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August 7, 2013

Pevonia Botanica Sunscreen My New Best Friend




My face and body have been in desperate need of a sunscreen that will not cause blemishes and goes on smoothly. Many sunscreens have gone on greasy, producing shiny and dry skin which makes it difficult to apply makeup, so I usually just keep my gigantic sunglasses on for the day. A friend gave me Pevonia Botanica sunscreen spf 30 to try at the pool for eight long hours.  This product was my favorite for many reasons, it nourishes the skin with vitamins E, C and B while protecting against harmful UVA and UVB rays while also providing hydration at the same time. The beauty of this product is it does much more than shield you from the sun, it’s paraben free and good for all skin types. I realized this was the only sunscreen I could find with moisturizing lotion with the highest SPF so it’s serious sun protection while still being a beauty product. The lotion is a buttery texture which literally melts into my skin providing sunscreen and protection from premature skin aging.  I am so happy, I was finally able to take off my sunglasses and smile at the sun!


Liz Vachon, LICSW

Wife and Mother of two

National Keynote Speaker on Bullying

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August 5, 2013

Taylor is Sweet and Fresh

spacer images-10

Part of completing a perfect outfit is not only looking like a million dollars, but smelling like it too! The new Taylor Swift perfume “Taylor” can do the trick. Taylor Swift’s newest fragrance is the perfect mixture of sweet and fresh. This exquisite fragrance comes in a beautifully designed clear bottle with a clear beveled glass knob wrapped with pearls, simply gorgeous. It’s  nice to take on those long weekends or an exotic vacation getaway. Recently I went to a sleepover at a friend’s house and it was awesome to just slip in my bag and it didn’t take up much room. Plus, everyone was asking me if I had used all my babysitting money to buy a new expensive perfume, but I told them I didn’t need to buy a really fancy over priced perfume because the new Taylor Swift perfume was exactly what I wanted and it came at a affordable price.  I’d say anyone at any age could pull this off. I am actually going to Europe in a few days and I know us girls tend to over-pack, so taking this new feasible perfume bottle in my luggage is easy because I know it wont take up a lot of space or weigh my suitcase down more then it already is! Overall, I loved “Taylor” and I am eager to try out Taylor Swift’s upcoming scents!

 Christina Carlino, guest blogger, fragrance enthusiast0-7
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August 3, 2013

SUAVE…Unlock Your Softer Side



Looking for some hot summer news to add some sizzle to your day? Look no further than Suave® Skin Solutions Body Lotions and Suave® Naturals Body Wash, who have partnered with Wendy Williams, to prove that anyone can Unlock their Softer Side.

Supplying ultimate hydration and leaving skin feeling fresh, Suave® will equip you with the essential tools for Unlocking your Softer Side with new, richer formulated products that provide 24-hour moisturization in a variety of fun, fresh scents all infused with natural ingredients.

Join the conversation on Facebook @Suave Beauty and on Twitter @SuaveBeauty, using #UnlockYourSofterSide and #Suave.

Enter the Sweepstakes: Suave Unlock Your Softer Side Sweepstakes (the “Sweepstakes”) begins 12:00 a.m. Eastern Time (“ET”) on July 12, 2013 and ends 6:00 p.m. ET on August 9, 2013 (the “Sweepstakes Period”). at


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July 30, 2013

Dead Sea Elements are Sea Spa Fantastic


I have been searching for towelettes to serve many different functions in my life. The search has been going on for the past five years, however, I have found the perfect wipes which exceeded my expectations.  Dead Sea Elements towelettes are perfect for so many different reasons, the most important being they are infused with dead sea salt and natural minerals. These wipes are great for sensitive skin and my daughter has been acne free since she began her cleansing treatment with the towelettes for the past three months. The natural minerals infuse newly clean skin with elements that purify and heal once they are settled into the pores. The product is not tested on animals and is alcohol and oil free and with a simple swipe, they pick up makeup and bacteria leaving behind soothing minerals.  I also love the pop up packaging because they are easy to take anywhere and can be used on my children throughout the day.   My search has finally ended and because these towelettes are so inexpensive, I can buy several packages to bring everywhere.



Liz Vachon, LICSW

Wife and Mother of two

National Keynote Speaker on Bullying

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July 26, 2013

Healing From the Inside Out – The Three Most Incredible Healing All-Natural Cremes from BA6 Botanicals


“You are what you eat,”  –  that’s what they say, right? Have you ever thought about what you put on your skin as being ‘eaten’ or ‘consumed’ by your body – this is an interesting thing to consider when picking out skin products, as I found out this week from Christine Laureano, founder of BA6 Skin care. She has a unique set of completely natural, extremely effective products that you can buy directly from her website – which not only contain very few chemicals but also work very effectively.


It’s summer so I am going cowgirl on ya!

“BA6 started when my kids were little. I was giving them a bath, pulled out the baby lotion, looked at the ingredients, and said – oh my god. I started doing research into the lotion and said – oh my god this is not good for my baby’s skin!  I couldn’t believe it. So I went to Whole Foods and started researching the ingredients of all sorts of products, and came up with my first product which I made at home – Camomile and Lavender All over body lotion. This is a nice, light everyday moisturizer.”

Once Christine realized that she could make the moisturizer and sell it a relatively inexpensive price point, she started to create a business. The lotion was great and not only did it help the babies’ skin but the lavender smell would calm them. “Sweet almond oil and jojoba are the main oils. Almonds are very nutritious. Jojoba are the oils that are closest to our natural skin oil. My mission was all about looking at the deeper oils. Nutritious, rich and really good for your skin,” she said.

In reality, Christine points out, your skin really is absorbing 60% of what goes on it. She is a certified essential oil therapist as well as a Reiki Master, Reiki Master Healer, and a Certified Chocolatier too! (Meaning that she makes really great chocolate lavender truffles!). Next, Christine created the Cocoa Shea Body Lotion. Now, if you follow my blog at all you know that I suffer from horribly dry scaly skin and I am always reviewing products in light of how they will hurt or help my crazy alligator scales. The Cocoa Shea Body Lotion contains cocoa butter and shea butter – the makeup of both of those are so full of vitamins and things that are so good for your skin. According to Christine, this product is for people who have severely dry skin – who have been in the sun, who need something heavy duty. So, like, for people like me.

Not only is this product full of antioxidants – but it is deeply moisturizing. It actually helps to stimulate your collagen under your skin. I can’t believe how good my skin feels. It doesn’t feel tight, it’s really smooth, I cannot believe that my skin is no longer scaly. According to Christine, this product works because it has such healing properties – with antioxidants really pouring the nutrients into the skin. Just putting some waxy thing on your skin from Rite AID or something like that – it isn’t going to do the deep healing work into your skin. These products have healing properties, and her attitude is that your skin consumes them.

And then came the Booby Balm!  Not long after creating the Ba6 Cocoa Shea lotion, Christine had a lot of people saying they had eczema, and asking for help. She started to develop a dense concentrated cream based on a rich thick cream base. As part of her healing work Christine had started working with the patients at Southampton Hospital in the Breast Health Center, and one day, a nurse asked her to look at one of the radiation patient’s skin. “I looked at the irritiated skin. It was damaged, burned, trying desperately to heal,” she said. Booby Balm was born. Christine added in Halocrstytom and German Camomoile Oil, Avocado, Shea Butter, Lavender Essential Oil, and more.

Booby Balm is strictly for Burns or Super Dry Skin. This creme is highly specialized and concentrated, and well worth the slightly added cost.  “Booby Balm is now in the hospital’s Pink Ribbon bags – which all breast cancer patients receive at Southampton Hospital in Long Island and many other healthcare facilities,” she said.

Every product manufactured by BA6 has been the result of an investigation into the root cause of what’s going on with the skin, what the skin system is doing, how your body is going to react, how the skin will behave….and what will your skin needs at its core in order to begin to truly heal. I am a believe in BA6!

For more information go to

0-34Guest Post by Julia Tanen

Julia is a writer, blogger, book author

and mom from Boston, Massachusetts

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July 23, 2013

Safety is Supergoop’s Middle Name!


Spending the summer at the beach, I always need to feel confident that I have the right sunscreen. I recently tried Supergoop SPF 50 + Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Day Cream. This product is Paraben, Fragrance and Oxybenzone free and made in the USA which is why I was drawn to this sunscreen! Supergoop is committed to formulating skincare products infused with vitamins and antioxidants, and free of controversial ingredients. I just can’t use any type of sunscreen, I have very sensitive skin. Supergoop products comforts my worries of breakouts or rashes and nourishes my skin without clogging my pores.   The fears of skin cancer and early skin aging by the sun is one of my main concerns as to many others. I spend peak hours of my day in the sun which is the most dangerous time. Supergoop SPF 50 + Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Day Cream stops my uneasiness. Whether I am swimming, kayaking, hiking, running or just relaxing with my toes in the sand, I know my skin is protected against UV rays and reapplying after 2 hours helps protect me from sunburn. Supergoop is water resistant and needs to be reapplied 80 minutes after sweating or swimming. Supergoop SPF 50 + Antioxidant Infused Sunscreen Day Cream forms a physical barrier against all damaging sun rays to the body’s delicate skin and you can actually feel this protection, immediately when applied. This sunscreen is oil and shine free so I don’t feel sticky or greasily. It improves skin elasticity with each application.



Also, on a daily basis (every morning), I apply Supergoop SPF 35 Sunscreen Save Face A.M. Moisturizer which is lightweight and oil free so my face feels protected against the sun and replenished with vitamins and antioxidants. Super charged blueberry antioxidant helps prevent and repair damaged cells and improves skin texture and elasticity. Supergoop SPF 35 + Sunscreeen Save Face A.M. Moisturizer is an oil-free base which provides protection compatible with very sensitive skin types. It is water resistant so reapply 40 minutes after sweating or swimming. It is a great A.M. moisturizer and an advanced protection from the dangerous UV rays. Again I feel confident that my body and my face is protected from the sun with Supergoop and I can concentrate on my daily activities without worrying about my skin being as red as a lobster at the end of the day! My conversation with my summer time friends on the beach always starts out with a chat about which sunscreen is better and healthier. When the sun sets and I am walking off the beach with an empty bottle of Supergoop Sunscreen, I know my choice of sunscreen won!!!  Everyone needs to feel confident that they are protected from the sun’s harmful rays.  Supergoop Sunscreen Products will not let you down….  Safety is Supergoop’s middle name!

426346_2615090938519_1292450244_32037462_1878770512_n - Version 3Laurie Carcieri

Wife, mother of 2, fitness and outdoor enthusiast

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July 19, 2013

La Licious is as Fabulous as its Name


sugar_reef_bb_wbLa Licious’s Sugar Reef Souffé Scrub and Sugar Reef Body Butter are just as fabulous as the name implies. These irresistible products are all-natural, and free of parabens and sulfate detergents. I use both luxurious products to make my skin healthy and incredibly smooth. They are my own personal spa treatments, which I can use any time and at a great price compared to going to a spa. I use the Sugar Reef Souffé Scrub once a week to rub way dead skin cells and get amazingly smooth, moisturized skin. Also, I love to use it because exfoliating helps me to get a more even tan. In addition the product smells heavenly, clean and fresh aroma like an ocean breeze.

LaLicious Sugar Reef Body Scrub

LaLicious Sugar Reef Body Scrub

Most notably, La Licious’s Sugar Reef Souffé Scrub doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy, which unlike most other scrubs.  After I use the scrub, I highly recommend Sugar Reef Body Butter because it is the ultimate skin-perfecting product because it adds even more hydration in the form of a dense whip cream consistency infused with shea butter, vitamin E, safflower seed oil, and aloe vera! The butter works so well that it makes my skin smooth for days and when used with LaLicious’s Sugar Reef Souffé Scrub they make skin truly flawless!

La Lacious assorted skincare produts are available is10 different scents. Find the scent that you love at


Rachel Aiello, Guest Blogger, College Sophmore
image - Version 2
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July 17, 2013

Have your ipad or iphone Looking Chic

ipad Caser

ipad Cse

Looking for a safe case to store your iPad for travel or everyday use….. Kailo chic on has fantastic iPad clutches.  They have modern sleek designs with a kisslock snap that not only keeps your equipment safe but fashionable as well.  The cases are large enough to place an iPad 1, 2, or 3 or other small electronic devices or laptops. The interior is lightweight foam, padded for safe support for the electronic device. You can also store a charger and a small notebook inside. The zipper pocket on the front is wonderful for storing small items such as keys, wallets or phone.  I was lucky to score the gray chevron design which I desired the most. The fabric used is a gray and white chevron print canvas that is laminated with waterproof vinyl making it very simple to keep clean. Just use a damp cloth to remove any residue and then dry it . Some things in life make it just so simple and of course fashionable…. Kailo chic iPad clutch is on the top of that list!

You can find a large assortment of Laptop cases, bags, wallets, luggage and fashionable accessories at


Laurie Carcieri

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July 14, 2013

Pump Up the Volume with Sebastian


Scarves in the summer? Why not!? I have noticed that many celebrities have been wearing patterned, bright, scarves around the neck, wrapped around the head, or tied around the waist. So cool and an awesome fashion statement! Sebastian Professional collaborated with fashion designer Mara Hoffman on a limited edition gift set that boasts a bold Mara Hoffman scarf for Sebastian’s best-selling Shampoo and Conditioner.

Screen Shot 2013-04-23 at 11.16.31 AM_0

Plus, the shampoo and conditioner is volume boosting! The Volupt Shampoo contains cushioning-particles to provide a volume boost and soft touch and the Volupt conditioner utilizes micro-lite technology to shield-in volume with lightweight softness. The custom designed scarf is a $120 value, and comes free with the shampoo and conditioner! For just $25 at salons, how could you go wrong for this limited edition gift set?  Check out these great products!

Rachel I., guest blogger

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July 12, 2013

Treat Yourself to a Glacial Facial


You know those boring rainy days that tend to happen from time to time? What better way to spend it than pampering yourself and having some fun in the process? A few days ago I tried using Montagne Jeunesse’s Glacial Clay Spa! It was actually a really fun experience. I have used facials before but nothing like this one. This masks opens to a soft cloth with whatever scent is on your package. It already has cut outs for your eyes, nose and mouth so you can relax for the full experience. You keep it on for 10-15 minutes and let the moisture seep into your skin and cleanse your pores.  Before you use this product it is a good idea to wash your face before hand. I applied the cloth to my face, for the appropriate amount of time given. (Perfect time to do this while your favorite TV show is having a commercial or something!) After the time is up, take the cloth off and massage the excess juices around your face. Lastly you just rinse, it’s as easy as that! Montagne Jeunesse Glacial Clay Spa left my face extremely soft and my pores were completely clear! It’s a fun and different thing to do alone when you’re bored, invite some friends over and try it together! I loved using this and I’m eager to see what the other Masks are like!

Montagne Jeunesse carries face masks, clay spas and refreshing products for your entire body. Find them all at

Enter to win your own package of Montagne Jeunesse face masks at

0-7Christina Carlino

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