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July 6, 2012

Get Tattooed By Your Favorite Scent


From Left,   Monkey Business (male), Drako (male), Koi (unisex),  A Mi Amore (female) and Sudden Freedom (female)

Tattooed by Inky has a brand new line of body fragrances with a playful, fire extinguisher bottle shape. These fun body sprays named Monkey BusinessDrako, Koi , Ami Amore and Sudden Freedom, and add a light, fresh fragrance on the body for anytime of day or night.  I had the pleasure of experiencing “Sudden Freedom”.   This fragrance was very feminine, having a blend of aquatic florals, with pink jasmine and warm rosewood. I sprayed the scent on my body after my morning shower and enjoyed the fragrance all day long.  I decided to take the stylish, colored metal canister to work and refreshed myself with an afternoon spritz which was a great “pick me up”. These trendy fragrances from Tattooed by Inky includes scents for men, women, and even one that is unisex. Anyone and everyone would relish over Tattooed by Inky’s new line!!!  A perfect gift!!

Choose the scent you want Tattooed on you !

MONKEY BUSINESS for men, captures a blend of  leather, lavender, pepper and sandalwood.
DRAKO for men, will sense a blend of spices, musk and precious woods.
A MI AMOR , a feminine scent  capturing a blend of white florals, vanilla and amber.
SUDDEN FREEDOM, also a feminine scent offering a fresh and feminine bouquet of aquatic florals, pink jasmine and warm rosewood.
KOI, a unisex scent, carries a blend of radiant citrus, ginger and the warmth of patchouli.

The body sprays retail for $5.99 each and can be located at target, amazon and many drugstores nationwide.

visit www.tattooedbyinky and read more about these trendy scents.

Laurie Carcieri (below), is a Guest Blogger for “It’s a Glam Thing”

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July 5, 2012

This Summer “Babe Tools” are the only tools you will need!

Get into “Babe” mode this summer and indulge in the shimmer, shine and peachy glow of Fake Bake‘s cosmetic line, “Babe Tool”.

During the spring and summer months, as far as blush and lip gloss are concerned, I tend to wear little or none.  Since being introduced to  “Babe Tool’s”  “Just Peachy Blush”  by Fake Bake, it’s all I have been using. “Just Peachy Blush”, is a combination blush and highlighter that compliments all complexions. “Just Peachy”  also has triple pigmentation which means it has longer staying power.   After I apply my tinted foundation,  I lightly dust my face and neck with “Just Peachy Blush“.  This blush leaves my skin with a light shimmery glow.  It is the perfect blush for both day and night, and giving you a healthy, natural look.

As a compliment to “Just Peachy Blush”,  “Babe Tool”  has the perfect lip gloss,  Prissy Lips.  “Prissy Lips Lip Gloss” is a soft, shimmery pearly pink tinted lip gloss.  Prissy Lips coats your lips with a shiny gloss, without a heavy color, which is what I like during the summer months.   The lip gloss is in an attractive acrylic tube, and the wand attached has a beautiful handle which makes applying your lip gloss so easy, allowing for a perfect application every time.

As stated by Fake Bake,  Babe Tool Lip Glosses are “Loaded with sparks, shine, and sizzle. Comfortable non-gooey gloss made with light-reflectors and all the right colors to take you from day to night.  Mix and match them or go solo!”

Shimmer and shine this summer with “Babe Tools” by Fake Bake.

Visit to view their entire line of skincare products for both men and women.

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June 29, 2012

DERMELECT Nail Laquers and Nail Polishes are Anti-Aging and “Green”

I have been using a sensational product from Dermelect Cosmeceuticals.  It’s called Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler, which is also an Anti-Aging Base Coat, and I am loving my nails.  After applying two coats of Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler, I found that  it applies very easily and the final results are fantastic.  My  nails look smooth and my nail imperfections are hidden.  I have been growing out my nails since I stopped wearing acrylics, and my nails definitely needed a ridge filler and Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler did the trick. This basecoat has a beautiful pink/opal color so I didn’t have to add a color to my nails right away.

Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler is an “anti-aging treatment utilizing ProSina, a unique delivery system of protein peptides to strengthen weak nails and make them resistant to splits and breaks”.  This ridge filler also contains Pentavitin, which is a moisture binding agent and acts as a water magnet to your nails. This is a great product, especially if you have brittle or damaged nails.

My 23 year old daughter Jenna,  has been using Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener, which is also a base coat.  Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener also contains ProSina which “provides a unique delivery system of protein peptides directly to the nail bed to encourage stubborn nails to grow while improving their strength”.  Jenna has been using Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener and she thinks it is a sensational base coat.  She says she likes this nail strengthener  because it is easy to apply, dries quickly,  has minimal fumes and hasn’t  turned her nails yellow which some base coats tend to do. Both Dermelect Makeover Ridge Filler and Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener is DBP, Toluene and Formaldehyde free, which makes them “Green”.

Jenna liked Dermelect Launchpad Nail Strengthener so much that she is also using Dermelect Anti-Aging Colored Nail Lacquers which is Dermelect’s newest  product.  This is sensational news for the environment and for your nails too.  Dermelect Anti Aging Nail Lacquers are “infused with ProSina, a pure protein peptide extracted from New Zealand Sheeps wool.”  These nail lacquers are fast drying and have a high gloss shine.  The nail lacquers also  act as a nail strengthener  which helps your nails become stronger and chip resistent.  Jenna had her nail lacquer on for at least 1-1/2 weeks (see a photo of her hand below) and the nail lacquer still looked great.

Dermelect Anti-Aging Nail Lacquers offers six brillant colors and Jenna chose “Provocative”.  She noted that the nail lacquer had minimal fumes and she especially liked the brush. “It was thin and easy to use.  I was able to coat my entire nail with ease, and the color was bright and shiny.  I received many compliments from my friends”‘.

Dermelect  Anti-Aging Nail Lacquers  are water and detergent resistant and protects against UV Rays.  A Dermelect’s ridgefiller and nail strengthenr, they are also DBP,  Toulene, Formaldehyde and cruely free. ( No animal testing) , which makes them “Green”. As you can see in the photo, Jenna’s nails look fabulous! Remember, with Dermelect Nail Care Products, you will have young looking nails today, and tomorrow too!

visit to see their complete product line of nail care products and other fabulous anti-aging skincare products.

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June 28, 2012

Your Lips Will Look Smashing in “Shades of Fame” by SMASHBOX

FIVE great shades in “FIVE” great tubes equals “SHADES OF FAME HIGH SHINE REFLECTION LIP GLOSS SET”  by Smashbox .  As you must know by know, I don’t leave my house without a great shade of lipstick or lip gloss and with Smashbox Summer 2012 Shades of Fame Collection, I now have 5  incredible vibrant colors to choose from.  These lip glosses are purse and travel size lip glosses and are irresistible,  fashionable and offers a color for every occasion and every mood.  Get your lips looking red hot and spectacular this summer.  With colors like  CANDY,  BUFF,   HIBISCUS,   PAPAYA, and  STAR  who could resist trying this set.

You lips will definitely look, smooth, shiny and absolutely SMASHING!!!! offers a complete line of cosmetics covering everything from eyes to lips including smashing  palettes and primers.  Definitely spend some time watching their video tutorials to help you achieve your hottest look.

With a little bit of SMASHBOX, your lips will look smashing.



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June 25, 2012

Preserve the Beauty and Color of your Swimsuit with Cielo Rosso

As far back as I can remember, I rarely had the same bathing suit more than a year or so, mainly  because at the end of the swimsuit season my suit was faded.  Who wants to wear a faded, worn out looking swim suit?

Between dozens of trips to the beach each summer and lots of fun in the sun not to mention lazy days by the pool,  our swimsuits just didn’t keep their color.

We live on the East Coast where the summer season lasts about 3 to 4 months, and we want our suits to look spectacular at the end of the season because we do dig them out from time to time throughout the year for indoor swimming and winter vacations.  If  you have children, who wants to keep buying swim suits.  Their color should last at least  until they outgrow them.

If you are a part time swimmer or full time swimmer I have a great product  that will keep your suits looking their brightest and whitest.  Cielo Rosso has developed a swimsuit bath that will keep your swimsuit looking splashy all year long.

Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath  was designed especially for swimsuits and removes harsh chemicals like salt, chlorine, lotions and sunscreens so your suits retain their color and white suits will stay white.  Another great benefit Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath has to offers is that it helps preserve the thread and elasticity in your swimsuit, so your suit remains looking new and vibrant.  Cielo Rosso  Swimsuit Bath is Hypoallergenic, biodegradable and is not tested on animals.

I started using Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath and it’s so easy to use, it’s easier than doing a load of laundry.  With just a dime size of  Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath added to cold water,  swish the suits around for a few minutes and you will begin to see the water turn gray.  This means that the chlorine has been taken out of the suit.  Next, I just rinse, squeeze out excess water and line dry. It’s so easy.

I can’t imagine washing my suits in anything else but Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath.  Our swimsuits will never look better, and never look faded.

Cielo Rosso Swimsuit Bath is available in two sizes, 8 oz. and 2.2 oz. travel size.   visit and order yours today.









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June 22, 2012

DesignFX…The Ultimate Nail Experience

I recently had the Ultimate Nail experience with my teenage daughter Adrienne and her friends. They were having so much fun decorating their nails with DesignFX, that I decided to join in on the fun.   I never knew nail art could be so much fun. My daughter and her friends enjoy spending hours polishing their nails, followed by hand painting intricate designs on them.  They always look smashing but it is very time consuming.  Welcome to the world of DesignFX, where you can have absolutely showstopping nails quickly. DesignFX offers a fun and exciting array of long wearing appliques for fingers and toes. We sampled animal prints and bejeweled designs.  These easy to use self adhesive strips press right on to your natural nail. No glue, no heat, just press on and trim.  If you need to remove them, just peel them right off. DesignFX will not damage your natural nail. DesignFX appliques last one week on natural nails and lasting 2 weeks on gel life pure gel manicure. DesignFX  appliques just peels right off and you will be  ready for another DesignFX experience.

In Adrienne’s own words, “We had a blast with DesignFX.  There were so many designs to choose from.  I used DesignFX  right over my clear nail polish. The best part that I didn’t have to wait for my nails to dry in between coats so there was never any smudging.  My mom did her toes in a bejeweled design and they look like real nail art.  I chose a bejeweled design and my friend Talia chose an animal print. You never would have known they were press on, so don’t tell!”

Create a perfect set of showstopping nails every time.  Stated by DesignFX,  Cristina Aguilera’s “Newest beauty obsession is the Unique line of DesignFX appliques by Dashing Diva”.   Cristina is using DesignFX to glam up her nail on her hit show “The Voice”.  With DesignFX, we can all have nails like the stars at affordable prices!

Talia (left) chose a leopard design.  Adrienne (below) chose a bejeweled pattern.

at,  view the entire collection of designs.

***Special note: DesignFX is a salon service/product. Contact your local salon to find out if the nail techs there offer DesignFX for natural nails or for application with gels.


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June 21, 2012

Bring Out Your Beautiful Curls With RI CI

When I was younger, I really disliked my curly hair and did everything I could to straighten it. I love my curls now but dislike the dryness and frizz that occasionally strike.  Humidity is my enemy.

What intrigued me most about Ri Ci Hair Care Products is that they are specially formulated for curly hair.  Ricky Pennisi, stylist and founder of Ri Ci Products has specialized in curly hair since 1995 and created a line of products specially designed for his curly haired clients.  Basically, “Ri Ci consists of 5 products that work together to achieve beautiful, soft curls every day.”

I am currently using Ri Ci Splash Shampoo and Ri Ci Drench Conditioner.  Ri Ci Splash Shampoo is sulfate free and is a moisturizing shampoo so it washes your hair without drying it out.  Since using Ri Ci Splash Shampoo, my hair has bouncy soft curls.

Ri Ci Drench Conditioner is also sulfate free.  How many conditioners do you know of that can be used in and out of the shower.  Well, maybe you do, but I for one, do not know of any.  Ri Ci Drench Conditioner is a regular conditioner and (this is my favorite part) when you add it to water in a spray bottle, it acts as a leave in conditioner or a curl refreshener.  The best part about Ri Ci Drench conditioner is that it works.  My hair tends to be very dry and with a few sprays and a little scrunching, my curls become more defined and spring back to life.

Ri Ci Velvet Smooth Serum is also a  must have.  A pea size amount of this serum applied to mid shaft to ends will take the frizz right out of your hair. My frizz tends to be pronounced during humid weather and at the beach so this product is an essential part of my pool and beach bag.
Put an end to your dry and frizzy Hair.  Give Ri Ci Products a try.


visit to view a complete line of Ri Ci Products. You will also find great styling hair tips as well as ways to handle hair on extrremely humid days or if you are having a very dry hair day.

Achieve the perfect hairstyle and create the perfect curl with Ri Ci.



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June 19, 2012

“Minimize Wrinkles today while holding off tomorrow’s lines”, Mama Mio has the solution….

Mama Mio says, “Minimize wrinkles today while holding off tomorrow’s lines” .

Let’s face it ladies, eventually, we will look into the mirror and staring right back at us will be those silly little laugh lines or teeny tiny wrinkles that have been creeping up on us.  You may even see some puffiness or dark circles. It will happen sooner or later so why not get to work on this problem sooner.

Mama Mio has introduced two fabulous products to help young women get a head start dealing with those wrinkles and stress lines.

Mama Mio Eye Know and Mama Mio Love Those Laugh Lines have been formulated to deal with these very issues. Enclosed with each product, is a “Little Book of Confidence” which offers up some fun, easy to do, facial exercises.

Mama Mio Eye Know, is a serum that helps with dehydration, dark circles, puffiness and other lines and wrinkles we get with age. Don’t you want to look bright eyed?  Mama Mio will help you feel like you are ready to face the day and wrinkle free.

Eye Know Little Book of Confidence, offers 60 seconds of face lifting exercises that you just can’t miss out on.  The Eye Know Little Book of Confidence features two, easy to do exercises.   HIGH BROWS  and LOST BAGGAGE are the featured facial exercises you must try.  These two exercises focus on the brow and eye area helping you achieve a wide-eyed look.  Mama Mio assures you  that within one week you will see amazing results.  I have and I am loving it. Who knew there were actually exercises designed for your face.

As we all know to well, wrinkles lead to lines and Mama Mio has a solution for that as well. “Love your Laugh Lines” is a light reflecting cream that gets into the grooves and plumps up and fills out unwanted facial lines. I have been using Love Your Laugh Lines on my forehead where I have deep lines  and have been quite pleased with the results.

Love Your Laugh Lines Little Book of Confidence also features two, easy to do facial excercises you will love. THE BIG O and the FURROW FILLER, targets the areas where deepest lines tend to form.  60 seconds each night will asure you amazing results.

Both of these Mama Mio products are paraben, petrolatum and colourant free and not tested on animals. Start working on ironing out those wrinkles now, visit to view their complete line of skincare products. Mama Mio also caters to  moms to be, offering fabulous pregnancy essentials.   Mama Mio also has a facebook page, check it out at

Don’t wait any longer!  Start minimizing those wrinkles today!


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June 16, 2012

“GIVE & GLAM” Girl’s Night Out was “SPECTACULAR”

Rhode Island’s first ever Give  & Glam Event was held recently at the newly rennovated NYLO Hotel in Warwick, RI.  Hats off to Julie Ruditzky Loffredi,  local Television reporter, and host of this event.   The Give &  Glam  was a girl’s night out event to benefit Hasbro Children’s Hospital.  Tickets sold out very fast and I was one of the lucky ones in attendance.  The first 100 guests received pink swag bags and as you can see in the photo below, it was filled with fabulous goodies. From hair and nail products to jewelry and gift certificates, you could see the excitement of the ladies as they were peeking in their bags to see what their goodies were.

There was never a dull moment.  Photos from the pink carpet awaited guests as they arrived and  I got to meet and chat with Rhode Island’s best selling Author of  “The 13th Apostle’,  Raina Smith.

Visit by RainaC.Smith and see if this book will be on your summer reading list.

I can’t even begin to describe to you the array of Silent Auction items and gift baskets ready to be bid on.  From extravagant to conservative, from luxury to simplicity, there was something for everyone.

The Fashion show was quite unique as well, at least for me it was.  There was no catwalk.  Annette Donahue models, graced the floors, indoors and out showing off jewelry, clothes and accessories. It was facinating to watch.   There were plenty of vendors there as well showing off their uniques accessories.   Hairstylists and make-up artists were also on hand giving tips on hair and makeup.   Truly, a girl’s night out.  I can’t wait to attend the next Give & Glam to be held Thursday, October 4, 2012 at Belle Mer Newport, RI.

For more details visit

Contact to learn more.


It’s A Glam Thing auction Basket valued at $600.00 went to the highest bidder

I was a lucky recipient of a “Give &  Glam Swag Bag.  Look at all the “goodies”!

I found the most elegant gift ideas from “Elementz”

Rhode Island’s very own Best Selling Book Author  “Raina C. Smith”
“Mod Mama” had fabulous Children’ s gifts

“Mod Mama” had fabulous Children’ s gifts

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June 14, 2012

Add To Your Summer FUN with Guess Seductive “Sunkissed”


Are you looking for the perfect accessory to add to your Summer fun?  Guess Seductive Limited Edition “Sunkissed” Eau De Tolette Spray is a scent guaranteed to make you smell delicious, light and carefree as you bare that gorgeous summer skin.

Guess recently introduced their new limited edition seductive fragrance “Sunkissed”.  It is a revamped twist on their original seductive fragrance.  What is so unique about this fragrance is that during the day,  it has top notes of pink grapefruit, pear, raspberry and black currant blossom.  In the afternoon, it winds down to seductive mild notes of vanilla, jasmine, and Brazilian orchids.  At night time, a sensual base of musk, Makassar ebony and violet notes produce a dazzling glamorous fragrance.  I love the polka dot packaging sealed with a Guess girl flirty kiss graphic design and the beautiful bottle includes a hanging lipstick charm.  Guess Seductive Limited Edition “Sunkissed” stands out from traditional floral fragrances and gives the “Guess Girl” a lasting impression!


You can find this fabulous fragrance along with other fragrances by Guess  at 


Guest Blogger, Laurie Carcieri

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