Nick Northstar
December 19, 2016

New Year, New You: The Glamorous Emotional Makeover!


A new year is upon us, and with it comes an inner desire for change. Whether its setting goals for a new job or simply just wanting to change-up a minor thing or two in your life / cut a bad habit, resolutions are happening all around us currently!

One change that has become a trending item in today’s society is the subject of being a better person. Now while some people change their hair color or try out a whole new look, hoping it gives them a new sense of confidence or change, those things may only work in the short term. That is why there is now something called The Emotional Makeover, which are sessions that help guide you on a spiritual healing cleanse and help you see your inner beauty, so that you can change your day-to-day attitude in the real world.

The founder and creator of The Emotional Makeover, Tony Uberoi, spoke exclusively to It’s A Glam Thing about his sessions and how Hollywood stars are coming to him to make 2017 the best year ever! Oh, and Tony is also psychic with over 30 years experience in predicting correct things, so we obviously asked him about what 2017 will be bringing our way!


Nick Northstar: The word “Glamorous” can mean many different things……What is it’s
definition to you?

Tony Uberoi: When I see the word “Glamorous” I drop the first two letters. Glamorous is “Amorous” to me. Something personal, snug and lovable.

NN: With your Emotional Makeover sessions people can learn to feel “Glamorous” internally correct? How do you help them see their inner beauty?

TU: Glamorous is Amorous. Lovable. A large percentage of the clients I serve are secretly suppressing something painful, shameful causing hurt and pain.Sadly this pain makes them wrongly doubt that they are deserving of receiving love. After an Emotional Makeover session has released their pain, my clients reconnect with their true inner power. This transforms their perception of themselves. Clients now feel lovable, amorous…Glamorous. Clients are able to see themselves with clear lenses. They see their own beauty again. Beauty lies in their own eyes.

NN: You have worked with a lot of Hollywood stars….What emotion do they usually feel prior to coming to see someone like you?

TU: Stars are special. They work hard, travel and are constantly in the public eye. It has been stated….A favourite most time has no friends they can trust with their feelings. Once these sensitive stars feel they can trust me, they are simple, friendly and very humane. Usually feelings of loneliness and a feeling that they are not understood hurts the stars emotionally when they arrive to see me.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to make a change in their lifestyle.

TU: Change is inevitable. Why not make a change in lifestyle fashionable, yet fun. My advice is: Be guided by your true inner self to bring yourself more harmony and balance. Mantra…Flow with your feelings.

NN: With the holidays here, do you find a lot of people come to you after feeling down over holiday shopping money issues?

TU: The obvious money issues are with people who go overboard and over spend. Strangely the reverse is also true. People who had the money but were unable to shop due to various reasons. Lack of time, nursing a sick family member or travel are to mention a few. Yes, the holiday blues bring all sorts of people for the Emotional Makeover. The important thing to learn is that happiness should come from a feeling of enjoyment and festivity, not the feeling that a good deal or exchange of gifts are the key to happiness.

NN: As you are also a psychic….What do you see coming up, prediction wise for the New Year?

TU: 2017 begins a new 6 year beautiful astrological cycle of growth and change. We will have to begin and be the change! The more mature will have to learn the lesson of readjusting to the even more fast pace of changes. The younger folks will have to be creative with change and also help the older folk to readjust. The magic word will have to be BLEND!


For more on Tony and to book a session visit: http://www.tonyuberoi.com

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November 8, 2016



When we think of seeing a psychic or medium, we think of either a person who is dressed like death is on their front door-step, or of an individual who has an elaborate style, funky hair-do and exaggerating an old-fashioned hippy outfit (think Miss Cleo). However, that is not the case at all for Medium Fleur, who is one of the world’s most recognized female mediums that is based here in Hollywood.

From Emma Roberts to Lana Del Rey, Medium Fleur has a high profile client list that seek her out to connect with those who have passed on. She also does live audience shows around the country, helping people to find closure with those who have died.

I just had to interview her about her abilities, what dead people wear when she sees them, and sense of her own personal fashion & style in her line of work…

NN: How would you describe your own personal style- both while at home and while you are doing readings and live shows?

MF: I’ve always had an affinity for dresses and heels, and I love getting dressed up. I feel most confident in a pair of high heels, so I rarely go on stage without them!

NN: What do you have to say to those who think Mediums have no style?

MF: Mediums are as unique from each other as people in any profession. Some will be stylish, others may not be. One thing is for sure- I have yet to meet a Medium who only wears long flowing dresses, bangles, and a gypsy turban.

NN: When you see and speak to dead people. what type of outfits are they wearing?

MF: The spirit world doesn’t have a need for clothing in the same way we do. However, they may show or describe what they are wearing to provide evidence about who they are. Fashion style can be a very important in someones life, so when they have passed they may show a Medium a specific outfit, hairstyle, or certain jewelry to help communicate that it is truly them.

NN: What is something about Mediums that people may not know or understand?

MF: Mediumship is a gift, but it needs to be developed. I was born with a natural gift for mediumship, yet I have spent a great deal of time sharpening and enhancing my connection. My training has centered around meditation, mindfulness, and cultivating mental stillness to maintain a clear connection to the spirit world.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to channel their own abilities/talents?

MF: I absolutely believe that everyone is intuitive. If you have a soul, and everyone does, then you have access to psychic information. When you learn to trust these moments of intuition, you are connecting to your own psychic ability. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. For this reason, I encourage my students to keep a journal of these moments so they can see for themselves how their seemingly coincidental hunches occur often, and can be trusted and acted upon.

NN: What is the best advice you were ever given?

MF: “Fear is the worst advisor”

NN: Where can people go get a reading done by you?

MF: If it’s your first time experiencing mediumship, an audience show is a great place to start! During the show, I give messages from the other side to members of the audience. Upcoming shows are listed on my website at I also offer private phone readings and in-person readings in Los Angeles.


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November 6, 2016



The fabulous daughter of a U.S. serviceman, Kennedy Summers was born in Berlin, Germany but raised in Virginia. She started modeling at a young age, and hasn’t turned back since. These days, Kennedy holds many titles: She is a Playboy Playmate of the Year, social media queen (with millions of followers), 3rd year Med. student, and recognized around the globe as a top model & fitness expert.

It’s A Glam Thing sat down with Kennedy at her home in Hollywood to find out more about her style, favorite designers and life in the public eye…

NN: How would you describe your own personal style – both while at home and on the red carpet?

KS: I would say that my style is classic, with a little bit of rock and roll. I like to wear solid colors, but I like to spice things up with fun jewelry. I like to make sure to wear things that my future kids won’t see in photos and laugh!

NN: What are some of your favorite beauty products that you use to get red-carpet ready?

KS: I swear by jojoba oil. I always put it on under my foundation because it keeps it from looking cake-y! I also love MAC lipliners because they stay for hours.

NN: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers to wear?

KS: Chanel has always been my favorite. The pieces are iconic and you can’t beat a properly tailored fit. I really, really love YSL for their shoes.

NN: Do you hate it when the paparazzi catch you in certain outfits?

KS: Oh my gosh, yes! They caught me walking my dog after a lunch meeting in a dress that wasn’t wind-approved! One big gust and he (and TMZ!) saw everything!!

NN: What is your favorite Instagram filter? Or #NoFilter?

KS: I’m all about #NoFilter! I feel like it makes my skin color look weird if I use them.

NN: What Top 3 Fashion Trends in Hollywood do you LOVE right now?

KS: I love the statement chokers, tall boots, and the extra-long sleeves that hit the runways for Fall.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to get into modeling?

KS: If you want to get into modeling, just go for it! Start by building up your social media, especially because agencies always ask how many followers you have! Most importantly, stay healthy. I eat vegan and I work out six days a week, even if it’s just for twenty-five minutes.

NN: What is something about models that some people may not know?

KS: Models do have substance, too. Many of us are entrepreneurs, college graduates, mothers, and intellectuals. I want people to consider that maybe we are using our looks to get by, not because we are stupid, but because we are smart. We may not value looks over everything else, but a lot of people do. We just capitalize on that.

NN: Now that you have conquered Playboy, what’s next?

KS: I just started a fitness company called PlayOne Fitness. We make customized fitness videos for you to do at home, just like if you had a trainer!


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October 31, 2016

The Glamorous Life Of Veterinarian-Turned-Actress Hillary Hickam


She’s has been the veterinarian of choice to stars such as Paris Hilton, and now she is front and center on the red carpets in Hollywood after switching careers and becoming an actress! Hillary Hickam has starred in such films as The Lockett and In My Mother’s Arms, and next plays one of the leads in the horror flick, TiF.

With so much going on in her life, Hillary always knows how to glam it up, and so we had to find out more about her style, favorite products & more!

NN: How would you describe your own personal style – both while at home and on the red carpet?

HH: I believe clothes should be carefully chosen, but carelessly worn… I love to be glamorous, but not at the expense of comfort. It it’s itchy or constricting, no matter how sexy the outfit, I won’t wear it. I love the 80s so any chance I have to pay an homage to that decade, I will jump at it. I love hats and heels and textures. Gauzy fabrics and soft flowy silhouettes always attract me first, but I have plenty of slim-fitting, skin-revealing outfits too. (At home I will inevitably be wearing soft pajamas or jean shorts and an over-sized sweatshirt!)

NN: What are some of your favorite beauty products that you use to get red-carpet ready?

HH: I use a wide variety of brands, but the products I can’t live without include Benefit eye concealer and blush, Maybelline mascara, Stila eyeliner, Laura Mercier lipstick, and Trish McEvoy lip gloss. For my hair, I never go out without Kerastasse thickening spray and I still adore Potion #9 as style finish.

NN: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

HH: Helmut Lang, Zadig & Voltaire, Anna Sui, Magda Butrym, Alice and Olivia, Vince Camuto, Pedro Garcia.

NN: How has the change been from being in doctors clothes as a veterinarian, to now being a in-the-spotlight actress?

HH: It is actually a refreshing change to go from comfy, sometimes wrinkled, scrubs and tennis shoes to fancy, sexy clothes and heels! I have to spend a lot more time getting ready than I ever did to be a veterinarian! I’m pretty comfortable in my own skin though, so the clothes are just an extra accessory for the day. The most important part of your presentation to the world is Your attitude not your clothes. If you don’t have a positive, pleasant attitude you can’t hide that under even the most beautiful fabrics! I start the day with prayer and exercise regardless of what the plan for the day is or what my job will be.


NN: You have a few pets… Do you ever dress your dogs up?

HH: Oh yes! In fact my 4 pound maltese was a finalist in the Santa Monica Halloween costume contest this week! She was “LA Glam” and wore a sexy little black dress, a pink scarf, and of course her aviator sunglasses. Unfortunately my sassy year and a half old shih tzu likes to rip off and chew anything I dress her in so you are unlikely to see her in an outfit.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to switch their own careers and try their hand at acting in Hollywood

HH: First, surround yourself with other talented, generous actors and learn everything you can from them! Then remember to return the favor as soon as you can. Secondly, BE BRAVE AND TAKE RISKS! Don’t bother learning “the rules,” because the successful actors are the ones that don’t follow them anyway!


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September 23, 2016

Murder, She Wrote


Folklaur Chevrier could easily be cast as the fictional sleuth Nancy Drew. After all, the actress spent the last ten years pursuing a cold case in her native Ontario, Canada. What began as a curiosity soon became an obsession and ultimately a screenplay called “Innocence,” which is starting to garner buzz as a hot property, most recently whispered about at the Toronto International Film Festival. Inspired by Chevrier’s painstaking research, “Innocence” tells the story of a woman determined to find out who killed her childhood friend, a mystery that has lingered for two decades. In an exclusive, Folklaur shares her thoughts on “Innocence” for the first time!

NN: We hear you’re a real-life Nancy Drew! Please tell us how you first became interested in the cold case that would eventually inspire your screenplay “Innocence.”

FC: I was searching for a real-life story to explore and develop. One day, there it was on the front page of our local newspaper, the 20th Anniversary of an unimaginable small-town tragedy. A 9-year-old girl had been murdered and her killer had never been caught. The article had a gut-wrenching photo of the mother standing at her daughter’s grave. The image and story was just the beginning. What struck me was that there were still so many unanswered questions.

NN: As you researched the cold case, at what point did you realize it could be adapted for the screen?

FC: I immediately so the potential of adapting this story for the screen. It was so different from anything I had ever heard of. What I discovered in my research was, to me, both disturbing and inconceivable. It led me to an obsession to unearth the truth and honor this innocent child and her family.

NN: We understand that “Innocence” is a fictionalized version of the cold case. How do the two stories differ?

FC: I realized certain dramatic elements could be used to explore what might have happened while maintaining the integrity of the story. And there is a lot of story and sharing every detail wasn’t feasible. Fictionalizing the basic true narrative allowed me more flexibility to tell the story I thought was most compelling.

NN: What are the challenges of fictionalizing a story like this?

FC: There were almost too many challenges to count! One thing I new was extremely important was to tell a great story. I think that’s one reason the script is being talked about now. As an actress, I think of myself as a storyteller, but I’m not a screenwriter. I was fortunate to be able to collaborate with two outstanding writers (Douglas Nyback and Michael Goodin) who saw both the big picture as well as the nuances of telling this kind of story.

NN: Did you have a role in mind for yourself in “Innocence?” If so, which character and why?

FC: Yes, and you won’t believe which part I saw myself playing! Believe it or not, it was the role of the murdered child’s mother who I renamed “Pat.” The real “Pat” is a lot older than I am. She’s 71-years-old now. I had the privilege of interviewing her during my investigation. Although I’m not physically a match for her, I was moved by her steadfast resolve to find the truth. Thankfully, I’ve never endured anything close to what she’s faced losing a child in such a horrific way, but at some level, I understood her. As actors, we seek to illuminate the human condition in all of its situations, and always, always seeking the truth. I hope that’s what we accomplished with “Innocence.”

Visit for more info and follow Folklaur Chevrier @FolklaurChev

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August 8, 2016


Hollywood agent Nicole Pryor Dernersesian knows first-hand the promises and perils of putting your kid in from of a camera. The former child performer, Miss California finalist, and musical theater star (her credits including over 2600 performances of The Phantom of the Opera) is the founder of FireStarter Entertainment (FSE). Her younger clients include Teshi Thomas (Broadway’s The Lion King), Kennedy Slocum (Nickelodeon’s WITS Academy), and Blake Morgan Ferris (Showtime’s Masters of Sex). Here, Nicole weighs in on what she looks for when signing new child clients, how she feels about “stage parents,” and keeping a young actor grounded.

NN:  What do you look for (besides talent) when signing younger clients? 

ND:  When I look for young talent, the most important thing I look for besides talent is the child’s passion for the art of acting.  There are a lot of talented kids in this world who are not interested in acting. I am looking for young talent who love acting and have the maturity level to withstand the rejection that comes along with it.  Without passion and maturity, the entertainment business will destroy that child and I will not be a part of that.  I will not, under any circumstances, represent a talented child who is not mature and does not show a passion for the art of acting.

NN:  How important is parental involvement when representing young clients? 

ND:  Once I have established that a talented child is excited about pursuing a career in acting, I then have to make sure that the parent is truly committed to the process and willing and able to let me, the agent guide the ship. I have to make sure that the parent is completely prepared and on board for what they are signing up for.  The parent is the one driving to auditions, managing the audition schedule and preparing the child for auditions. When the child books a job, the parent has to be on set with the child for the duration of the shoot (days, months or even years). It can be a full-time job and a parent must be willing to commit a big portion of their time and energy to their child’s career. This commitment is not for everyone.

NN:  What role should a parent play in their child’s career?

ND:  The parent’s role is to support their child’s dream of becoming an actor.  Parental involvement takes a wrong turn when the parent wants it more than the child. Some would call these type of parents: “Stage Parents” or “Stage Moms.” A stage parent is a parent who is willing do anything to gain fame, money or prestige through the talent of their child. I have seen parents push their children into an acting career when that child does not want to be a part of it. This can destroy a child.  I want parents to be guided by their child’s passion toward this career, not vice versa. A child has the right to be a child, without the interruption of auditions and the rejection that comes with it.  I love it when a parent comes to me and says: “I don’t know much about the entertainment business, but I think my child is very talented and they won’t stop bugging me about acting. I am here to support my child.”  When I hear this, I know that the child is running the show.  This type of parental support leads to the most successful child acting careers.  One story that I would love to share is about my first client, Teshi Thomas. When I met Teshi, I knew that she was not only talented, but she was passionate about performing. She was also mature beyond her years. Her mother, Evonne came to me with very little knowledge of the entertainment business but wanted to support her child’s dream. She was (and continues to be) open and willing to let me, the talent agent, guide them through the process.  Within a year of us working together, Teshi booked the role of Young Nala in The Lion King on Broadway in New York.  The job of a talent agent is to get work for the child actor. The role parents is to support the best interests of their child, whether it means to pursue acting or step out of the world of entertainment altogether. When it comes to the pursuit of a career in acting, the child’s passion should be the primary guiding force.

NN:  How can you keep your kids from getting too spoiled in Hollywood – especially as they start having success?

ND: I think the best thing you can do for a child actor, is to continue to treat them like a child. If your child was required to do chores before they started acting, they should be required to do chores after they started acting.  Being a child actor requires a high level of discipline and maturity. It is important that once that child comes home, that they can be a child again and receive the same level of responsibility, love, and normality that they received before stepping into the adult world of entertainment.  I believe that this high level of parental support will help keep that child actor grounded.

NN: Do you have to live in Hollywood or New York to launch a career? Why or Why not?

ND: Your proximity to Hollywood or New York is vital to your success in the entertainment business. Most auditions are located in Hollywood or New York. If you are not located in either city, you must be willing to travel in order to attend auditions, many of which are scheduled last minute. And as we all know, the price of travel is expensive, especially when booked last minute for two people (the child actor and the parent). Even if the parent is willing to pay for the cost of travel, sometimes it is impossible for travel to be arranged. For example: sometimes we get same day audition appointments. If the child actor and parent are located in Texas and I need them to be in Los Angeles for an appointment scheduled in one hour, it is physically impossible for the child actor and parent to make it to out to Los Angeles in time. For this reason, I rarely take on clients who are not physically located in Hollywood or New York. If you are committed to a career in acting, you must be located where the jobs are.

NN: How has the business changed for kids since you started your own career?

ND: I would have to say that the internet and social media have changed the entire entertainment business. Child actors are particularly affected by this change because they are still developing, both mentally and physically. And once that child actor becomes successful, any physical change, growing pain or mistake will now be captured in real time and broadcast for the entire world to see and weigh in on with their unfiltered opinions. This type of visibility and transparency can really affect a child’s self-esteem and mental growth and stability. This is why it is so imperative that once a child steps out of the world of “Hollywood” and back into their family home, that the parent does their best to create and provide a safe environment of normalcy for that child.  The parent is instrumental in making sure that the child actor’s developmental years are not permanently disrupted and destroyed by the sometimes brutal entertainment business and all of the unfiltered noise surrounding it.

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June 27, 2016

The Drink Menu That Keeps You Looking And Feeling Beautiful!


It is no secret that what you put into your body has a direct relation to how you look and feel. Being as health-obsessed as I am, and living in Hollywood amongst many models, I am always one to seek out advice from the experts and try new products to see if they work.

These days, “Beauty Beverages” and health drinks have been flooding the market, promising to help with anti-aging, skin perfection, and help your overall health & wellness. According to market research firm Mintel, nearly 600 new food and drink products with “functional beauty benefits” have launched since 2009, and the number continues to increase as the “health-trend” continues to grow worldwide.

“Drinks with beauty and additional health benefits usually contain vitamins, amino acids, or botanicals that possess antioxidant activities,” says dermatologist Francesca Fusco, MD. “A person should usually get enough of these nutrients through diet. But drinking them is a reasonable way to supplement.”


CJ Comu, the creator of EarthWater (also known as FulHum), which is a black-colored beverage made from 100% natural minerals from within the Earth, tells me, “As a manufacturer of a healthy brand of beverages we do not make any medical claims, but third party reports clearly state two important facts (1) drinking water is very important to your health and hydration as well as removing toxins from your body (2) drinking FulHum puts the much needed micro nutrients into your body to fight off bacteria and disease. Drinking proper ph level water like FulHum and infusing natural minerals will make you look and feel better.”

And if you are looking to feel better with another option too, Vandana Sheth, RD, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics tells me that people should give Alo Drink (sold at Whole Foods) a test. Sheth explains, “This juice contains sea buckthorn berry, which boasts omega-3s,-6s,-7s, and-9s. Together, these aid digestion, regulate inflammation, and maintain healthy skin and muscle.”

Pulp-free lineup

But why not stick to just drinking normal, regular water like most people have been doing forever?! Comu of EarthWater details the differences stating, “Regular water lacks a high ph (very important for the body) and more importantly regular water does not carry or deliver much needed micro nutrients from the Earth into the human body to keep it healthy longer. It’s important to drink H2O, but it’s more important to put something that delivers nutrients into the body and blood stream and not flush the body of nutrients you need.”

And while we are on the topic of giving your body the proper nutrients it needs, one of the most important “glam secrets” is that everyone should eat a healthy breakfast along with a proper morning drink – not coffee!

Hollywood-based health expert Michael Steiner explains further saying, “Everyone knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day; It gets you up and fuels your body with the proper ingredients to last throughout the day. But what people may not know is that drinking green tea in the morning – over water or coffee – is best for feeling good and glamorous all day long. Green Tea contains L-theanine which has been found to induce a calming effect on the mind by releasing dopamine, the body’s feel-good chemical.”


In addition to Steiner’s advice, research proves that Green Tea is great for the memory and keeping the mind sharp. This is because it contains a very small amount of caffeine which is wonderful for helping you wake up in the morning. The level of caffeine is far less than that found in coffee, so you can enjoy the benefits without the inevitable crash that comes after drinking a coffee.”

So, whether its improving your focus, enhancing your beauty/skin, boosting your mood, or giving you some added energy, what you drink (even if its just regular H20) has everything to do with how you look and feel. There are so many options for beverages out there, but make sure you do some research beforehand, and don’t be afraid to try something new!

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June 5, 2016

Rory Uphold Has A Laugh About Hollywood Style


Funny girl Rory Uphold, who is the creator and star of the popular web series Only In HelLA, which “makes fun” of everything-Hollywood, is one of the most blunt people you will ever meet. So of course I just had to sit down with Rory to find out what she thinks about various Hollywood fashion trends, what people should do who want to move to town to pursue their acting dreams, and more!

NN: How would you describe your own personal style – both while at home and on the red carpet?

RU: Dark, casual, lazy.

NN: Since you are one of the most observant people in Hollywood, what Top 3 GOOD things style wise do you see happening these days in town?

RU: A natural looking face with strong brows. 60’s inspired swimwear. Sustainability – it’s cool to care about how and where your clothes are made.

NN: What Top 3 Style Trends in Hollywood do you HATE right now?

RU: Anything that could be described as “Coachella”. Overly ripped jeans, like the ones where it looks like they’ve been attacked by a tiger. Mistaking nudity for bravery or feminism. I am all for body positivity but I think we’ve put some people on pedestals lately who are more about hype then they are about empowerment.

NN: In general, what is your biggest pet peeve?

RU: Allergies. Slow drivers in the left lane.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to move and start a career in Hollywood?

RU: Find something else that makes you happy and do that. Truly. If you don’t have anything else you love/think you could be happy doing then my advice is brace yourself.

NN: What is your definition of Hollywood “Glam”?

RU: Feeling comfortable in your own skin. To me, glam is an inner quality, a confidence, that gets externalized in a million different ways.

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June 5, 2016

Lasting Impressions: Charles Pierce Lives Again in New Book


Just in time for Gay Pride, a new bio on legendary performer Charles Pierce is hitting the shelves. Author Kirk Frederick’s “Write That Down! The Comedy of a Male Actress” (Havenhurst Books) puts Pierce center stage again as one of the most important figures in modern LGBTQ history. We chatted with Frederick about his relationship to the noted performer and Pierce’s enduring legacy.

NN: Thank you for taking the time out of what sounds like a world tour! So delighted to hear about your success.

KF: THAN-KEW! [using his best Charles-as-Bette Davis voice].

NN: My Lord, you were just a babe in the woods when you chanced about Mr. Pierce. What were your first impressions of him? Were you scandalized?

KF: Aw, Nick… you flatter me. Without revealing my actual age, I had just turned 26 [he said, revealing his age THEN] when I first saw Charles perform and met him backstage. Charles had just turned 43. I appreciated older men, especially extraordinarily-talented ones; loved his style, humor, attitude, looks. I was so taken aback by those qualities, that I was anything but “scandalized.” More like mesmerized.

NN: You were quite the lollipop (still are!) back in the day. Beyond your adorableness, what do you think Mr. Pierce saw in you to take you into his fabulous fold?

KF: Aw, Nick, stop with the flattery. I’m married! [But I’m not dead, dumb, or blind (or blond), so I still appreciate it.] Looking back, I think Charles and I were attracted to each other from the first night we met in 1969. There was always a flirtatious spark between us; it carried through our 20+ years together, but we maintained a professional relationship through all those years, and nothing ever “happened” between us. He also appreciated my acting talent, and admired my organizational and production skills for his shows. We were a perfect match, in so many ways.

NN: This book is not your average saucy tell-all. Isn’t there anything to tell? It WAS San Francisco’s Golden Age, after all. Spill. Spill. Or, is that for Volume 2?

KF: There might be a Volume 2… there are still many more of his comedy lines and stories that friends and fans have since reminded me. I understand that everyone seems to want/enjoy the “sleaze” factor, which, as I say in the book, I would have to make up. I never even saw Charles naked, and we didn’t hang out together at the baths or even in bars. I was always naked in “Geese.” He liked what he saw, and told me so. In fact there’s this Polaroid picture of us backstage after one of his cabaret numbers where I was buck naked. Charles liked the picture so much, he framed it and kept it for years.

NN: How do you think spinning in Mr. Pierce’s sphere impacted your life? Personally. Professionally.

KF: Charles impacted me more than any other professional with whom I ever worked. Not only did I admire and enjoy his comedy (and spend many hours every week laughing with/at him), I adored him as a human being. I learned from his enviable ability to remain professional at all times, to always think of the audience first, to respect them and appreciate them. I also learned kindness, generosity, humor, and his “tricks” of comedy. More often than not during our years together, I was involved with someone else, but during the times I was “single,” I also enjoyed the attention that I got, not only from Charles, but often from the hordes of fans and admirers who found us attractive off stage…. I made many life-long friends working with Charles.

NN: My generation is tickled to read about Charles Pierce up close, but what do you think the kids can learn from your book? Is there a moral to the story?

KF: I hope the kids appreciate the place in gay entertainment history that Charles created, contributed to, influenced, and affected. I hope they appreciate his funny material. I hope they appreciate the laughter. The book’s “moral” is simple (which I quote in the book): “He who laughs, lasts.” Laughter became the best medicine Charles could dispense in those “dark” 1980s. It was appropriate for me to write it down and share it with current and future generations. Keep smiling, and even better: keep laughing!

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May 13, 2016

Staying Glam: A Good Night’s Sleep


Everyone knows that sleep is an important ingredient in the ongoing beauty process. Quality sleep can help your skin heal, reduce breakouts, even your skin tone, and prevent bags under the eyes. Sleep helps your brain work properly. While you’re sleeping, your brain is preparing for the next day. It’s forming new pathways to help you learn and remember information. Sleep helps us renew energy and gets us both physically and mentally ready for the day to come.


Unfortunately, if you are not getting enough quality sleep, or not waking up / falling asleep with the proper lighting or bed in your room, your skin, mind and other aspects of your overall health may suffer the consequences. Luckily there are some new products on the market these days that are helping people like you and I to stay glam through the proper sleeping habits while in the proper lighting situations.

  • FraSen – The world’s top sleep mask that actually connects to a phone app to help you analyze your sleeping patterns. The mask works wonders for those of us who can’t fall asleep right away, as it is proven to have a 33% reduced sleep induction time. A rep. for the company tells It’s A Glam Thing that, “A good night’s sleep is very important for a person’s productivity and for a person’s health long-term. Research proves that insufficient sleep drops the productivity level of a person during the day time. Also, by not getting enough sleep constantly, a person risk of getting a number of diseases including heart attack, dementia, depression, etc. increases dramatically.”
  • Adjustable Beds – Have you ever seen commercials for adjustable beds and wondered if they really invoke a good night’s sleep? According to a rep. from Anderson Manufacturing Co., they actually do work and are most effective in reducing pain in some people with hip and knee pain, which leads to better quality sleep, and of course that leads to overall glam the next day. “We also recommend adjustable beds or wedge pillows for patients with acid reflux. Increasing the angle at the head of the bed can reduce the amount of acid in the throat and airway, thus reducing the amount of arousals caused by reflux. The fewer arousals a person has, the better their quality of sleep.”
  • SVET Rated the world’s healthiest light bulb with the highest quality light output, which mimics the natural light to help you to improve your health and mental state. These LED bulbs help to prevent seasonal affective disorder, as it repeats the natural dynamic of the light following your biological rhythm so that you get more bluish light in the morning to energize you for the rest of the day, and a nice ‘sunset type’ light in the evening as you slowly fall asleep. Aleksey Dubov, the creator of the SVET bulb explains more to It’s A Glam Thing saying, “Due to our human nature, any light is a signal for our body to stay awake. Overuse of artificial lighting and other lighting sources leads our bodies astray, disrupting our sleeping patterns. It all comes from blue light. Blue light suppresses melatonin – a hormone naturally produced by the body at nighttime when it is dark. It is necessary for a proper sleep, but it is also a powerful antioxidant and has many beneficial health effects. That means the more light we are exposed to as we get ready for bed, the harder it will be to fall asleep and get a good night’s rest. Any immediate shifts from bright light to darkness can also make it harder to get to sleep. SVET decreases the blue component of the light spectrum during late evening hours prior to sleep time. It helps you fall asleep faster and have better sleep in general. SVET Dawn simulation creates veritable Dawn lighting in your room, providing you with a completely stressless, and healthy way to wake up.”

These three components just listed go together to help give you the best chance at feeling glamorous and your healthiest self each day. Slava Solonitsyn, the co-founder of EnchantVC, an accelerator and seed fund company for various types of hardware products around the globe summed up everything for us stating, “[To be glamorous] is to live a life that everyone wants to live, and knowing about one’s body and getting personalized feedback to improve one’s lifestyle can be a great way. Sleep masks, proper light bulbs, and other elements help people to improve their feelings and health.”


Don’t fall into sleep deficiency, be smart, buy the right tools, and stay glamorous!

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