Donna Raheb
October 15, 2012

Shop PINK For A Cause and Help Support Breast Cancer Research

In recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness, Marimekko has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundaton this October. Their signature bags and umbrellas are available in whimsical prints and bold pink hues and will donate a portion from each purchase to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with a minimum $5000 guarantee from the company. Visit


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October 12, 2012

Moisturize with Fake Bake Mistifier

As I started putting my summer clothes away and pulling out my winter clothes, I realized  the weather was still warm enough to sneak in my last summer dress for the season. I glanced down at my legs and noticed they were slightly dry.  I  ran for the lotion which took care of  the dryness immediately. Rubbing lotion on your legs can be a little time consuming, especially if there isn’t any time. There is an easier way to moisturize. Instead of rubbing it on, try spraying it on with Fake Bake Mistifier.  This is a super product, one that I have been using quite often lately. Fake Bake Mistifier is an oil free Moisture spray and it is specifically formulated to hydrate your skin and also helps you maintain your golden glow.  I can’t agree more as Fake Bake States. “It’s also the easiest way to apply long-lasting moisture to your whole body thanks to the 360-degree spray nozzle”. 

 Fake Bake Mistifier contains two extremely beneficial antioxidants, Green Tea and Vitamin E, which help protect your skin from harmful free radicals in the environment.  Remember, those harmful free radicals help your skin age faster, and that is not what our goal is here.   Fake Bake Mistifier also contains Ginger Root and Aloe Vera Gel making it fabulous for soothing sensitive or irritated skin.

Fake Bake Mistifier can also be used before and after applying Fake Bake Self-Tanning for extra moisture retention. The Mistifier absorbs and dries fast for instant and long-lasting hydration.  I can spray Fake Bake Mistifier on my dry skin any time of day and night.  I sprayed the mistifier on my arms before leaving for work this morning and they are still feel silky and soft at 6 pm. The fragrance is sweet but subtle, you will love it.

You will find many more skincare and self tanning products at .

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October 12, 2012

Today Is World Sight Day, Help L’Occitane Fight Blindness

Today is WORLD SIGHT DAY! Did you know 80% of blindness around the world is preventable? L’OCCITANE is raising funds to make a difference. Their Solidarity Shea Butter Soap infused withdelicate rose petal scent is the perfect way to help for only $3 at!

Best of all?! 100% of profits from the sale of this soap will be donated to NGOs working to fight preventable blindness in developing countries by providing high-quality ophthalmological care. Please join L’Occitane and this great cause.

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October 11, 2012

Living Proof’s Newest Line Guaranteed to Beat the Frizz

Living Proof has recently introduced No Frizz, a hair care collection guaranteed to take the frizz right out of your hair.  My daughter has been using No Frizz Hair Care Collection and is having amazing results.  She starts her shampoo regime with No Frizz Shampoo. This lightweight sulfate free shampoo is designed to cleanse your hair while getting rid of dirt and oil without stripping your hair.  No Frizz Shampoo is definitely suitable for daily washing and is perfect for all hair types, including color treated hair.

Following shampooing, she uses No Frizz Conditioner.  She says “When my hair is dried, it is so soft and light, I love the feeling my hair has.”No frizz Conditioner is designed to leave your hair hydrated, smooth and with a vibrant shine.

My daughter especially enjoys No Frizz Leave-in Conditioner because it is a detangler and she has extremely thick and wavy hair. No Frizz Leave-in Conditioner works wonders controlling the frizz along her hairline and puts an end to those annoying flyaway hairs. She says the three No Frizz products work very well together.

No Frizz Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in Conditioner contain the miracle frizz controlling molecule, OFPMA (PolyfluoroEster). As stated by Living Proof, OFPMA “Blocks humidity without weighting hair down, even on the most humid days.  Whether on curly, wavy or straight hair, OFPMA forms an exquisitely thin, weightless shield around each strand that is 70% more effective at blocking humidity than silicone”.  “The same technology repels dirt and oil, so there is no greasy coating to attract dirt or build up.  Hair is weightlessly smooth and residue-free. 

No Frizz also has a Styling Collection consisting of Weightless Styling Spray and Nourishing Styling Creme.  Both products block humidity while smoothing and conditioning your hair. Both are silicone and oil-free, and safe for color or chemically treated hair.

You will be amazed at how well No Fizz controls frizz.

No Frizz is available at Sephora, QVC, Ulta, Nordstrom and




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October 10, 2012

SMASHBOX Supports The Breast Cancer Research Foundation


THINK: Show your support by swiping on a limited-edition shade.

WHAT IT IS: A beautiful color for a beautiful cause. This October, Smashbox invites you to think pink in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Introducing Inspiration, a limited-edition Be Legendary Lipstick shade, the proceeds of which support The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®. This hot pink hue is a bold and bright must-have that supports a worthy cause – preventing and curing breast cancer.

For every purchase of Inspiration, Smashbox will donate $5 to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation®, an organization dedicated to preventing breast cancer and discovering a cure in our lifetime by funding groundbreaking clinical research around the world.

An ultra-creamy formula, Be Legendary Lipstick in Inspiration is infused with vitamins C and E, as well as shea butter and a unique moisture complex that provides instant, long-term hydration. With just one swipe, your lips are saturated in a luxurious, bright pink color that shows your commitment to curing breast cancer – now that’s a truly iconic and high-impact look.


WHERE TO FIND IT:, Sephora, Sephora inside JCPenny, Ulta, Nordstrom,, and select Macy’s


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October 9, 2012

The Greatest APP of All “The Pink Ribbon”

A personal interactive app to help you responsibly monitor your breast health. The Pink Ribbon has been one of the most successful awareness campaigns in history. Have you done a Breast Self Exam in the last 30 days? Do you remember your results? What did you feel? Where? What will you look for the next time? This app can help you take personal responsibility for your own breast health.
1. Reminder to be set at according to your personal needs…. It’s best to conduct your exam 5-7 days after period.
2. Interactive sketch to track your personal areas of concern…reminding you where to check next time.
3. Private Diary for notes on your breast exam and next actions to take.
4. Mammogram reminder with area to put your health care professional’s number to make appointments.
5. Breast Self Exam guides from respected professional resources.
6. Email your friends and loved ones your personal reminder message
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October 9, 2012

SHE by SO.CAP.USA Supports “Pink Hair For Hope”

A Leading provider of all-natural hair extensions, SHE by SO.CAP.USA. is hosting its national Pink Hair For Hope campaign during BOTH September and October, where clients in participating salons across the country who donate $10 or more to Pink Hair For Hope, will receive a 100% natural, pink SHE by SO.CAP.USA hair extensionand 100% of net proceeds from campaign go to the American Cancer Society.

To date, the Pink Hair For Hope campaign has brought together more than 375 salons across the United States and successfully raised over $2 million dollars.

About Pink Hair For Hope

To date the Pink Hair For Hope™ campaign has brought together more than 500 salons and raised over 2.3 million dollars for research to fight Breast Cancer.  Individuals can go to participating local salons and have a lock of SHE by SO.CAP.USA’s signature pink hair extension added to their own locks for a $10 donation.  SHE by SO.CAP.USA also has Hair Replacement Options to provide patients with an alternative to wigs in order to replace hair loss due to chemotherapy.

 About SHE by SO.CAP.USA

SHE by SO.CAP.USA Hair Extensions offers the largest selection of hair types and hair color for hairstylists to select from (more than 90 haircolor shades are currently available in three different textures: straight, medium wave and curly). Every SHE by SO.CAP.USA Hair Extensions product and piece of equipment is developed and manufactured at the Company’s factory in Italy by its team of specialized research chemists, engineers and hair extensionists. They use only the best hand selected, 100% European-type human hair that is pre-bonded with 100% Keratin Tips to ensure a healthy, strong and long-lasting bond. All SHE by SO.CAP.USA® Hair Extensions are applied with the latest equipment utilizing the lowest temperature on the market (110°C). The Company recently introduced several new and innovative products, including new clip-in hair pieces, special adhesive extensions called Extensives, long hair wefts, hair parfum and three new flat irons, as well as a new warm fusion machine – FireX. SHE by SO.CAP.USA Hair Extensions also offers a complete line of wild haircolor options and hair ornamentation such as strands of crystals and feathers. In coming years, SHE by SO.CAP.USA Hair Extensions will also be introducing a makeup line, haircolor and a complete line of complementary hairstyling tools. (


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October 7, 2012

Sometimes We Just Need a Little RADICAL SKINCARE

Radical Skincare, sometimes it’s just what we need when our skin isn’t where we want it to be.  I am pleased to report that I am having some amazing results with Radical Skincare Neck Firming Gel. During the past few years, after a recent weight lose, I have noticed a little looseness under my chin. I have been noticing it more and more in the mirror and decided to finally do something about it. Radical Skincare Neck Firming Gel came to my rescue.

As stated by Radical Skincare, their high performance active ingredients include “Green Tea, Aua Cacteen, Seplift, Blowhite, Retinol, Phospholipids and hydrolyzed Wheat Protein”.  What does this all Mean? Simple!  The ingredients I just named, according to Radical Skincare, “are proven to instantly tighten skin and improve elasticity while evening skin tone, leaving your neck and decollete firmer, brighter and smoother”. By the way, decollete is a fashion term meaning “having a low cut neckline”. I am sure you will agree, it is always nice having firmer skin in that area as well.

I have been consistent with my use of Radical Skincare Neck firming Gel, massaging a small amount into my neck (always using an upward motion) both morning and evening. I noticed that it is really working, and I am definitely noticing a difference in my overall skin elasticity around my neck, especially under my chin.  Radical Skincare Neck Firming Gel will also provide me with long term repair of my neck tissue.

Radical Skincare Neck Firming Gel contains Kelp, which helps smooth your skin while Antioxidant-rich Aqua Cacteen,Vitamin C and Collagen-defending Sepilift work together to firm sagging neck tissue. It’s important to mention that Green Tea and Resveratrol, fight aging free radicals. Free radicals are molecules responsible for aging and tissue damage and we have to take radical measures to combat them. Radical Skincare Neck Firming Gel is paraben free and suitable for all skin types.

I suggest you start taking radical measures by viewing Radical Skincare’s complete anti-aging line at

Remember, sometimes we just need a little Radical Skincare.




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October 6, 2012

Help Lavanila Fund the Fight Against Breast Cancer

Lavanila is donating 20% of proceeds from The Healthy Deodorant to help fund the fight against breast cancer. Lavanila Deodorant is available in full size ($18) and travel size ($10) at This all natural deodorant comes in Pure Vanilla, Vanilla Coconut, Vanilla Grapefruit, Vanilla Lavender, and Vanilla Passion Fruit.

This is a fabulous deodorant, one that contains no Parabens, Sulfates, Chemicals or Aluminum. LAVANILA Deodorant is a clinical-strength deodorant that is 100% natural and effective.

As stated by Lavanila, they use “beta-glucan technology to effectively fight odor while soothing, conditioning, and strengthening the skin. It goes on clean, with no sticky wetness, and delivers long-lasting, luxurious results”.

My daughter and I love the Lavanila Deodorants and the 5 fabulous scents we have to choose from, Vanilla Passion Fruit being my favorite.

Why not start your day in a healthy way, with Lavanila Healthy Deodorants

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October 6, 2012

Get Your 10 day Supply of “BOOB TUBE” From Mama Mio

Mama Mio: Mama Mio is giving away a 10-day supply of Boob Tube (while supplies last), their cult Bust & Neck Firming cream, to help women get to know their boobs a bit better. Beyond the donations they make to their charity partner, Look Good… Feel Better®, Mama Mio wants to encourage women to become more aware of their own boobs.  As with their full size Boob Tube Bust & Neck Firming Creams, these 10-day samples will come with a leaflet that contains the American Cancer Society’s instructions on how to perform a Breast Self-Exam (BSE). 10-Day Tryout Boob Tubes are available through


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