Donna Spangler
February 25, 2016

Ageless-Maintaining your Youth and Enhancing your Beauty

7K3A6506 (1)Although a positive attitude is the most important aspect in maintaining beauty and health.  I will be telling you my rules on the physical aspects of ageless beauty that I always live by.

I just turned 53 so I am all about maintaining youth and beauty and I can’t stress enough how important a regular beauty regiment is which should be a part of the way you live your life so that you can maintain your youth and beauty, for the many years to come.

As we age things happen to every part of our body, its just a fact of life. The key is to try and slow the process down and in many cases, improve upon it. This can be accomplished by being faithful to living as clean of a life as possible and having a regular beauty regimen that you stick to each day.

CUT OUT BAD HABITS – This means cutting things out like smoking or being around those who smoke. Smokers get more wrinkles. This may be difficult if you have any smokers around you but smoking is one of the worst culprits for aging not to mention it causes cancer.

Other bad habits such as excessive drinking of alcohol should be sworn off. Of course an occasional drink is fine but too much rapidly ages your skin, since alcohol dries out the skin itself.

Clean Food- Keep your body healthy. Make sure you eat lots of healthy foods and vegetables. It is important to try to use vegetables that don’t have pesticides because of there strongly possible poisonous content. Growing a garden this is ideal, but for most people it is impossible. Most of us will just have to get the best option such as going to the Sunday farmers market or to a vendor that sells vegetables that are grown pesticide free.

Cut sugar intake- Sugars in excess cause a multitude of problems and should be limited. Occasional limited sugar or natural sugar like fruit is the best option.

Cut Stress- Stress reduction is a must in terms of keeping yourself looking and feeling young. Stress also contributes to a plethora of illnesses as well as reducing the required defense of your immune system.

Even having a pet can help help reduce stress. If you have an animal spend time stroking and loving it. Studies show this this helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Get plenty of rest so that your system keeps an even healthy balance. If you cannot sleep try getting more exercise during the day and try doing exercises like yoga. Any type of exercise is great though. Find something that you enjoy doing which invites restful sleep at night. workout

When I am stressed I take a hot bath which relaxes me. I add olive oil or coconut oil to help my skin. Dimming the lights or turning off the light and burning a candle or candles also helps a great deal to relax.

Morning routine- In the morning make sure your face is clean. Put your favorite moisturizer on when it soaks in then use an SPF of 15 or higher to protect your face and neck. Now a days many of the base makeups have an SPF. This is one of the most important steps to protect you from the damaging rays of the sun. Re apply ever few hours. If you are in direct sun you may even want to wear a hat.

Also don’t forget to apply to you body the moisturizer and an SPF for any exposed body parts. Aging takes place over the whole body so do not ignore pampering and protecting it.DSC_8863

Teeth- The mouth and the face are the first things that other people look at. Teeth are a strong indicator of beauty and health.

Floss after breakfast to release the food that is automatically impacted beneath the gums which house the bacteria that cause not only bad breath but also feeds bacteria to cause multiple serious diseases throughout the entire body. Additionally, it is easy for others to see when the mouth and smile have not been taken care of. Yellow or brown teeth and bad looking gums age a person greatly. If you want to maintain your youth and beauty please floss and brush after every meal and especially before bed.

Vitamins- Because I work out hard, I like to take a multiple vitamin to ensure I am getting all I need for my body.

Night routine- At night, before bedtime is a great time to help your body, since it repairs itself at its best when you are sleeping, so that any preparation at night will aid in optimal repair.

Skin- At night exfoliate your skin with a gentle cleanser or wash with honey. Put on a moisturizer. I also use retinol cream to finish. I use it a few times a week and only a pea size for my whole face and neck. Put a light moisturizer on your body at night as well.

Lashes- For my Lashes I use Revitalash every night as it works well and having long thick lashes is a sign of youth and beauty. This is most important as lashes tend to lessen as we age. There are other lash products on the market so find one that works for you if you want to maintain a beautiful full set of lashes.

Hydration- Before bed drink some water. This is very important and your body will love you. Fill up a glass of water and have it near your bed so if you get thirsty you can drink it throughout the night. Hydration will aid in keeping your body looking and functioning its best. I use purified water.

teeth- brush and floss. You can also do a teeth whitening when you feel you need it to keep those pearly whites. There are many brands available.

If you follow all these rules then you should be well on your way to maintaining your youth and beauty.

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December 26, 2015

A Beverly Hills Christmas with Ravin and chyanne spangler


Ravin ( Beverly Hills Christmas )and chyanne spangler


Holiday time is perfect for the celebration of togetherness and nothing brings a family closer than decorating the living space.
There are so many ways to decorate with many options. Get the kids together and give them craft supplies to make decorations. Assign a space that they can decorate any way they see fit. Take out all the old decorations and lay them out. My favorites place to get inexpensive decorations is the 99 cent store or the dollar store. Tinsel can make a great supplement for that holiday feel. You can also make large candy wrappers with old tubes of toilet paper or paper towels after they are done and cover them with any colored paper or material and tie them off at each end.


Also food like stringed popcorn and hanging candy canes can be used for holiday
also baking cookies and decorating them then displaying them on plates gives the family a sense of warmth.
So get together with your family and decorate this holiday season.


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November 6, 2015

The Importance Of Rest And Taking Time Of Yourself

You know some times we forget how far we as women have come. We have not always been seen as equals to men in terms of politics, voting, job oppurtunities and countlesss other things. Over the past few decades we have made significant strides towards gaining our own independence. Instead of simply being house makers, now we are , business women, doctors, entrepreneurs, lawyers, along with being children bearers, mothers and spectacular wives. But how can we do all of that and maintain a healthy body?

The key is to TAKE CARE of our complete selves mind, body and spirit. No matter how busy your schedule is, it is imperative to workout at least 30 minutes a day. If you are not a fan of the gym, try taking your dog on a long walk or walking up and down your home steps 20-30 times. Try putting on some dance music while cleaning the house and letting your body move to the beat.

Whatever you decide to do, keep your body in motion. It’s not simply about having a slim figure. It is about your health, studies show that working out promotes a healthy heart, mind and spirit. If you work out for at least 30 minutes a day along with a well balanced diet you will see that you have a lot more energy to get through the day.

 Next thing, TAKE TIME FOR YOU. We as women as were born to nurture others, it’s in our nature. But all too often we forget to take care of the most important person… Ourselves. Be sure to take time every now and then to do something solely for you. Get your nails done, go to the spa, have a girls night out anything that you do make sure that it’s something you and you alone want to do.

Finally and most importantly REST. I can not stress to you the importance of beauty rest.

Not only is it amazing for your skin, but it imperative for your heart. Studies show that women who get 6-8 hours of sleep a night, live longer happier and healthier lives. Our bodies regroup  themselves while they are sleeping. Make sure you take the time to get some old fashioned beauty rest.

If you’ll do this you’ll see that your modern day superwoman cap with sore that much higher.

Remember that our minds, bodies and souls need us just like everyone else.

We are aren’t any good to anyone if we are tired. 

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August 18, 2015

Sheryl Lee Ralph on the cover of SHEEN Magazine

The dynamic and vivacious SHERYL LEE RALPH graces the Cover of SHEEN MAGAZINE on the exclusive 2015 September/October edition, TIMELESS BEAUTY ISSUE.

August 6, 2015 -The legendary actress, SHERYL LEE RALPH is the standard for what a classy, timeless woman embodies. Sheryl has been on the acting scene since she was a very young woman and later blossomed into the original Dreamgirl “Deena Jones” on Broadway. Many know Sheryl as “Dee,” our favorite step mother on Moesha, or as “Maggie Turner” on Nickelodeon’s Instant Mom. The multitalented actress lives by the acronym D.I.V.A– Divinely, Inspired, Victoriously, Alive. Are you a D.I.V.A.?

Front cover of Sheen Magazine

Front cover of Sheen Magazine

Following Sheryl’s lead, we trace the everlasting elegance of women over the years including Eartha Kitt, Pam Grier and more. Celebrity makeup artist, Renny Vasquez, who has “beat” the faces of Queen Latifah and Gabrielle Union, gives us his insight on fall makeup trends. With cool weather approaching, keeping your skin and lips hydrated is a must! We have the best lip exfoliates and beauty secrets you need in your beauty arsenal! Also, Dr. Paul Nassif from Botched on E! explains the enticing world of extreme plastic surgery. Do you need “tress relief?” SHEEN answers your hair questions! Queen of Color and Cuts, Cynthia Meadows, gives us tips about keeping hair healthy in living color. Hairstylist Highlight, Gocha Hawkins, takes center stage on her new role on LA Hair.

Let’s dish! Lifestyle blogger and journalist Tami Reed talks blogging and Stylist Ayanna J talks how social media landed her the job of her dreams. VH1’s Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Erica Dixon balances business and pleasure. Featured Mandate, Tank, tells us how he becomes the ultimate tempter on TV One’s Born Again Virgin. Wendy Raquel Robinson channels her inner Tasha Mack. Karen Clark Sheard speaks on her legacy while #ILoveMyPastor contest winner, Dr. Joseph L. Williams, shares his spiritual journey.

Read all about it! SHEEN MAGAZINE’s September/October “Timeless Beauty” issue on stands August 28, 2015.


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June 11, 2015

Femininity the Secret to SEXY

“Women of the world: our femininity will always be their weakness.” – Unknown

In todays’ society women play many different roles and more often than in the past, women are in roles that in the not so distant past, have been dominated solely by men. Some women think that they must sacrifice their femininity because of it. I do not think that a trade off is needed in today’s society. Women should embrace their feminine qualities as a strength.

It is my opinion, that a female looks her best when she plays up her feminine style. This is not to say that you can’t wear a tank top and jeans and look feminine. What I mean is that there is a special attractiveness when femininity is emphasized. Femininity is a presence; it’s about the way you carry and present yourself to the world. Posture, elegance, class, grace … all go hand-in-hand to MAXIMIZE YOUR femininity.

Embrace your femininity, as this is very attractive and if used correctly it is a lethal weapon that can bring any man to his knees. It is a look, an attitude, as well as, a right of passage for any grown woman.

How do you display your feminity, you ask? Well, I believe, that it is best to try and make yourself look as soft as possible, when trying to achieve the feminine look. Try not to use dark lipsticks, go with something lighter.I personally believe that soft pink is a very attractive shade on a woman but if you don’t like pink find a shade that works for you.

Looks – It is possible to be feminine and progressive. Opt for hair styles that are not too short especially in the front. Unless you have an absolutely flawless face it is hard to pull off really short styles. Often if a person looks good with really short hair, they will look stunning with longer hair. Your hair styles can change from straight to curled, just make sure it flatters your face. Don’t be afraid to try new styles, but trust your instincts, choose something that looks best on YOU. If you wear your hair curly make sure there is no frizz. Frizzy hair always makes your hair look dry and often times unkept.

Nails, Ladies, Ladies Ladies please know that no man wants a woman with dirty fingers. Keep your nails nice and tidy, you don’t have to wear nail polish or acrylics but a little trim and buff never hurt anyone.

Carriage – The way someone walks reveals a lot about them. A feminine image will be achieved by a confident stride, by standing erect and strolling lightly. DON’T walk like an elephant, glide like a beautiful swan. Contrary to popular belief men still like women who care about their appearance.

Making yourself appear feminine – Femininity is always important in a woman’s attractiveness. Women are almost always more appealing as soft, sweet and delicate creatures. It doesn’t mean we have to be helpless or weak, just smoother around the edges. Embrace your femininity as this is very attractive. It is a look as well as a demeanor.

In terms of a feminine demeanor, this is achieved by staying away from impolite behavior. Loud noises such as burps, farts, and other loud noises should be done in private. Be a LADY, cross you legs slightly at your ankles when you sit down, don’t just plop down into the chair, say excuse me when you sneeze or walk past someone. It is important to carry yourself with grace to achieve an irresitable feminine flair. If you are in a work environment you can always be polite and if a problem arises just be firm, never bitchy.Be assertive but not rude. Nobody likes a woman with a BAD attitude, keep that at home. SMILE! A smile goes a long way in terms of social graces. A smile will also make you come off as more attractive.

Dresses are feminine but a nice blouse with a colorful scarf or some other accessory will add to the femininity of your look. This can even be achieved by wearing a nice pair of black or blue jeans and high or mid level heel. I personally love pearl studs as they are often understated but regal and extremely feminine.
lash donna

I met a man once who said if a woman takes care of their appearance then I know that I can trust them to take care of our household. Remember that it’s about the WHOLE package. Be the BEST you, you can be. Always strive to evolve and grow.The bottom line with femininity is that always think softer, mild and subtle and not brash, harsh or brusque.

Now Go out there and show the world that Femininity is alive and well. Like Beyonce said “Who run the world GIRLS.”
donna green bikini leaning outside

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May 13, 2015

Beauty & Sex in the Bedroom

“A great figure or physique is nice, but it’s self-confidence that makes someone really sexy.”
– Vivica A.Fox

Everybody knows that, having a loving and caring partner can enrich your life, intensified with the interaction that you have in the bedroom. A passionate and sensual sex life can help to make you feel beautiful, loved and fulfilled. It also releases endorphins that are said to have other health benefits such as giving you more energy and putting you in a happy mood. A satisfying sex life is also proven to boost your self-esteem, and your overall happiness and well-being. When it comes to beauty, for most women, they have one sole person that they want to find them sexy, appealing and attractive. And this starts with how you see yourself. You know the saying, “true beauty starts within?” well I hate to break it to you but it’s true.
It is so important to feel beautiful and sexy in the bedroom with your partner. You can achieve this by being enthusiastic and confident. A large component of being sexy is being playful and flirty. You must live in the moment. Don’t put too much thought on if you are good enough, sexy enough, skilled enough. Believe that you are. Inhibitions and self-consciousness will show. If your partner wants to try something, then be open to it, unless it goes against your moral fiber. Respect both your partner’s fantasies and boundaries.
A woman who has a defined sense of self, style and class will be beautiful in the bedroom. It is important to be secure with your body. Be proud. That is why working out is important as it will help to make you feel good about your body as well as maintain those endorphins. It is also essential to be compatible with the person you are involved with in the bedroom in order to feel comfortable and feel at your best. If you have a great chemistry then nothing else matters but the intense connection you have together. Connecting on such a deep level will intensify your sexual experience.
If you have been following my advice with a healthy diet and exercise routine, then chances are you will be more sure of yourself and confident when you interact with your partner. It is more important that you feel good about yourself than anything else.
Expressing yourself by getting dressed up in something you feel sexy in once in a while is positive because even if your partner doesn’t care, you will feel that you are sexy and beautiful, thus project this to your partner making a more intense and enjoyable experience. There must be a balance of emotional feelings and physical attraction to sustain a good relationship. Couples today date, get together and usually explore the physical aspects of the relationship if it is going to go to the next level. When it comes to sex and romance, anything goes in the bed room. Problems in a relationship involving sexual partners arise for various reasons.
There are so many sexual choices each individual can have, which can be a deal breaker for couples if their partner has very different preferences sexually than they do. Some people prefer raw, sloppy lovemaking that is intense and passionate. Other individuals prefer sterile, formal and more traditional sexual encounters. Others need stories and role playing to excite their fantasies or experimenting with adult toys.
What is interesting is that what turns on one person may disgust another. This is where compatibility from a purely sexual angle does matter. It is vital to open up the lines of communication of what each other wants, keeping an open mind but not forgetting what you feel comfortable with.
There is no set formula when it comes to the bedroom.
Chemistry plays a vital part in bedroom activities. The way someone smells, feels, looks and acts is all part of this. One couple may like certain activities with each other, but may not like the same activities with someone else.
Should you wear makeup between the sheets?
Yes you should, but just enough to make you feel sexy. If you wear too much eye liner it could run from the heat of passion, so you may want to get water proof to ensure you don’t end up looking like Alice Cooper. I recommend that you at least wear a great mascara or if you have lash extensions or use a lash growing product like Latise or Revitalash, you are good to go. You want your eyes to pop, and for your partner to be mesmerized and get lost in them. A little face makeup/blush is fine, but don’t cake it on – you don’t want it to end up all over the sheets or your partner! Make sure to thoroughly wash your make-up off after you go to bed so your skin can stay at its best.

When you are with someone, makeup is less important for the person you are with because they will be into the sensual part of the act as how they are feeling with you. However, it will make you feel more beautiful and desirable, making you a more confident and seductive lover.

With these tips ladies your partner will never want to leave the bedroom. Now get in there, be your best you and put in that work with your partner Girl!

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March 3, 2015

Looking Bikini Ready in the 40's & 50's

Weight Training
The pictures below were all taken when I was 48 to show that it is possible to have a fit healthy looking body at that age. One of the best ways to achieve this result is by weight training.
At first I wasn’t sure if I would like weight training. I had a preconception that I would end up bulky and lose my femininity. However, I couldn’t have been more wrong! I found I loved the results and fine tuning it gave to my body. It gave my muscle definition and a sleek curvature, minus the bulk! Plus, weight training raises your metabolism, so you’ll be left burning calories long after you put down the dumbbells.
Positive thinking- I’ve said this before and I will say it AGAIN: It is crucial to be positive in life and find that drive that will give you the impetus to be persistent in your goal of being and staying fit. Whatever you have to do to get there, know that it is important not to give up and know that you can do it. Remember to constantly push yourself, because it will get harder before it gets easier, and eventually becomes a way of life.DonnaSpangler©Reiff_MG_6631blue hold partial ball
Being fit is not only for the benefit of how you look, it is a healthy way to live a better and more productive life. A friend of mine once said, “When you are in shape your body becomes an awesome piece of clothing that you can wear all the time.” I really love this quote because it so true! When your body is awesome, it doesn’t matter what you wear as SO many things will look great on you. You can wear a gunny sak and still look good. I also began receiving many compliments on my body, so this gave me the encouragement to keep working on myself. I’m a huge advocate of positive reinforcement. It kept me motivated to continue. It was when I got to a certain point that I even decided to enter a bikini fitness contest. My first contest was for females over 35 in the masters class of the amateur division. This was a big deal for me because I just turned 49 years old and thought why not? If I look good at this age and have the balls to go through with it then what is there to lose? donna green bikini leaning outside
I had less than a month to prepare but decided to work hard to attain my goal to be my personal best no matter what happened. First, I went on a high protein diet where I had to eat ever few hours in order to build muscle and loose fat. I took all types of vitamins drank shakes and eat a hearty lunch and dinner. I was never hungry. The only bummer was cutting out some foods I loved but knew it was for a good reason. The first four days of the diet really went well and my stomach flattened really nicely. I have a photo shoot of this. I continued the diet till after the contest.
I then had to learn the protocol of the competition so I studied online contests. I realized that I may need a bit of coaching, so I decided to hire a coach to teach me how the girls walk in the bikini fitness contests. It was far different than I imagined. She told me I had to walk a certain way with a wiggle, to lean forward and other useful information, making me more seasoned when I reached the stage.DonnaSpangler©Reiff_MG_6584 in red
Donnas Diaries
Although I had been a model in 20s and early 30s, I had settled into a long term relationship of eating out and no exercise. I woke up one day to find that although my body was slender, I had no muscle tone. I was like a marsh mellow! I was becoming a skinny fat person (explain this)
I have been working out now for about 2 months, I went on the diet Roland Kickenger (Sexy Nutrition) put me on for about 3 weeks and feel like I am somewhat of a plateau. Every time I work out with al I feel like I am accomplishing something. We are on a deadline and I am not sure it will work but I am focused on it. It has been hard on Richie as I am not as focused on him so he has been having fits. It can be extremely difficult on a mate as it takes lots of focus and determination to get to the place that you need to when trying to compete.
I went through a time that I had to deal with depression and found the only thing that drew me out was exercise. Every time I felt like I was going down the path of darkness, I did some type of physical activity to fight it.
The bottom line is that you have to work on being fit. The more effort, the more reward. It is a lifelong venture, just like eating and breathing. You will have to work at it every day, and make serious lifestyle changes. But if you do, you will reveal a self you didn’t even know existed. A self that you are proud of. And that you can’t wait to show to the world.
You have to do the work … If there is no pain there will be no gain.
It was when I got to a certain point that I even decided to enter a bikini fitness contest. My first contest was for females over 35 in the amateur division. This was a big deal for me because I just turned 49 years old and thought why not? If I look good at this age and have the balls to go through with it then what is there to lose? I had less than a month to prepare, but decided to work hard to attain my goal to be my personal best no matter what happened. First, I went on a high protein diet where I had to eat ever few hours in order to build muscle and loose fat. I took all types of vitamins drank shakes and eat a hearty lunch and dinner. I was never hungry. The only bummer was cutting out some foods I loved but knew it was for a good reason. The first four days of the diet really went well and my stomach flattened really nicely. I have a photo shoot of this.
I then had to learn the protocol of the competition so I studied online contests. I realized that I may need a bit of coaching so I hired a coach to teach me how the girls walk in the bikini fitness contests. I participated in 4 contests and eventually, I won first place in my category. The hard work and time was all worth it! front view bikini fitness comp

DonnaSpangler©Reiff_MG_6631blue hold partial ball

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February 10, 2015

$250 beauty box giveaway

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January 26, 2015

Molly Parker wears TACORI

Molly Parker Wears TACORI!

LOS ANGELES – January 25, 2015 – Molly Parker was photographed wearing

TACORI to the 21st Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards at The Shrine Auditorium today in Los Angeles! The House of Cards star accessorized her blush gown with TACORI 18K Pink Gold 0.45ct Diamond 13mm Cushion Peach Moonstone Earrings (style no. SE182P36; $4,220;

Molly Parker

Molly Parker

TACORI earrings

TACORI earrings

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December 16, 2014

New Year New Body New Attitude

Living with a healthy attitude and finding mental balance is key.  An important aspect of beauty involves finding the strength within yourself.  Part of being beautiful is living with a healthy mind, one that has positive thoughts and is filled with humor and confidence.  If you are sure of yourself, then others will be also. If you are kind to others, people will see this kindness, and recognize its beauty. Being attractive to others comes from a good mental balance, which can be attained by proper diet and exercise and not abusing yourself with harsh extremities, such as drugs and alcohol.

Because females invest so much time on beautification  such as makeup, clothes, hair, nails, perfume and jewelry, it makes sense to take the time to adorn your body by making it look and feel its absolute best. Your body is your own personal billboard through health, attractiveness and how others perceive you.  We all live in an environment where we judge each other and the hard truth is studies show better looking people receive more in life. More accolades, more attention, and  more consideration in their private and professional lives.  Not necessarily just because of their looks, but when you are fit, confident and self-assured, you display a certain strength and attractiveness to the world. Health and fitness will amplify this self-assurance, and confident people tend to be more successful and a joy to be around.  Additionally, a fit body is good for your overall health. When you look good, often times it is a reflection of your overall health. As you age, your body will start showing signs of deterioration, but there are many things you can do to combat this process so you will continue to stun (Shine) no matter what age!
If we compare our bodies to a car, we understand that it too must be maintained in order to operate at maximum efficiency. A car needs regular oil changes and to be cleaned and repaired, otherwise it will eventually break down. The more you stay on top of maintenance, the less has to be done and the better off you will be if you don’t let yourself go downhill. It is far easier to keep yourself fit than to get fit. But also remember that it’s never too late – if you haven’t taken care of yourself the way you wished you would have, there’s no better time than now to start.1920239_10154682540980241_9130307005510253720_n
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