Nick Northstar
September 18, 2017

Eco-Friendly Underwear Is The Latest Craze!

When Tommi Lahde came up with a concept and launched his crowd funding campaign on Indiegogo from his office in Finland, little did he know that hundreds of thousands of people around the world would jump on board and support his desire to create eco-friendly underwear!

These days, Tommi and his company The Other Danish Guy ( have become the hottest craze in the marketplace, creating fashionable, feel-good underwear that is helping to also save the planet. His underwear, for both men and women, is created from fabric that is made of discarded fishing nets and other items harvested from the oceans, where they constitute a threat to marine creatures. The company takes the materials they clean up from oceans worldwide and processes them into stylish underwear.

With celebrities and others jumping on The Other Danish Guy bandwagon, I sat down with Tommi to speak to him more about changing the culture of underwear in today’s society…

NICK NORTHSTAR: Let’s start with you Mr. Lahde. How would you describe your own personal fashion style – both while at home and while working?

TOMMI LAHDE: I am a casual guy, I guess. I love wearing jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. The main thing for me is that I need to feel good in what I wear. That makes me feel confident.

NN: The word “Glamorous” can mean many different things… what is its definition to you?

TL: It makes me think of luxury: beautiful, attractive people in exotic situations and venues. Something like Hollywood.

NN: What makes The Other Danish Guy’s underwear so ‘glamorous’?

TL: The feeling. It feels soft and smooth because of the exceptional fine fabric. Something worth buying and wearing next to skin and especially next to the most precious ones.

NN: What differences in style do you find between those in Finland and those you have seen here in America?

TL: Scandinavian style and design is very modest and simple. American style, especially here in California is colourful, fun and convenient. More casual. I like to combine those styles, because I think it makes it more exciting.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to pursue their dreams and create products / their own fashion items?

TL: Just go for it! Even if you might think everything is pretty much invented already, it isn’t. Remember the story telling but be authentic.

NN: How has The Other Danish Guy product/company changed your life since creating it?

TL: I have learnt a lot! And I really have fallen in love with this brand. It is already an awesome thing, like my own baby. Nowadays I follow it to grow up and try to do the right things for its future.

NN: What is the #1 thing you feel sets your brand a part from others on the market?

TL: We have nothing to loose. And that makes us the most dangerous brand within the industry. We can try out things that existing brands are not able to try, because they have to protect their reputation and whatnot.

NN: What does the future hold for you and The Other Danish Guy from here?

TL: We are currently working hard to open the US online store and UK store will be open within a week or so. We have some exciting plans for the rest of the year and to 2018 as well. And one BIG announcement to make yet before october.

NN: And finally: What is your personal favorite TODG underwear color to wear / style?

TL: I love the Traveller Trunk in Signal Magenta colour. Since I fly quite a lot, I really appreciate the breathability and the feeling of nothing. It is the only underwear I really need.

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August 15, 2017


Knowing how to dress in the ‘in-between’ weeks from the end of summer to the start of fall can be a tricky business. Luckily, the humble cardigan is back in fashion.

The shoulder season has officially arrived, and knowing how to dress in the ‘in-between’ weeks from the end of summer to the start of fall can be a tricky business. Luckily, the humble cardigan is back in fashion, and available for all your layering needs.

The cardigan is that rare fashion jewel: a versatile, practical piece that can easily make (or break) a statement look. The Fall/Winter 2017 catwalks were awash with them. Here’s how the fashion industry is suggesting you cover up this season….

1) Monochrome: A lightweight cardigan is the perfect way to tap into the monochrome trend without the overall look becoming too overbearing. Matching loudly printed cardigans to trousers and turtle necks adds extra impact.

2) As a jacket: A sharp, belted cardigan can be an excellent way of elevating an outfit to business lunch level without actually adding formalwear. Think a tailored cardigan that is nipped in at the waist for a more formal silhouette.

3) Under suits: Alternatively, you could opt to throw on a cardigan under a formal suit jacket for a fresh take on three-piece formal-wear. Up your sex appeal by adding a glimpse of lingerie, replacing the shirt in the suit lineup.

4) Cropped: Crop tops and bra tops continue to rule the streetwear scene, so it comes as no surprise that cardigans are shortening their hemlines, too. The mini-cardigan is the statement for this season.

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August 15, 2017


Partying, tasting, innovating various beer drinking ways, and then trying them out all day is a dream job that has become a reality for millennials Ryan, Brandon and Justin Siriann aka ‘The Bier Bros.’! These three “bros” have found a way to create a revolutionary syringe-like drinking device that has turned their jobs into one that others are truly jealous of.

With their product, The Bierstick, being named one of the top trending drinking products of summer 2017, It’s A Glam Thing sat down with the brothers to find out more about the glamorous world of beer-drinking-device inventors!

Nick Northstar: What is the most glamorous thing about being an inventor of a beer-related product?

Bier Bros: Being the inventors of a beer related product would be great, but we simply sell a device that allows people to put whatever they choose into it. The amount of people you meet and connections you make while promoting a fun party item is just incomparable to anything else. Everyone is always in a good mood and in a great social atmosphere, which makes work for us extremely fun. The Bier Bros have taken the ancient beer bong and revolutionized the way people will drink beer forever.

NN: What are your top favorite beverages to put into your Bierstick device?

BB: Well if you are 21 and you can drink responsibly, who doesn’t love an ice-cold brew? Some other beverages that you don’t really enjoy drinking are also great to put in the Bierstick, like a protein shake or pre-workout.

NN: How has social media played a part in spreading the word?

BB: Social media (follow on Instagram here) is our biggest source of advertising. When the Bierstick is out, the cameras are out. This is what runs our sales. When one person buys a Bierstick, almost all of their friends will see it because of Snapchat and Instagram. Recently we have had many viral videos hit Facebook and that is because of how shareable our product is.

NN: What crazy things have you seen people do with your product?

BB: Our customers are encouraged to send in the best/unique videos and pictures. This apparently is a competition in our customers eyes to see who can top the last video. From jumping off waterfalls, to Biersticking off of the school mascot, to a student’s grandma doing a Bierstick at a tailgate.

NN: What’s next for the Bierstick company?

BB: The Bierstick 2.0 is in prototyping and will be out as soon as we get everything perfected. Instead of taking on many products that are OK, we want to perfect one thing and that is the Bierstick.

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August 4, 2017

Angolan Actress Nicole Sousa Is Now Getting Her Glam On In Hollywood!

Screen icons, stars and those looking to make it big in the entertainment industry have always flocked to Hollywood for their time/chance in the spotlight.

Born in Angola and then moving with her family to London, England during her childhood, then moving on her own to New York to train in acting, rising actress Nicole Sousa always knew her path would take her to Hollywood one day. From her distinctive British accent, to her fashion choices, mixed in with her outgoing bubbly personality, Nicole is someone It’s A Glam Thing just had to speak more with when she crossed our path.

Now finally here and being snapped non-stop on the Hollywood red carpets, Nicole has started her move up to stardom by partnering with New Lead Pictures (alongside director Martin Copping) to be the lead in a new sitcom, The Studio.

We chatted with Nicole to find out more about the glamorous side of her Hollywood experience thus far – from red carpet style ideas and designers, to favorite beauty products, to Instagram filter tips & more!

Nick Northstar: How would you describe your own personal style – both while at home and on the red carpet?

Nicole Sousa: So I would say I definitely like to be comfortable while I’m at home. I love big t-shirts, they are so easy to wear, just throw them on with a pair of shorts. I also love that you can make a baggy t-shirt cute by just throwing on some over the knee boots and some accessories and bam, you are ready for a night out. But when it comes to the red carpet, I definitely love dressing up, something sleek and elegant is always a go for me. Especially in a vibrant red, or a good old little black dress, you can never go wrong with that.

NN: What are some of your favorite beauty products that you use to get red-carpet ready?

NS: I would say Nars tinted moisturizer and concealer, their products are so light, it nearly feels like you are not wearing any makeup at all. Which is great because I don’t like the heaviness of a lot of makeup, I like to go for the natural softer look. Also the Laura Mercier products never let me down. They have a great primer and setting powder which gives your face the great red carpet finish.

NN: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

NS: It ranges from Chanel to Top Shop and Zara and a new designer Lyla Dumont. They have this great mix of elegant and classic with a modern urban edge that I love. For example I love blazers, and mixing them with cute ripped jeans and espadrilles makes for a very cute outfit. Lyla Dumont is a newer designer but she has stunning pieces that would make any woman feel like she’s glowing.

NN: What is your favorite Instagram filter? Or #NoFilter?

NS: I would have to say #NoFilter for the gram. I am obsessed with snapseed for editing pictures though, it’s so great you don’t actually need any other filter.

NN: What Top 3 Fashion Trends in Hollywood do you LOVE right now?

NS: I love the boyfriend fit, destroyed jeans look right now. It’s comfortable and still looks really cool and edgy. The all white look which is always a summer favorite of mine, it’s light and breezy and just has a clean fresh look. Lastly I would have to say the single shoulder cutout, it’s such a crisp look. That paired with some boyfriend fit ripped jeans, and bam, you have yourself a runway casual look.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to move and start a career in Hollywood?

NS: Okay, so someone gave me this advice and I thought it was great, “Persist consistently with the shell of a tortoise thinking outside the box” It was so accurate and well put, I love it and it has helped me tremendously.

NN: What is your definition of Hollywood “Glam”?

NS: For me Hollywood Glam is like that old school, Audry Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany, Dorothy Dandridge in Carmen Jones type of look. The waves in the hair, the red lips, the stunning sparkling dress. That old school glam for sure.

NN: How does the style here in Hollywood compare to that in NYC and London (where you have previously lived)?

NS: I would say the London and NYC have more of a high fashion feel. That metropolitan, city vibe and often darker tones because it does get cold in those places. Whereas Hollywood has more of a laid back California feel to it, which again has a lot to do with the bright sunny weather. You need a lot less layers here in Cali!

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May 8, 2017

Four Summer At-Home Glam Decor Tips

Summer is coming up and that means its time to liven up your household. With a new season comes new colors, new energy, and new mindset, so why not make the best of it and try out these four quick decor glam tips for your living situation:

FLOWERS: Add some fresh cut flowers to any room – it’ll quickly liven it up. Bouquets and small potted plants also make great takeaways for party guests for those summer gatherings you are bound to have.

SHELLS: I store shells, sea glass and other treasures I’ve collected from the beach in gold (and sometimes silver) crystal bowls around the house. Everyone, whether you live here in California or not, likes to feel close to the beach in someway.

PAINTINGS: If you like art, why not paint some small hand-painted items to hang around?! It’ll also give you bragging rights when guests come over.

FRUIT: Adding fresh fruit to a pitcher of rosé makes the perfect summer sangria.

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May 8, 2017


When people think about adult entertainment aka porn, they think about the hottest women doing crazy sexual things. And while yes, the women on-screen are very fabulous, their jobs (like other jobs across America) can be a long and tedious process.

It’s A Glam Thing wanted to sit down and get to know more about the life of a “porn star” away from just what one may see in their countless videos. So, we turned to Bobbi Dylan, who now lives in Las Vegas and has recently made headlines as one of the top American “virtual reality” adult entertainment stars – yes, virtual reality technology has now moved into the adult movie industry!

Bobbi talked to us exclusively about the new technology, but also about her fashion away from set, what she carries in her purse and about some misconceptions people have about her job…

Nick Northstar: While many people who know your name may remember you for how you look without clothing, how would you describe your own personal fashion style away from set?

Bobbi Dylan: I have a style mantra of comfortable and chic. I like vintage things and staple pieces in my wardrobe.

NN: Heading into the warmer months now, what are some of your favorite clothing brands these days?

BD: I don’t really follow any particular brands… However, I’ve been loving the flowy crop tops, colorful skirts, summer dresses, and combat boots.

NN: The word “Glamorous” can mean many different things, …especially in your type of industry, but what is its definition to you?

BD: When I think “glamorous”, the first things I imagine are glowing skin, a big genuine smile, and happiness!

NN: We have heard from various former adult stars’ tell-alls about how the porn industry sometimes can be quite horrific at times. Would you say the world of adult entertainment can be glamorous at all? Are there any “glamorous” aspects?

BD: Occasionally, yes. It can be glamorous with the parties and events we go to, where we even have red carpets and we get to show our favorite outfits off for fun.

NN: With technology changing and evolving, you have started to work with virtual reality companies such as Reality Lovers to film scenes that are within the virtual reality world. What are your thoughts overall on the technology and how is it shooting with this new technology around you?

BD: I love shooting immersive virtual reality scenes, it gives my fans and all viewers a chance to be with me without all the travel. In a way, they can finally direct their own porn and choose to focus on whatever detail they like and spend time watching what their favorite parts are rather than what the director focused on when filming. I recommend everyone to try watching porn in VR as it is an out of this world experience!

NN: Why would you say virtual reality really is the future in the adult entertainment industry?

BD: Fans are able to look around at certain body parts the entire time; No more fast-forwarding through the video because you can always choose to look at your favorite parts! It is also a lot more captivating than regular porn – it really is like you are there. I believe that sooner or later, it will be a household standard to own a VR headset and watch entertainment, whether it is porn or regular blockbuster movies, in virtual reality.

NN: With all this technology talk, do you consider yourself a geek/nerd at all? What type of things have you “geeked-out” about before?

BD: Yes, of course! I love crocheting, sewing, cosplay, and binge watching TV shows. I attended the first anime convention in my state as a kid and was dressed as Sailor Moon.

NN: What is the biggest misconception people may have about adult entertainers?

BD: People assume rather than get to know us. A lot of people think that we are not educated, while many of us have college degrees. Also, many of us are at work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – working on our own sites, filming, and editing our own content.

NN: What do you love most about what you do?

BD: I love being able to help make fantasies come true and help people explore their sexuality.

NN: What does the future hold for you from here?

BD: Going forward, I’d love to do more filming as well as working on getting an RV to travel around the country in order to visit more places.

NN: What is one product in your purse right now you cannot live without?

BD: Living in the desert, I always have to have gum to keep my mouth moist and occupied so I don’t accidentally get chapped lips.

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March 29, 2017

Hollywood’s Most Glamorous Mom: Breegan Jane

If Breegan Jane was a superhero, she would most likely be named, SuperMom!

Adopted at birth and now a successful entrepreneur and single mother to two young boys, Breegan knows how to handle every situation. Whether its taking care of her children, making sure everything is set for her popular ‘Mommy-themed/geared’ radio program “Mom Life Yo“, walking the Hollywood red carpets or working alongside some of her celebrity clients for their interior design needs (she’s one of the most in-demand Interior Designers in town), SuperMom Breegan continues to stay fabulous & glamorous!

It’s A Glam Thing sat down with SuperMom at her home to find out the secrets that allow her to not only look amazing (spoiler: sunglasses), but handle a busy schedule as both a single mother and respected professional in the workforce…

Nick Northstar: How would you describe your own personal fashion style – both while at home, while working, while on the radio and when you are on the Hollywood red carpets?

Breegan Jane: Simple is everything for me, because time is a precious commodity that I rarely have a lot of. Now that I’m a mom, putting on one piece of clothing that’s a full outfit really works for me. Pajama dresses are easy to throw on at home; they make hanging out with the kids or chasing them around at bath time really easy. On any given day you will most likely see me in a caftan. A night on the town will see me in a lovely cocktail dress that makes me feel (and look) like a million bucks. Whatever ensemble I choose to wear will be fabulous; the fabric must be luxurious, and it must have sparkling adornments. But for me, a one-piece outfit is so much easier than taking up time to consider the pants, the undershirt, the shirt and the blazer.

NN: The word “Glamorous” can mean many different things… what is its definition to you?

BJ: What’s glamour without gold? When I think of the word “glamorous”, I think of shiny, reflective elements. As an interior designer, many of those things come up in my design projects. I love placing a mirror here, a little gold there and a bit of sparkle wherever I can. When it comes to style, though, I think being glamorous in 2017 is less about being over-the-top ornate and more about intelligent and unique with your style, as well as being true to yourself and your personality. Who you are and how you feel on the inside should shine brighter than anything on the outside. That’s true glamour.

NN: How do you stay so Glamorous & Fabulous while running around as a busy entrepreneur and mother?

BJ: Sunglasses. Oversized, extremely large sunglasses. I don’t always have time to do my makeup and look glamorous. I find that a great “mom” bun, a confident attitude and sunglasses is all the glamour I need to be fabulous some days. On other days, it may mean taking the time to put on the makeup, embracing every ounce of my femininity, and being the sexiest diva at a cocktail party. But as a mom and business entrepreneur, I don’t always have those extra “girl” minutes. A hat, glasses and a big bag are sometimes all I need—and all I can get!

NN: Do you feel more Glamorous now as a mother than you did before you had kids?

BJ: I think I’ve embodied the word “sexy” in a different way since becoming a mom. I connect to it on another level that feels genuine and natural now. Growing up, words like “voluptuous” might have meant chubby or even fat. When I think of it now, “curvy”, “thickness” and “sexy” come to mind. I feel so womanly, and I believe becoming a mother helped me connect to my version of glamourous in ways I never had before. There’s something about being a woman and a sensual being that feels intrinsically true, and I’m enjoying it.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to pursue their dreams and run their own business?

BJ: My advice is simple: Just. Do. It. Find what you are passionate about, get out there and try it. Fail. Dust yourself off, and do it again. Going after your heart and dreams isn’t always easy, but it is so important. I think it’s crucial to ask yourself daily, “What do I want out of life?” You find that answer, and you take steps toward it every single day. Achieving your goals is easier said than done, but the reward at the end is worth every single struggle.

NN: Interior Design is all about look/feel… do you dress differently for various projects depending on the look/feel of the project?

BJ: I don’t know if I’d say I modify my dress based on projects, but I have noticed that people seem to expect designers to have a more avant-garde style, and I enjoy the freedom that affords me. No matter what the project, I remain authentic to my own style. I’ve found that people hire me partly because they appreciate my taste in design, which probably filters over into my fashion sense. With designers, the philosophy is often “the bolder the better”, so nobody blinks when my sunglasses are huge or my pattern mixing is eccentric. It really is the perfect opportunity to let my artsy side flourish.

NN: What does the future hold for you from here?

BJ: I am very excited about a few home design projects I’m currently working on. I can’t wait to have those completed because I’m looking forward to sharing them with the public. I’ve also been super busy with my radio show, Mom Life Yo, and it’s been an awesome opportunity to harness the ability to be an influencer in such a positive and authentic way. I’m in the process of developing products that I think will tie in all the various parts of who I am and what I love in a really creative way. So overall, the future feels bright right now!

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March 19, 2017

Ava Kaufman: A Heart Transplant Didn’t Get In The Way of Keeping Her Glamorous!


Ava Kaufman has been through a lot in her life. A former professional dancer working alongside iconic superstar Gloria Gaynor, to being a single mother while undergoing life-saving heart transplant surgery, Ava is beyond extraordinary.

Now fully recovered from her surgery, Ava has created and turned her non-profit charity organization Ava’s Heart into one of the top ones in the country for organ donors.

While still raising her daughter, working out daily, and running her charity, Ava continues to look and feel glamorous! We caught up with Ava at her Hollywood home to find out more…


Nick Northstar: How would you describe your own personal fashion style – both while at home and while working?

Ava Kaufman: My style at home is, for sure, very casual. I usually wear workout clothes, leggings, a t-shirt and sneakers. I am really into sneakers these days! I even love wearing them with a little dress or jeans. They come in so many styles and colors. I love the brand APL; so comfy. As for work, it depends on what the day holds. I might be in jeans and either high or low boots and an elegant top. If I have to dress it up, I usually go with an elegant, classy little dress and short boots, or fabulous slacks, or Elaine Kim leggings with a silky top and jacket. This past season I have been into coats as well.

NN: The word Glamorous can mean many different things… what is your definition of it?

AK: In the dictionary ‘glamorous’ means “an appearance of enchanted attractiveness”. I think that glamour first has to come from within. It’s the way you feel about you and how you carry yourself, how comfortable you are in your body, not really what you wear. I think it’s also knowing what looks good on your body and not overdoing it. ‘Glamorous’ to me is simple and sophisticated, elegant even in sneakers. Dress for yourself, no one else!

NN: How do you stay so glamorous & fabulous while running around as a busy mother and founder of a charity organization?

AK: It’s all about knowing what looks good on you, the way it hangs on your body, what colors work for you, and being comfortable. I must interject here that my daughter Jade is 19 and pretty much takes care of herself. However, there are days that I am on the go from am to pm. I like clothing where all I have to do is change my shoes and put on a different color lipstick and I can go all day knowing that I am wearing something that makes me feel good and that shows off my best parts. That’s why I love Elaine Kim. And then I breathe! You have to breathe.

NN: Do you feel more glamorous now after your transplant and finally healthy again, or more so before in your professional dancing days?

AK: This might shock you but I feel more glamorous now. That is because I have never been so confident and clear about my purpose. I don’t sweat the small stuff and I truly come from gratitude every day, no matter what is going on. I am not so caught up in what other people think and I’m not trying to be what I think people want me to be. ‘Easy does it’ and ‘one day at a time’ gives one a certain elegance that comes with knowing who you are.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to pursue their dreams, whether early on in life or later in life?

AK: I say if you are fortunate to truly have a dream, go for it. Age doesn’t matter at all. Be aware that nothing is easy and it takes courage and patience. Don’t listen to anyone’s doubts, they have nothing to do with you. Have faith and don’t push too hard. Work hard, do your homework, and believe in miracles. Make a plan and follow it. Stay on track and have such confidence in yourself that all the no’s that may come your way are just small road blocks. I have made many of my dreams come true. None of them were easy. The one I am pursuing now is the most challenging of them all. This time around I have more faith and total determination. Sometimes pursuing a dream can lead to another dream. Go out and make your dreams come true!

NN: What advice would you give other transplant patients who are not feeling so great and fabulous as they await their name to be called upon on a transplant recipient waiting list?

AK: One of the things that most transplant patients deal with awaiting transplant is knowing that in order for them to live, someone else is going to die. I think that knowing that ‘souls go to heaven, organs don’t’ is a simple way to think about that. I thank my donor family many times during every day.

NN: What has been the biggest life lesson you have learned over the past several years?

AK: To enjoy each day and never take anything for granted, stop and appreciate the day, and love from the depth of your soul. Be grateful, as life is such a precious gift!

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February 11, 2017

It’s Never Too Late To Be An Entrepreneur!


When life gives you lemons, you can ask for salt and tequila, can sell them on eBay, or you can become an entrepreneur and make some damn good lemonade to sell. In today’s society, it is never too late, no matter how old you are, to follow your dreams and continue to invent/create amazing products to change the world around us… or to serve up some good lemonade (as the saying goes)!

That is preciously what Linda Grant did. Even though she is in her 60’s, Linda came up with a fabulous idea: a foldable, portable toilet seat for kids and young adults to carry around with them so that they no longer have to sit on nasty public toilet seats while out and about.

The Potty Boss ( has been making headlines globally and since Linda is a local Californian, we just had to interview her for It’s A Glam Thing and find out more behind her successful new seat and what 60-something-year-old “Potty Bosses” are into style wise…

Nick Northstar: How would you describe your own personal fashion style – both at home and while working?

Linda Grant: My personal fashion style at home is a casual and comfortable style, jeans and t-shirts, sundresses sweat suits comfortable tennis shoes and sandals. Business fashion is a dressier style that I wear like business suits, blazers with pants, dresses, hills, and boots with dressy jeans. I mix and match outfits to go with the occasion I am attending.

NN: The word “Glamorous” can mean many different things… what is its definition to you?

LG: I believe glamorous is a person that has a good heart, full of excitement, beautiful from the inside out full of compassion, love and truth, a person’s character that makes a difference being in their presents.

NN: How do you stay so Glamorous and Fabulous in your age?

LG: I stay glamorous and fabulous at my age by having a healthy living lifestyle, a balance spiritual life, enjoying and staying positive about the journey of life before me and surrounding myself with positive focus driven people.

NN: What is your advice to anyone wanting to pursue their dreams and invent products later in their lives?

LG: Don’t be afraid and don’t let fear stop you from believing in yourself that it is possible, age is not a priority it’s just a number. You need to finish strong with the dream on the inside by completing your destiny.


NN: How has the Potty Boss product/company changed your life since creating it?

LG: Potty Boss has changed my life by showing me anything is possible when you believe and has challenged me to educate myself while leaping into unfamiliar territory as an inventor and never give up.

NN: Why does everyone need a Potty Boss?

LG: The marketplace needs Potty Boss products to assist parents and caregivers to provide protection for the children from germs, bacteria, fluids and grime left on public toilets. It gives the parents the opportunity to continue potty training while on the go making public toilets more user-friendly for our children. This product focuses strictly on children which helps to minimize the stressful experiences for children as well as parents and caregivers on the go, with children who have to go.

NN: What does the future hold for you from here?

LG: I believe we have an incredible future for Potty Boss to revolutionize the potty industry for children around the world making Potty Boss Brand a household name.

Order your Potty Boss here:

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January 4, 2017



Tamara Duarte is one of Hollywood’s upcoming big names – not just for her on-screen abilities, but her fashion tastes while walking red carpets. With a starring role in the new film Badsville, while also starring on hit shows such as the Netflix series Longmire, Hard Rock Medical and Degrassi: The Next Generation, Tamara knows a thing or two about being in the spotlight and always looking her very best!

It’s A Glam Thing caught-up with Tamara at her new home in Las Vegas to dish about how she is keeping it fabulous now that 2017 is here, as well as what her favorite Instagram filter is…

NN: How would you describe your own personal style – both while at home and on the red carpet?

TD: At home my style depends on how I feel and what I’m doing that day. On a workout writing day I’m in yoga paints and sports bra ready to take on the world. If I’m running earns it depends on the weather! I have these really comfortable silk goddess attire created with love in Goa. They are sexy, colorful, flowly and comfortable! Made by Sun.Child. On the carpet I try to change it up but my Boho Chic style really does bleed into the spot light. I love prints on the carpet!

NN: What are some of your favorite beauty products that you use to get red-carpet ready?

TD: I love using the Carlene K shine Bronzer body glow bombshell bronze. I don’t like tanning and put SPF on even in the winter months. So the Body Glow give a nice sun kissed look on the carpet without the gross self tanner smell and stains. I’m really loving Becca right now. There bronzers are unreal!

NN: Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

TD: I really love Lidija Kolovrat. I love her bright colors and prints. What I also like about her is that she isn’t just a fashion designer she’s an artist that creates sculptures, and interior design. Giuseppe Zanotti is such an incredible shoe designer. I went to his opening and dinner in Berverly Hills when I first moved to LA. It was such a surreal experience and introduction into the Hollywood Fashion world. I sat and had dinner with the likes of Kayne West and talked fashion which I truly didn’t know much about at the time. Giuseppe was the most lovely man. He sketched me a shoe on a piece of paper and signed it as we chatted during dinner.

NN: Do you hate it when the paparazzi catch you in certain outfits?

TD: No. I don’t mind because I think clothing is a representation of you…all of you. And I’m not amazingly fantastic everyday. I don’t ever want to be. And I’m cool with people seeing the not so put together side of me. Like walking out of a hot yoga class. Perfect people who are always done up are boring. I like a little grift and un-doneness. I think there is beauty in that.

NN: What is your favorite Instagram filter? Or #NoFilter?

TD: I love all the insta filters! Depending on the lighting of the photo and my mood. If I HAD to choose it would be lo-fi!

NN: What Top 3 Fashion Trends in Hollywood do you LOVE right now?

TD: I’m loving the denim! Rocking a high wasted denim skirt with booties and a cute sweater is definitely a fall fav. Over the knee suede boots. They can make any outfit look sexy. The Stewart Weizmann’s fit like a glove! Plush Pink. I love that color in almost anything!

NN: What Top 3 Fashion Trends in Hollywood do you HATE right now?

TD: Clurb Dresses!! Even if you are doing a surprise trip to Vegas please stop yourself from wearing it! These dresses show too much skin and body and scream no style. But maybe they are still in?! I don’t think the round toe and tapered heel and hidden platform is in anymore but man do some girls still rock it. The modern take on the 70’s platform. But I’m starting to get used to them!

NN: What is your definition of Hollywood “Glam”?

TD: Confidence. That Glam thing that people talk about is only possible when an individual is poised, classy and simple. You can have two women wearing the SAME outfit but one will have the Hollywood Glam and the other wont. It’s this innate sparkle of life, love, happiness and self-assurance. Its magnetic and undeniable. Its not for sale.


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