find:
Directions for use

The complete list of ingredients 

A Before and After image that will show you how subtle changes from using Enlightened Radiance can make a real difference in your skin.   (View other Before & After pictures here!)

•AND…Suggestions for additional products that you may also want to use with your SKINN Enlightened Radiance.

Go Inside SKINN and meet Dimitri James, the creator of SKINN Cosmetics.  Get the “scoop” behind SKINN Cosmetics, and find out when you’ll be able to watch Dimitri on television.

Relax, take a moment and peruse the complete SKINN website! From glamour products to the latest in caring for your skin, you’ll find it here!

Let’s start the New Year with a 5-🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 review! All the best in 2016, Dimitri.  SKINN Enlightened Radiance is amazing!! 

(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided SKINN PR-Fact Sheet, and Any personal commentary is my opinion from using the SKINN Enlightened Radiance provided to me.)



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December 26, 2015


The holidays are the ideal time to stretch the dollar as much as possible. For glam girls who want glowing skin, it’s hard to compromise looking good. Rachel Sharoff is a licensed aesthetician at Skintology Medi-Spa in Manhattan. She states that, “there are certain treatments that should only be performed in a medi-spa or in a dermatologist’s office, however, when money is tight there are DIY ways to keep your skin in great condition.”
Below are several of Rachel’s suggestions and tips

I recommend my acne clients buy a high frequency device to help keep their breakouts under control in between treatments. High frequency devices use argon gas to emit oxygen, killing the bacteria below the skin. Technology is now very safe and effective for home use with proper instruction. And they are also very inexpensive


This common, inexpensive product has several uses for skin care including:

· Moisturizing rough, cracked feet, elbows, and hands; dry cuticles and lips; and peeling nails.

· Preventing chafing when running or biking.

· Protecting kids’ scrapes and bumps; and applying as a diaper ointment.
Examples include a moisturizer plus sunscreen and a lip balm with sunscreen.

· 1/3 of a ripe medium banana

· 1 teaspoon of honey

· 1 large egg

· 1 teaspoon of whole milk

Heat the milk until it comes to a gentle boil and then remove from the heat. Allow the milk to cool until a skin forms on the surface. Skim the skin from the surface and combine with the banana, honey, and egg. Mix to form a smooth paste, and then apply it to your skin for 10 minutes, rinsing away with cool water.

· Avocado: avocado is one of nature’s greatest moisturizers, rich in vitamins such as E & B and nutrients. Its natural oils will give your hair the moisture it’s lacking. Use about half an avocado, mash it, use on it’s own or with other ingredients.
· Honey: honey is moisturizing and a humectant (has the ability to cling onto moisture) making it suitable for dry hair. Be aware that it also lightens the color of your hair (bleaching effect). Use as much as necessary (not too much or you’ll be left with sticky hair), can be mixed into other ingredients such as the avocado or banana. Apply to damp hair.
· Mayonnaise: sounds disgusting, but mayonnaise is made of eggs, vinegar and oil, all three of which have been used for many years to give volume, shine and hydration to hair. For dry and damaged hair it’s best used mixed with avocado, although it can be used alone.
· Olive oil: try to use extra virgin olive oil for best results, this has been used for centuries for hair and skin moisturizing as it is nourishing and strengthening, perfect for dry and damaged hair! Can be mixed in with other ingredients such as avocado or banana, OR to use on its own; work it through warm, damp hair as needed (not too much or risk not being able to rinse it) from roots to tips. Wrap either a warm towel or a plastic bag over your hair and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse.

For simple in-home hydrotherapy, start out your day with a hot steamy shower and just as you are finishing switch the water to cold for about 15 seconds. Repeat the process for two minutes. This hydrotherapy technique will revitalize your skin and give it a glow by stimulating the flow of blood through the skin. (The approximate price of this treatment at a spa: $95!)

Use cotton pads or gauze, as opposed to cotton balls, with your toner. Cotton pads remove remaining dead skin, dirt and oil, and this better prepares your skin for your treatment serums. Using cotton pads or gauze also prevents excess product usage, thereby saving you money every time!

Slice raw potatoes and put them on your eyelids to reduce puffiness.

Apply it to damp skin as soon as you get out of the shower to lock in moisture. For your face, look for moisturizers that say “oil-free” or “non-comedogenic,” as these won’t clog your pores.

Skintology Skin & Laser Center is an all inclusive destination for all your beauty needs. Whether it’s laser hair removal, Botox injections or a hydrating facial, our trusted staff is dedicated to making your experience comfortable and pleasant. We offer customized treatments that are specifically designed for your skin type. Patient satisfaction is our top priority and we design treatments to produce the best results possible. Experienced Cosmetic Surgeons and Laser Technicians utilize the most advanced FDA approved laser technologies from renowned companies such as Cynosure, Candela, Lumenis, & Deka, to provide the most effective and safe treatments.

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December 16, 2015

Have you entered to win?

Hi everyone, remember to enter to win the December It’s a Glam Thing Beauty Box. The entry form is here:

It's a Glam Thing Beauty Box

It’s a Glam Thing Beauty Box

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November 22, 2015

BLO & GO styling tool by actress Eva La Rue Special 50% off Black Friday thru Cyber Monday SALE with FREE shipping !

DON’T MISS OUT : The amazing patented  BLO & GO styling tool by actress Eva La Rue  is on sale from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday at 50% off and Free Shipping!

With BLO & GO  by Actress Eva LaRue  you’ll be able to create a “salon blown-out look” right at home!  This device will attach to almost any smooth flat surface including mirrors and countertops , as well  as accommodate  almost any size hair dryer.  So easy to use, it’s not only portable, lightweight, and flexible, but just a flick of the lever enables hands-free drying & styling effortlessly by freeing up your hands from holding your dryer.  No more struggling! Say goodbye to  sore and achy arms !  No assembly required. Hair dryer not included.

BLO & GO patented Styling tool for hands free hair styling

BLO & GO patented Styling tool for hands free hair styling

Black Friday thru Cyber Monday BLO&GO by Eva La Rue at will be 50% off with free shipping!

BLO & GO by Eva La Rue at:

(Any quoted or paraphrased information in this article was obtained from provided PR -Fact Sheets.)

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October 22, 2015

100% of the proceeds of Skinn Cosmetics’ Foot Fetish Heel Balm benefits Breast Cancer Awareness in October !

FOOT FETISH HEEL BALM Skinn Cosmetics by Dimitri James

Skinn Cosmetics by Dimitri James

You still have an opportunity, before the end of October, to purchase  Skinn CosmeticsFoot Fetish Heel Balm, and step out with the smoothest, silkiest feet ever!  In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month,  Skinn Cosmetics’ will donate 100% of the sales!  (not the profits, but “every cent of every sale will be donated” of their Foot Fetish Heel Balm sales to support Bright Pink!)  Bright Pink is the only national non-profit organization whose center of attention concentrates on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women.  As a result, Bright Pink has rapidly become one of the country’s fastest growing non-profit groups by impacting and saving thousands of lives each day.

When you purchase and  use Foot Fetish Heel Balm in Grapefruit, you can help stomp out breast cancer with flaunt-worthy feet! I still can’t believe how my heels and feet transformed from rough, dry and cracked to smooth and soft “happy feet” from using Skinn’s Foot Fetish Heel Balm… I’ll never be without it!  The sweet-smelling application glides on like butter yet absorbs quickly to smooth, hydrate and exfoliate rough or cracked feet. Vitamin A, C and E, Shea Butter, Grapefruit, Meadowfoam Seed and Jojoba Oils work together to reveal your most silky, petal-soft skin yet! Apply generously on feet before bed, and let the healing power take effect overnight. You won’t want to miss out on this transforming balm for your feet, and you’ll even feel better knowing each sale of Skinn’s Foot Fetish Heel Balm will benefit Bright Pink. Skinns’ Foot Fetish Heel Balm retails for $22.00 for 2oz, and is available for purchase at

About Skinn Cosmetics

“Skinn Cosmetics is a line of premium skin care and color cosmetic formulas developed by professional make-up artist Dimitri James. Skinn formulates and manufactures all of its own products, using highly active, concentrated natural ingredients and avoiding excess water, fillers or packaging. From concept to compact, from brainstorm to bottle, every product worthy of the Skinn name comes to life under one roof, and under James’ watchful eye.” Skinn Cosmetics can be purchased at and on EVINE Live.

About Bright Pink
Bright Pink is the only national non-profit focused on the prevention and early detection of breast and ovarian cancer in young women. The organization is on a mission to save women’s lives from these diseases by empowering them to live proactively at a young age. Bright Pink’s innovative educational and support programs educate and equip young women to develop personalized strategies to reduce their risk for these diseases or detect them at early, nonlife-threatening stages. Learn more and brighten up on breast and ovarian health at

(Quoted and/or Paraphrased information in this article was obtained from a provided Fact Sheet, and the websites included in this article. Any personal commentary was my own opinion from using the provided product.  )

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